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President Obama was quick to urge on the overthrow of the Mubarak regime, but now that it’s clear the new one is going to be even worse than the last, Egyptians are in the streets in defiance of tyranny once again. Where’s the President and the press this time? Completely silent.

“I find it obscene that the president and the media are not all over this Egyptian riots in the streets. Here is a dictator that has taken over and has proposed Sharia law. This is the best news I have seen come out of the Middle East in I don’t know how long,” Glenn said.

“I mean, this is the first sign that the people of Egypt actually do want democracy. They may not want to be America but they don’t want Sharia law. They don’t want to be taken over by a dictator who is doing it in the name of Allah. They don’t want it. And where is the president on this? Where is the press?”

“The President, I’m sorry but it is very clear that the president of the United States has an agenda and the agenda is the Muslim Brotherhood. Because there’s no reason. I mean, this is the time now to stand up, to stand with the people of Egypt and say, you know what? We stand with the people on the streets. They didn’t want a dictator named Mubarak and they don’t want one from the Muslim Brotherhood. The people on the streets are risking their lives for freedom and the ones who are supposed to stand up for freedom are saying nothing. We have to say it, on Twitter, on Facebook. We have to say it loudly and proudly. Stand with people who love freedom.”