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Glenn started the radio program today talking about the latest disturbing move by the U.N. in which they voted in support of Palestine. As Glenn predicted, the world is lining up against Israel – the latest power grabs in Egypt by the radical Muslim Brotherhood only make the situation more dangerous. As protesters rise up against Morsi, Obama is silent. Where is he?

“We’re on the road. We’re in Pittsburgh today and we’re on the book tour for Agenda 21. But we were watching on the bus tour last night. We’re watching the UN vote for Palestinian statehood and I thought to myself, this is exactly what we said was going to happen, exactly what we said was going to happen. I believe the people waking up and standing with Israel two years ago actually slowed this down, maybe gave us a little bit more time, but this is exactly, playing out exactly as we said it would. They would go to the UN, it would just sweep, and it would be on the verge of the entire world turning on Israel,” Glenn said.

The United Nation voted to give Palestine a non-member Observer State status yesterday in a landslide of 138-9.

“How did this happen? This happened because Hamas went over and started bombing Israel. Hamas a terrorist organization. The world and the media started looking at Hamas and saying, “Oh, the poor Palestinians” and condemning Israel.”

“So what does he do? He goes over and he’s a broker of peace. He’s, ‘Egypt is going to bring the peace to the region’ and he, quote, convinces Hamas, end quote, that they should go in the direction of peace. Okay. He doesn’t get it done until Hillary gets her butt on a plane and goes over there, makes out with Morsi.”

“Anyway, they go over to make it appear as though the United States had something to do with this. No, it was Morsi. We went over and endorsed Morsi. That’s what we did. By her going over, we endorsed Morsi. And the whole world said, “Oh, thank goodness for Morsi, thank goodness for peace.”

“The very next day he takes control. Now, he’s got control of the house ‑‑ of the parliament and the Supreme Court. Who has control? The Muslim Brotherhood, controlled now by the Muslim Brotherhood. But they haven’t finished their constitution yet.”

“So he seizes control and now finishes the work on the constitution with nobody else, and it’s the work on the constitution? Sharia law. So now we have a Sharia law‑loving dictator in Egypt and the world says nothing about it. Protests are back on the streets in Egypt. There is a pro democracy movement in Egypt. The people are now on the street saying, “We don’t want a dictator.” But what happened? Those same people were throwing their lot in and saying, “yes, we don’t want a dictator, let’s get rid of Mubarak,” and the Muslim Brotherhood who said, “We have no power or no designs on any kind of Sharia law thing, we have no designs on any kind of power, we’re with you,” and I warned you at the time: The Muslim Brotherhood, they are the ‑‑ they are the most well organized and they will seize power. That’s exactly what happened and now our president is repeating exactly what he did in Iran and not standing with the people who want real freedom. And they will be crushed.”

“What you’re seeing happening right now in the streets of (Egypt) is what you will see in America. Mark my words. In the next five years you will see this very thing: Somebody seizing power, real democracy movement standing up, but who will stand up for them? No one. No one will stand up for them just like no one in the whole world will stand up for the people who are standing up for freedom and real democracy and a constitutional republic in Egypt. No one will stand with those people. We certainly won’t. And if we don’t, the world has no place to run.”