Peter Billingsley, Glenn Beck discuss new reality series “The Pursuit of The Truth”

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Earlier today, TheBlaze announced a new reality series being co-produced by TheBlaze, Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Production, and Go Go Luckey Entertainment. The series will bring together twenty selected filmmakers from across the country to prove to a panel of expert judges that their project is worthy of the grand prize – financing and worldwide distribution for their feature documentary film idea. On radio this morning, Peter Billingsley, star of A Christmas Story and part of Wild West Productions, joined Glenn to discuss the new series.

“Thank you so much for doing this with us,” Glenn said as he welcomed him to the program. Glenn explained that they had been working on getting the project off the ground for some time, and that both he and the other producers were inspired to create the series in order to find passionate filmmakers who could really inform and change minds.

Billingsley told Glenn,”We all were kind of at that same starting point where we were looking at a lot of the documentaries in journalism as well and saying where did real investigative journalism go? Where did people ‑‑ where are the people who are making movies that are actually changing points of view? Where are the people that care about something?”

“I think we were all having this idea at the same time and we said, well, what if we created a mechanism not only where we gave funding to people, which is so hard to come by to make their film, and real funding, but also create a system where we can vet ideas and filmmakers, have them compete for these ideas and, boy, we’ll wind up with not only a new emerging filmmaker or someone who’s made some films to win this competition but a great movie and we can set up a new system. And nothing like this has ever been done before.”

Both Billingsley and Glenn agreed that documentary films too often come across as preachy, agenda-driven, and even conspiratorial. Those are not the kinds of films that will be evolving from “Pursuit of The Truth”.

We’re looking for great filmmaking, entertaining, truthful filmmaking that comes from good filmmakers that can get the message out to everybody,” Billingsley said,

“This is not an American Idol kind of show where the first four episodes are watching someone fall on their face,” he said. “We’re not interested that. We’re getting past that. We’re here to do something special and make a movie.”

Billingsley emphasized that people who have never made a movie will still be eligible, but they have to be able to show that they are capable of producing an amazing documentary film.

“You have to not only prove the validity of your idea but that you as a filmmaker have the chops to get it done,” Billingsley told Glenn. “The winner ultimately after the ninth episode will get funding for their documentary which will be distributed on a worldwide basis.”

Applications are currently being accepted from filmmakers of all walks of life to be contestants on the new television series, with a deadline of January 31st, 2013.

A team of experienced producers and executives will be hand selecting twenty of the most compelling contestants to compete on the show. Contestants will be asked to perform a series of tasks during the ten-­‐week production period for our panel of expert judges. They will be asked to not only prove the validity of their idea for a documentary and but also their filmmaking abilities. They will either survive or be eliminated based on that criteria.

After the interview, Glenn invited President and CCO of TheBlaze Joel Cheatwood onto the program to further discuss the new series and revealed that Billingsley and Gary Auerbauch would both be judges on the show.

“You know, Peter is going to be one of the judges along with Gary Auerbach, both those guys have great documentary chops and really are leaders in the industry and Peter and Vince have one of the most successful film production companies in Hollywood.  So we’re really honored and excited to have those two as judges.  And then we’re in the process of recruiting probably three other noted sort of filmmakers, journalists who really will bring just a ton of credibility to the process.”

“I want to give really props to Peter and Vince because this process has been arduous and not their fault at all.  I mean, it’s just the way things work in this industry.  We have, you know, several partners and the process just, as lawyers get involved, takes forever.  They have been dogged.  I mean, they have just banded together and, you know, Peter and I have talked almost every other day and he just keeps saying ‘Vince and I are so committed to this.  We have to see it through’,” Cheatwood said.

Cheatwood also revealed that Glenn would be playing a role in the series as well.

Interested filmmakers can submit their applications HERE.

  • Boomer

    Languages spoken by idiots never expresses the purpose of human existence or reasons why creativity is superior to imitation.

    The One known as “God” to people of faith is not a child to be disciplined or a tyrannical dictator to be rebelled against.

    Those who murder indiscriminately and destroy without regard for life are too evil to be tolerated in civilized society.

    True servants of Truth are a persecuted minority on this planet where deceptions by devils have corrupted billions of souls.

    Sudden death for infidels who threaten lives and provoke wars has always been necessary to preserve life on Planet Earth.

    A dividing line between good and evil has formed during this final generation; heavenly angels will be harvesting souls.

    The powerful forces of nature and spirits will be descending upon enemies of God in ways beyond human understanding.

    Watch as Damascus burns; Watch as Tehran burns; Watch as enemies of God prepare for battle among themselves.

    • Anonymous

      My two guiding mottos are: “I am always on a quest for the truth”. And as Deion Sanders once said (and others)…”The truth will set you free!”. That is the motivation for Deion’s youth sports teams called “the Truth”. Liking him or not, you can’t hide from the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God! somebody finally explained to Glenn the proper
    way to set a Cowboy hat on a table without destroying the crease. I grew so
    tired of watching that really nice hat being abused. Of course it may have just
    been the maid that screwed up the fish bowl that flipped it over.

  • Sam Fisher

    There is only on truth and that is reality everything else is a lie. People seem to miss that point. Today people think truth is based on the person not reality. How can people ignore what right in front of them? Sure they love to live the lie in order to make themselves feel good about themselves in reality the world is completely different. Both sides left reality behind in order to tow some line to get total control over their fellow country men and women. This election was proof that most rather buy the lie instead of face the truth that we are better off not getting stuff from the government. A person we must return to truth instead of following baseless claims that most people believe in. socialism does not work. Total control is not freedom and we should pay for our own birth control instead of shifting saying it is the government problem. What do we get if we don’t follow reality murders being blamed on guns instead of the murderers? We need to take back reason from the unreasonable.

  • Anonymous

    People say there are always two sides to every coin. That’s why one is heads and the other tails. Unfortunately, both can’t be right. So it is with reality and idealism. Our world is not ideal, as progressives tend to see it and strive for it. The so many experts on various subjects are basically idealists. They make things sound like that is the way the world turns, but, in fact, the world is NOT ideal and we all must face reality. Reality, in the end, is the truth. Reality shows as we are forced to see and believe are NOT reality of the world. So is the political system, full of lies and deceptions to fool the fools who believe what they watch and read. Is there a source of truth in this world that is 100%? Even Beck has skewed many of his articles to suit his understanding of certain subjects.

  • ginger

    Brilliant idea!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Bravo!  I wish you well and God speed.   A revival for the search and presentation of truth is the most crucial component missing in our country and our very survival depends on it.  We are living in a time of critical mass there is no trust because no one knows who or what to trust.  Honesty is beginning to be a dying virtue and there seems to be a movement towards considering the honest man to be a fool.  How pitiable it is for a country when it’s people call good, evil and evil, good even more so when they do so because they have no knowledge of the where to even look for the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Billongsley is gorgeous. Gasped when I saw his picture!

  • Kimberly W one of the people trying to get into Movie is this man

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