People of Egypt stand against Muslim Brotherhood, WH does nothing

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President Obama was quick to urge on the overthrow of the Mubarak regime, but now that it’s clear the new one is going to be even worse than the last, Egyptians are in the streets in defiance of tyranny once again. Where’s the President and the press this time? Completely silent.

“I find it obscene that the president and the media are not all over this Egyptian riots in the streets. Here is a dictator that has taken over and has proposed Sharia law. This is the best news I have seen come out of the Middle East in I don’t know how long,” Glenn said.

“I mean, this is the first sign that the people of Egypt actually do want democracy. They may not want to be America but they don’t want Sharia law. They don’t want to be taken over by a dictator who is doing it in the name of Allah. They don’t want it. And where is the president on this? Where is the press?”

“The President, I’m sorry but it is very clear that the president of the United States has an agenda and the agenda is the Muslim Brotherhood. Because there’s no reason. I mean, this is the time now to stand up, to stand with the people of Egypt and say, you know what? We stand with the people on the streets. They didn’t want a dictator named Mubarak and they don’t want one from the Muslim Brotherhood. The people on the streets are risking their lives for freedom and the ones who are supposed to stand up for freedom are saying nothing. We have to say it, on Twitter, on Facebook. We have to say it loudly and proudly. Stand with people who love freedom.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Obama and the leftist-MSM will never support the true democratic movement that may arise in the Middle East in any radical-dominated nation. 

    We have seen that with the green movement in Iran, and now here in Egypt. Obama has given his loyalty to radicals, extremists, terrorists, and to his Islamic Allies. In turn as he and the left control most of the MSM, so they are now towing the line in complete and willing compliance.

    Obama is more than a disgrace, he is a traitor and unAmerican across the board.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Welcome to the world according to Obama: support radicals, destroy democracies.

  • Sam Fisher

    Egypt get a new dictator Obama does nothing. The people of Iran are sick of their dictator and Obama does nothing. Where your outrage now left or do you guys have trouble thinking outside of your own party. This is telling to what Obama wants to do here. Why does he support dictatorship now? Does it have to do with the fact Obama is openly working with the Muslim brotherhood. They sold their souls for political correctness and refuse to do anything about the mess they supported not so long ago. Go ahead left show your true colors and stand with the sharia law dictator. People wonder why the progs think the Constitution outdated it is because it stops them from doing this very thing here.

    • Ron L. Harmon

      Only thing needed for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing!

  • Anonymous

    This will be coming to America next. Obama doesn’t speak out because he will do it here.

    I want to know where the outrage is from the American people? Everyone is passive. We should be in the streets with signs to speak out against this. The American people have become comfortably numb. 

    • Sec2709

       No, there are a few that are not numb….and I totally agree with you….WE, THE PEOPLE, need to let our voices be heard!  Especially, since the elected governmental officials will NOT DO THEIR JOB!!!  Every congress person/ senator, representative needs to be voted out of their position immediately and let TRUE AMERICANS who will govern, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE show them how to protect OUR CONSTITUTION AND THE USA!

      • Paolina

        Nonsense. America is too BIG of a nation. Not everyone can just fly to D.C. everytime it makes a power grab.

        Smaller nations = More Freedom.

        Time to secede. I can’t believe how deluded some conservatives are that they think they can still take back the country. NEWSFLASH: The last election was the EASIEST we will ever have!

        Hillary in 2016 will be MUCH more difficult, and the media are ALREADY destroying Rubio, the only guy we have who can reach out to the growing left-leaning hispanic population!

        So there is an exactly 0% chance of winning in 2016. And by 2020 demographics will have shifted so much the GOP will never regain the White House, EVER.

        The ONLY way to stop your OWN children from becoming brainwashed, is to secede. Then we’ll be free from Hollywood’s (we’d have a seperate TV grid) and DC’s propaganda. Even if we don’t ban obscenity as the founders did, the TV studios would make material that appeals to a christian conservative audience instead of a nation-wide program designed to please secular atheists just the same. (P.S. the founders would roll over in their graves to hear the first amendment protects pornography!)

    • Phillip Brome Sr.

      “Good Old Governmental Schooling” or should I say “Brainwashing.” They have been working on this for 80 years or more. “America will be brought down from within, Not a shot will be fired.” King Obama is the “Chosen One.” (You think Jesus Christ is Big?) It is going to take a little longer than they had planned. He is very busy “Campaigning, Playing  Golf, and Planning Vacations for Ms Broad Beam, her family and 30+ members of her staff and friends. Where is Opra? 40 million dollars?, 20 days? and we are broke. What a leader, right over the cliff!! 

      • Anonymous

        You are right on the money.

    • Marina A.

      the egyptian-american community has been on the streets protesting all over the nation but our voices aren’t loud enough on our own….. You may join if you like and invite friends too there is power in numbers!!

      • Anonymous

        I feel something must be done especially that women are being attacked. America has influence on the world. Now is the time to show our support for those people who want a president not at dictator.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always said Obumhole is a moslem brotherhood himself.  He won’t go against his brothers. But he WILL send them that $1.7 billion a year.  

    • HELEN

      I think it’s closer to $3 B all borrowed fm the Chinese!

      • Ron L. Harmon

        The Transfer of Wealth – movie O’s America 2016. We aren’t borrowing money now – it’s the F Reserve printing paper and taking notes back for out of the air creation of money that is only sucking the value out of anything you might have left – and Federal – don’t think so – private organization. Manipulating the market – 40 B per month for housing – 60 B per month for financial – adding another 1 T to already 16 T that is only going to make the fall more drastic – all purposely driven – 

  • Anonymous

    Most of us remember that BHO is a secret muslum and muslum brother hood lover, so this doesn’t come as a supprise.  They have either lined his pockets or threatened him and his family.

  • Anonymous

    He’s on vacation isn’t he? You know how he feels about his vacations…

  • Doris Carman

    obama is for the brotherhood. He said if any problems arise he will stand with muslims. He must be impeached and kicked out. China is paying for his vacations and charging us and social security recipients dont know from one month to the next if they will get a check.

  • Gavin Hadley

    Glenn old buddy, this of off topic but in regards to the little ad on
    your homepage the “electricity breakthrough”…that is an unadulterated
    hoax and quite frankly I’m shocked that you continue to support it.  I
    am an electrical engineer and can tell you with !00% certainty that what
    he claims is total rubbish and he is nothing more than a blood sucking
    parasite.  He has defrauded many folks and you would be well served to
    dump his sorry butt from you website.

    • Ron L. Harmon

      What was advertized for easy and low cost simply isn’t true – and the initial – then the promo add-ons that exceeded $200 – I am shocked also Glenn Beck that you would promote something that takes hard earned money from the common people, happening because of your name and endorsement – must be good!

  • Anonymous

    Gee, just like a couple of years ago in Iran, same result.  “…WH does NOTHING.”

  • Soulphoenix

    It’s all about fiscal cliff messaging now, because with regards to his blunders in Egypt, there are only two possibilities, both embarrassing to someone who boasts so much about his foreign policy “prowess:”

    1) Obama didn’t realize this could happen given the actors involved, in which case he’s a fool;2) Obama knew Morsi would try to consolidate power to himself, but he thought the Egyptian people would accept that (and so would we), in which case he’s both a liar AND a fool.

    #2 is the much more likely scenario, exposing again that Obama’s purpose isn’t to support democracy, but to build alliances with strong Muslim allies. To what purpose is something we’ll find out very soon, especially once Obama himself essentially “dismisses” Congress and immunizes himself completely from the U.S. judiciary (which is EXACTLY what he wants to do).

  • Anonymous

    We stand for the people on the streets of Egypt who want freedom, it is a disgrace that our country doesn’t stand up with these people. Obviously our President thinks the Muslim  Brotherhood is a great change from Mubarak’s dictatorship. Shame on the news media for not encouraging freedom. Shame on  our leadership. Just like when the Iranian people revolted against their leadership, we did nothing. What does that say about our country

  • Anonymous

    Does everybody remember how Obummer bowed to the Arabs? That meant everything he was displaying. Alkaida is defeated according to Obummer, but the faction still rules. He is one o them and will not do anyhing against his “brothers”.

    • HELEN

      That and mistook our 50 states for the 57 islamic states across the globe.

  • Anonymous

    Obama and the LSM stands shoulder-to-shoulder only with tyrants, bullies, and loud mouths

  • Anonymous


  • Mark Frances

    Can there be any doubt any longer that Obumba is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood?  That is the real reason that Chris Stevens was allowed to be sodomized and dragged through the streets.  The real story had to be suppressed just like the JFK assasination and Flight 800.

  • Nina Costa Perruccio

    Why is everybody scratching their heads. Who do you think they wanted to Run Egypt.The Fog wasn’t that heavy to figure this out. The Hood is in the House, and her name is Valerie.If it wasn’t for the Communist Media hiding their pencils, it would be front page news. And like our own Political Parties don’t know what is going on.They are treating us like kids, not sure when they can tell us that Santa Claus is not real..

  • Anonymous

    Nixon didn’t do half of what Obama has done ,but he was impeached, What are you guys waiting for now? The whole USA to fall on it’s face. this is more than Clinton’s lies but he too was impeached get this guy out before he does anymore damage.

    • HELEN

      Impeachment would be the easy part.  The Dems of the Senate would never convict.  We’re stuck w/this bloke for the time being.


    Look up 
    “Communist Goals- 1963 Congressional record”. Obama is right
    on track. See for yourself. It helps you understand him and his activities. Put
    so many people on the government money that they will be willing to give away
    their rights to not need to go to work. Once the rights are gone, we will never
    get them back, Look up GEORGE SOROS. He is the money man for Obama. See what he
    is planning for America. He gives speeches about it.

    Let us figure how Obama got Billions of dollars to buy a
    PRISON in Illinois to sneak the Gitmo prisoners into. Can the House stop the
    spending to Obama’s brotherhood in Egypt?? Forget the cliff– just stop the


  • Anonymous

    The Obamas along with a whoooooooooooole lot of others-are morally and spiritually bankrupt. ——-for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the Iniquity of the Fathers upon the Children, unto the 3rd and 4th generation of them that hate me—– and I wrote this to Boehner too..

  • greywolfrs

    Yeah, Mubarak was horrible, so horrible that he neede to be replaced with something even worse. Where is Obamao? I remember him talking about how the Egyptians would be free. Where is Obamao? I thought we helped the Egyptians to get out from under the tyranny of Mubarak. Now, that it’s the Brotherhood, Obamao is silent. And people wonder why there are so many who belive he is a Muslim. Obamao may be able to pull the wool over left wing dolt’s eyes, but anyone with half a functioning brain can see what he is doing. I guess that leaves left wing dolts out.

  • Neil Baxter

    Goes to show just how Democratic the DemocRats are.

  • suz

    where’s jake tapper?

  • Frank Balcer

    Obama will no nothing but let evil take over.
    The people in Egypt do have the right to remove Morsi from office. Anyone who is tied to the evil Muslim brotherhood should NOT be given any power.
    This shows the reason our Founding Fathers gave us the 2nd amendment, it says that in our constitution.
    “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That when any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new government, laying its foundation on such principals organizing it’s powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness”

  • Ron L. Harmon

    The 7th Day Humbling of Mankind – The Beginning of the End of the Age published May 3, 2012 – 400 pages.

  • Anonymous

    What do you expect from Marxist Obama?  The man spent five years going to school in Indonesia, his mother was a Communist, and his mentor in Hawaii was a card carrying Communist.   This guy should be impeached even though the Senate, lead by that empty suit Reid, will not find Marxist Obama guilty..  I forget that the bar of impeachment has been raised very high.  It use to be that sexual misconduct or breaking and entering would get you impeached, but now even being responsible for the murder of four Americans in Libya is still below the bar of impeachment.

    By the way Glenn I thoroughly enjoyed your book “Agenda 21″.   I am now reading the book “Living with Agenda 21″ by Lawrence Zillmer and recommend it to anyone interested in knowing more about Agenda 21. 

  • Anonymous

    It is not surprising how much Obama stands with state -sponsored religion (Islam), and it is not that the same thing could not happen here, because it already has. Secular humanism is the officially sponsored state religion of our country. Just look at any public school textbooks.

  • Les Mills

    Obama had a mtg in Sept with his brothers of the Muslim Brotherhood, and NOONE, and I mean NOONE said or did a thing.

  • Ahmad Shawki

    Last night’s events were not simply a confrontation between “opponents and supporters”. They were attacks by armed gangs and highly trained militias loyal to the president and the Muslim Brotherhood against peaceful unarmed demonstrators. Demonstrators, men and women, were beaten, violated and killed by the MB gangs. Morci has now lost his legitimacy. Mubarak is serving a life sentence for failing to issue orders to stop the blood shed. Morci is politically and criminally responsible for what happened on Dec.5, and I call on all western countries, especially the US, to take a firm stand against the terrorist regime that is killing it’s own citizens. I still refuse to entertain the conspiracy theories that are circulating among Egyptians, but the naive and gullible US administration, believing the MB are moderate and democratic, needs to wake up, there is no such thing as a moderate Islamist.

    • Gladys Dagher


  • Ahmad Shawki

    The western media blackout on the devastating events unfolding in Egypt
    in the past few days is shameful. Two years after the first
    revolution, Egyptians are fighting for their civil liberties against
    a totalitarian regime headed by a a religiously fanatic leader
    following fundamentalist Islamic agenda. Despite being ‘supposedly’
    an elected president, 2 weeks ago President Morsi issued a
    declaration giving himself full immunity from any judicial oversight,
    giving himself absolute powers and approved a hastily constructed
    draft constitution that threatens to tear all progress towards a
    modern and democratic Egypt. The draft constitution was drafted
    almost exclusively by Islamists and the government insists on
    putting it to a referendum despite mass resignations of all other
    members of civil parties (Churches, Al-Azhar, Women, secular parties,
    labor unions, judicial associations, lawyers, etc) from the
    constitutional assembly.

    Millions of Egyptians peacefully took to the streets in protest. Yesterday
    they were attacked in violent assaults by Muslim brotherhood thugs. More than 700 people have been severely injured and there were
    5 fatalities.The international community watched in silence
    and the foreign media seemed to be intentionally missing these major
    events or falsifying them.

  • ffz

    All Egyptians they don’t want morsy president anymore ..he is not even like Mobarak .. we can see now clearly .. the big different between president Mubarak & morsy !!!.  Please try to do much effort to help the Egyptians people allover Christians & Muslims .. !!!!!!!

  • Ahmad Shawki

    Watch this video
    I apologize for the Arabic commentary, but the pictures speak for themselves.
    5 dead and 700 injured. The Muslim Brotherhood still claims that they were peacefully demonstrating. The video clearly shows trained army like militias storming the scene. One shot shows a bearded MB man firing a shotgun. Many of the peaceful demonstrators were taken hostages, their whereabouts are still unknown. Even older women were not immune from their harassment.

  • Anonymous

    If obama is against pure evil in this world ,not for regime change in Syria , to give Syria dictator a ultimatum if you use nerve agents or chemicals on your citizens !!  Then be ready to try to put down the rebel revolts  without your toys of jets fighters and helicopters gunships ( not a no fly zone) but they will be destroy on the ground and in the air completely & any chemical weapons storage compounds where  they have not been mixed chemicals weapons into a deadly gas  !!!  We have the means with our F22  stealth jets fighters to take out Syria anti-aircraft defenses and then pick out targets at will !!  Any weapons system that Syria use to deliver a chemical attack on citizens ,it will be open season for U.S jets matter what weapon system mobile rocket launchers,large artillery pieces, mobile missiles launchers,mortars,jets, The second incident of Syria using chemicals against it’s citizens then U.S jets will take out all Syria tanks and personnel carriers and large artillery pieces !!!   This telling the dictator if you want to assure in you losing the the war with the rebels you better not use chemicals weapons against your own citizens !!  If Iran want to stick it nose in backing and promoting Syria in this evil agenda in using chemicals weapons ,then prepare to lose your all nuclear sites and your air force !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Question obama giving Syria the notice to not pass the red line is just a ruse for obama  his cover to U.S Citizens ????  When he is really backing Syria dictatorship by his non-actions make like he doing something with red-line ,will never act on Syria passing the red line or cover he don’t back & help Syria rebel freedom movements 

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    I am sure handing it to the Egyption people for standing up for liberty and freedom. Good for them.

  • Boomer

    Obama is a Muslim sympathizer and a Jew antagonist. He has been silent about recent events in Egypt and in Gaza since the cease fire victory he provided them. Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, and all others of like mind, should not be recognized as rational spokespersons by the media. Any sane individual would NOT exhibit the kind of hatred that has penetrated Muslim – radical Islamist – communities. Israel should resist all propaganda and hostility perpetrated against Jews on every continent. A preemptive “fatal blow” might be the only recourse for mortal enemies found in Gaza, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iran – and other places. This madness must be stopped!

  • Shane

     Obama is a Muslim Brother! Not really, but he is a dhimmi and an Islamophile. Obama just appoved a gift of fighter jets to the Muslim brotherhood Egyptian government.

  • Robyn Headley

    Beck is insane.

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