Chilling: Glenn describes how government could collect damaging information against private citizens

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Glenn has called the NSA whistleblowers ‘heroes’ for calling out what they were seeing go on at the organization. They lost their positions in every department from the Pentagon to the NSA to Congress. One whistleblower told Glenn that the government could be collecting information about you even if you haven’t done anything wrong! With rapid advancements in technology, is privacy a thing of the past? And even scarier – can anything stop the government from collecting data on citizens? Glenn recalls his interviews with NSA whistleblower Bill Benney and futurist Ray Kurzweil and explains how an Orwellian future could be happening as we speak.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Understand clearly, information in and of itself is neutral, it is how the information is used that grants the wielder control and power over the individual and the masses.

    Control access, distribution, meaning and marketing of the information and you gain leverage over those unable to do so…

    Look at any set of commercials and see how this is done, it is that simple to carry out. Competition between businesses means only the best will survive and if they cannot hold the edge, down into the night they will go in turn.

    Power comes from the exploitation, or non-exploitation, of the information that is controlled.

    Look at the last electoral campaign, in which Harry Reid went on lie-filled tirade after lie-filled tirade concerning Romney, and now how he is demonizing the Republicans for ‘not playing dead’ on the matter for the fiscal cliff.

    By control of the message (fear of the cliff, hyped to the end by the leftist MSM, and only based in partial facts) the Democrats have gained control of the course of events. 

    The power they seek is nothing less than the complete crushing of the Republican party to ensure there will be a one-party system from here on out. 

    Power and Control.

    There you have it in a nutshell.

    Now consider how it can be used by a hostile government that hates its own people so bad that it declares any opposition as ‘domestic terrorists’….use your own imagination from there. 

    • Draxx

      snowleopard, this reminds me of the movie with Christian Bale “Equilibrium” from 2002 where the gov’t kills anyone showing emotion or difference to their system…  at times it seems like they are working towards this evil end!!!

      *Very good comments BTW…

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Thanks, I told this to a bunch of people today, and they said ‘never can happen’ and then explained to them the scenario I outlined…

        You could see the fear growing in their eyes.

        • Truth Be Known

           I believe your right Snow and that its really a lot worse by now.  I can’t even think about what’s happening  in this country w/o feeling sick. When you try to wise people up their response is, “if that’s socialism, I want it.” I don’t even see many repubs speaking out when they should speak as a group, loudly and boldly concerning the changes being made in this country.  They collect their pay and benefits, go on extended leave, and sit back while our Constitutional Rights, jobs, medical care are being stripped away and falling into a massive hole of no return.
          Those in charge have created the “great divide” in the country, TSA is demoralizing us at airports, controlling the food and portions of Americans, indoctrinating our children in school, now want to extend school time for kids to better educate them.  Why not keep the teachers they push in through unions, to stay in college longer so they might be able to teach properly. 
          Our Christian values are being destroyed, we are insulted by the mainstream loonytics on a daily basis, they create more taxes but not jobs, they waste government money, vacation, party, there is no longer a regard for human life but their own, they lie to the people in this country, while terrorists aren’t held accountable.

        • Bonnie Somer

          geo orwell is here wake up America i told u c the new middle class taxes in obamacare, i warned u of the obama 2nd agenda he and the UN want to own u and he won’t stop we must stop him

          • Anonymous

            Bonnie,,,words are free here. Please try to spell correctly. Thank you.

    • Fior Gael

      I agree with you completely. I am disturbed by this news of the firings of those who told the truth…not a good portent. The manipulation of information to the masses and the control of what is seen and not seen…and then the memo about people who represent an “internal threat”. Let us pray for Divine Providence and help. I see no other way than if we all tell the truth, even to those who do not want to hear it. I think I should have my congressmen on speed dial.

    • Matt Driscoll

      Ummm…this may shock you all but George Orwell was a socialist. He greatly favored socialism calling it “The only intelligent political system in the world.” See the thing is all of you lump Communism, Socialism, Marxism, etc. into one lump group. There is a reason that they have different names. BECAUSE THEY ARE DIFFERENT IDEOLOGIES!!! The point behind most of Orwell’s books was speaking out against Communism and totalitarianism. I know what your argument is so please save it. You want to say “Socialism always leads to totalitarianism.” If you make that point then I can easily say that unchecked capitalism always leads to corporate greed, corruption, and worse conditions for employees. Orwell had quite an intelligent view on socialism. He was more in favor of humanism (“any system or mode of thought or action in which human interests, values, and dignity predominate.”) If you can stop thinking in terms of white and black (not a racial connotation there) and realize that there are gray areas you would realize that President Obama is not advocating Communism or Marxism. I would put good money on the fact that Glenn Beck has no idea that Orwell was a socialist. If he knew I bet his tune about him would change pretty quickly. Again do not support Glenn Beck. If you don’t believe me please look all of this up.

      • Sharmane

         So if Obama is not a “marxist or communist” as you suggest, why did the communist party USA endorse him.  Quote from Obama 2008:  “you will know me by those with whom I surround myself…”  That would be Van Jones (communist), the so-called rev jeremiah wright (marxist black theologian), Cass Sunstein (communist), william ayers (communist and radical domestic terrorist), bernadette dohrn (communist and radical domestic terrorist).  So he has already told us what he stand for.

        • Matt Driscoll

          You misquoted there. He did not say “You will know me…” He said “Judge me by the…” Not that big of a difference though. I am having a hard time following your logic here and your reply was totally off topic to what my original post was but I will respond none the less. Your logic is that because the Communist party supports President Obama then he himself must be a Communist. Okay I see what you are trying to do there. So it would be fair to say that because wealthy, racist, war-mongering, death profiting, corporate fat cats whose only concern is their bottom line surrounded George Bush then George Bush was a wealthy, racist, war-mongering, death profiting, corporate fat cat whose only concern was his bottom line.. Well…bad example but you get my drift. But I would really appreciate it if you could respond to the main idea of my comment instead of just pulling out snippits you wish to argue. Thanks.

      • Anonymous

        Socialism is not a destination.  It is a road.  We are already a socialist country (soft socialism at this point).  But no proponent of socialism has a point where they will say “Ok, good enought, we did it.  Time to stop”.  Instead, socialism (the ecomonic form) will always lead to Communism (the governmental form), because eventually that is were the road leads.  Eventually we put so much control of the economy into the goverment’s hands through “social” programs, that there is nothing left they don’t have some amount of control over.

        There are 2 questions one must ask one’s self.  First, is socialism compatible with the U.S. constitutuion? (Or better yet, how much socialism is compatible with the U.S. Constitution?)  Second, How much of this socialism stuff am I willing to put up with before I demand the “Progress” stops!?

        • mtman2

          Socialism is like an addictive drug. ‘Just a little more cocaine this time , I can handle it, how can a little more hurt!?’ In this scenario of irresponsible behavior goes out the …don’t want to deal w/it door. Eventually this mentality + lifestyle reverts to the lowest common denominator. No matter who is caught up in it! A free society is no different.Matt didn’t mention or doesn’t realize that the spiritual dimension isn’t a crutch; but Christianity is “the road less taken”,  the high road if U will. This is what has distinguished the American journey and basic understanding as opposed to socialism. It still intrinsically does.  WE just forget and must be reminded of the ‘responsibility’ of our rights + from where + how they came. Isn’t this what we’re doing here?

      • ThorsteinVeblen2012

        Any philosophy taken to an extreme is leads to abuse. Socialism, capitalism, centralized government or anarchy all have positive attributes but when taken beyond reason they breakdown.

        The price of freedom is diligence. We must be forever on guard against the abuses of government and the abuses because of the lack of government.

        When power is yielded by a few they will continue to take more for themselves until they become obsessed with the taking. Then it collapses.

        When capitalism evolves to a wealthy cliche it becomes as abusive as a cliche of communists or feudal lords and kings.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The danger is as manifest as Reid is an obstructionist, Obama is insane and Pelosi is a reason for banning Botox.

    • Matt Driscoll

      Haha. Good one but I promise that a psychological evaluation of both you and Obama would not come out well for you. You seem to have very deep issues that are either caused by your lonliness or the reason for you lonliness is your issues. I can’t tell yet but I am hoping to have a diagnosis soon.

    • mtman2

      These people are atheists, seemingly have no conscience and feel no remorse as all they’ve said + done point to.They are a god unto themselves, U+WE are servants to their wisdom and not overseers of our Republic w/them as servants of the people.

  • Draxx

    They are only tracking to decide who needs re-educating for their New World Order Plans…

  • Sam Fisher

    Well welcome to Obama’s empire of socialism. I guess that for the left it ok now that it is their dictator.

  • Joshua Steimle

    Watch a recent interview of NSA whistleblower Bill Benney here –

  • Anonymous

    Can anything be done you ask?….. Of course not, doing something would curtail the masses football/ basketball time.

    • Anonymous


  • Kelly

    Glenn, love your site, love what you’ve done for the libertarian/conservative movement!

  • Anonymous

    If any of you think this isn’t happening already, You are mistaken. I don’t think it’s totally complete yet, but it has started. Get out of debt now; Live modestly and use cash when possible; stop using credit. If you don’t have the cash, do without. Rice and beans is quite healthy…made correctly and it’s very delicious. Anyone needing a recipe, Just let me know.

  • David Carter

    Go to this link to see what is already being harvested from social media:


    Time for a law suit to reaffirm our Constitutional rights!

  • Anonymous

    so do we become borgs or do we end up fighting the terminators?? O_o

  • greywolfrs

    This is just the latest step in taking away freedom. This has been happening for a very long time, over 100 years. In the last 12 years we have seen unconstitutional bills pass through Congress and signed by two different presidents. Both sides of the aisle are part of this. Republicans and GWB passed the Patriot Act, with plenty of help from Democraps. Democraps passed and Obamao signed NDAA, with plenty of help from Republicans. Net Neutrality is also in effect. Where are all those Republicans that were telling me before the election, that there is a difference between Democraps and Republicans? There is no difference between these politicians. Oh, one may have a D at the end of their name and one may have an R, but where is the difference? I was saying this very thing during the primaries. None of these so-called Conservatives were listening. I guess it’s time for Conservatives to start listening.

    The time has come to start doing what is right for the country and restore this Republic back to what the Founding Fathers envisioned. At the rate we are going, we are losing it. Its time for Conservatives to realize that the establishment has lied to you. They have used the media to blind you. It is up to Conservatives to restore this Republic. The left wing dolts are all in favor of socialism/communism. Conservatives need to stand up and realize that this country is in deep trouble. The debt, the deficits, the Federal Reserve printing money and monetizing the debt, the loss of freedom at every turn, when is it enough?

    There is something that can be done about this, before we are in the middle of a civil war. Conservatives need to come to terms with the fact that the Republicans have sold you out. They are in bed with the same establishment that the Democraps are in bed with. Conservatives have a leg up though. Conservatives have the Libertarian Party. The Libertarian Party is already established and with a little support could easily be the third party everyone is screaming for. The Libertarian Party is about FREEDOM for ALL, which is exactly what the Founding Fathers envisioned. Freedom from an oppessive government, Freedom to live as one sees fit, Freedom to practice any religion, Freedom to speak without fear…
    These are the same things the Libertarian Party stands for, it’s time for Conservatives to join the Libertarians. It’s time for Conservatives to see that this is the way we get back to our founding principles.

    On another note, I see plenty of people talking about law suits. Lawyers are the scum of the earth, below used car salesmen, why do people continue to vote lawyers into office? Look up how many of the people in DC are lawyers. The lawyers today are not the lawyers at the  time of the founding. They are two very different animals.

  • Kelly

    They’ve been talking about this for years, and it is what they want to do. Look at what they’ve already done, (IRS) there’s a good example, they know everything about you. (Social security) Try doing anything without a social security number, and remember when they passed S.S. (WASN’T to be used for identification purposes. Now all they’re trying to do is gain more control over you, and it’s going to be easy with the power of the Internet, they can know everything you’ve ever done in less than a second. Keep spreading the word Glenn, I know you take a lot of crap from the lefties, but what you’re doing does matter. If nothing else it p—es off the lefties, I guess that’s good enough for now.

  • Anonymous

    Big Brother is already here.Ever wonder what those magnetic strips are on the back of your credit cards? Look around at all the “traffic” cameras. Guess who has access.  Spy drones on American soil. Remeber the movie “Enemy of the State.The government can do all of that now.
    It won’t be long before they control the internet. Obama owns the CIA, the FBI, the DOJ, the military and all the rest of the government departments and agencies as well as the news media. They are and have been gathering information on each one of us through your job, your ssn number, your date of birth, your pay check, your doctor, your bank, your military service number, you name it–they have access to it. Get ready people the next four years will make the last four look like a cake walk. If you can afford it–get off the grid, move to the mountians, the desert, the swamp lands, the Pacific Northwest, Alaska out back ,an island in the pacific, New Zeland. Get out of the cities, away from the cameras, the surveillance, the intrusion into your life. Prepare your self and your family for what is coming or do nothing and hope that everyhting will be ok because the govenment has your best interest at heart.  Good luck with that!

    • mtman2

      It is a self preservation scenario + it’s viable. However what if George Washington had said that, along w/all the signers of the DECLARATION + the original Patriots, so this country had never existed???  Then the parade of God, guts + guns folks that built this country never were here to save the world from the tyranny + tyrants of the past century, and be a bastion of hope + freedom it is{‘the shining city on a hill’}. Sansalvado, I’ve been the guy U described most of my life + is why I was nicknamed mtman{now 2}. Have backpacked many of the last remaining wilderness on both sides of the Rockies, from the Arctic circle in Alaska/Yukon to Mexico{long before reality shows} Survival life style is still a big part of my life. However since this election, I realize the real war of ideologies necessitates a commitment to OUR ongoing cause,   in the different venues of LIBERTY unique to Americans.

  • suz

    we didn’t give them this power — they take/took it.

  • Ron L. Harmon

    The 7th Day of the Humbling of Mankind – The Beginning of the End of the Age

  • Anonymous

    This is news? What do you think Facebook, Discus, Twitter,, Google etc etc and etc. are all about? Everytime you turn on your computer, your likes dislikes, searches, usage is being tracked, Even St. Glenn is tracking his loyal fans and disgruntled commenters. Why is Facebook so profitable on paper? Complete marketing dossiers available for the price. So the Government is tracking me–we crossed that threshold when we entered the information era. I hope to continue living my life on the right side of the law. I do not waste my time worrying about the inevitable.

  • Anonymous

    A warning about this scenario was made back in the 60’s by the radical left.  The response from conservatives?   –   My country, right or wrong.  Well, enjoy!!

  • Anonymous

    What is the ultimate goal of governmnt, to control the population.  I’m not surprised by their attempts.  However, the beauty of this country was the ability of citizens to neuralize such incursions via the constitution.  Its imperitive that we keep this document alive and flex its content from time to time.  My fear is that its being buried

  • Anonymous

    Do you know about the web search-engine that does NOT store your searches?  It’s called startpage (dot) com.  The folk who started it are privacy-rights people.  It’s headquarted in the Netherlands, where the US can’t require them to “save” the information!  And of course it’s totally legal. 

    I have absolutely NO connection to the company that started it (so please don’t think this is a commercial)–but I do use it all the time, and it feels good to know that AT LEAST I can do web-searches without wondering if the govt is reading them over my shoulder…

  • Mark Hibler

    Does any of this make you reevaluate the declaration of CO2 being a pollutant?  You are now a living breathing pollution plant!  When coupled with the radicals’ expressed desire of population control……

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