Georgia resident fights back against U.N. Agenda 21

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Glenn’s new thriller novel, Agenda 21, takes a look at the fictional look into the terrifying future of U.N. Agenda 21 if it isn’t stopped at the local level. This morning on radio, Glenn read an op-ed from a local paper in Atlanta that dissects the local Agenda 21 Planning Guide. The guide is being ‘sold’ to the community as “protecting the enviornment,” but as this local Atlanta resident points out, “the sustainable development policies are more far-reaching than our fields and streams.

The PeachtreeCornersPatch piece is a letter to the editor from local Cobb County Georgia resident Field Searcy.

When I read on Page 185 of the March 2011 Cobb County Comprehensive Plan that the county supports the advancement of sustainable development policies as defined by the United Nations Division of Sustainable Development, I could no longer ignore that the U.N. Agenda 21 (A21) policies were real and thriving in America.

The U.N. policies are detailed in a 300-page document along with the Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide. Sold as protecting the environment, sustainable development policies are more far-reaching than our fields and streams.

A21 outlines plans for the control of land use, housing, transportation, food production, consumption patterns, water, energy, education, the role of industry and health care. Sounding familiar? We have been bombarded with these global plans of change.

Warm and fuzzy words like “comprehensive planning,” “smart growth,” “public-private partnerships” and “outcome-based education” were chosen by central planners to camouflage a desired alternate outcome.
As adults, we are familiar with marketers using positive labels to encourage us to act in ways not always in our best interest. These words in the A21 plan were carefully chosen to make us feel better about giving up our sovereign rights. Conversely, negative labeling and hate speech are used when citizens disagree.
This is not a Republican or Democratic issue. Elected servants in both parties have worked to implement regionalism and public-private partnerships to fundamentally transform America.

Economic models endorsing public-private partnerships violate free market principles by benefiting favored corporations, protecting private gains and leaving taxpayers obligated for losses. It proposes a “Communitarian” model of governance that is diametrically opposed to the American way.

In reality, the U.N. policies include plans to re-engineer human society through regional equity schemes to spread the wealth. Regionalism as a subset of A21 gives appointed regional councils control of vast sums of taxpayer dollars while working unchecked.

Once appointed, the taxpayers are unable to remove these councils through elections. It threatens our representative form of government. It violates our one-person, one-vote principle to equal legislative representation.

The goals of protecting our natural resources are worthy. We can embrace the need to conserve the air, water and land as well as educate our children in a positive way.

The real issue is the need for deeper research and honest dialogue into the ultimate goals of U.N. Sustainable Development while preserving the American principles of respect for private property rights, free enterprise and representative government.

We need to root out who really benefits from the sweeping changes, as it is not the American people. It is no accident citizens across the U.S., including Georgians, are rejecting U.N. Agenda 21 policies.

“May I recommend you read Agenda 21 — my new novel that’s out now — then get involved,” Glenn told listeners.

“All of the problem that we’re having nationally we can sit around and talk about them, we can get frustrated, and we can yell at the Republicans or yell at the Democrats — we both know that they’re the problem.  We have to stay informed but we have to fight it on a local level, and we have to start building new coalitions.  Coalitions of people that don’t necessarily agree with each other, but agree on the constitution, and agree on the sovereignty.”

  • landofaahs

    Prep for war.  Buy more guns and ammo. America has so many UNemies.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Land I have to agree with you, the powers of Hades and the enemies of freedom, from within and without will not stop until they win or are crushed. This is the time and the place where the battle will be fought, and it will not be easy or pretty.

      May God guide us unto freedom again.

      • Anonymous

        How fucking stupid can you be? 

        • Charles Lacy

          Is this comment from the siliva on Obama’s boots or the lipstick on his cheeks (BUTT)???

      • Charles Lacy

        I would just like to say, I LIKE YOU!!!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Good, we are taking a stand against the globalists and their nightmarish regime they want to impose on all of us via the UN. Watch for Obama to make his play against anyone standing against Agenda 21 soon, and with a vengeance like we have never seen before.

    Also, yesterday I went looking for the UN Agenda 21 on the UN website, and ‘surprise’ (not), it had been taken down. Most likely a scrubbed version will reappear shortly, if it is not up already.

  • Sam Fisher

    This sounds like forced worldwide socialism. We must fight the dictatorship of the U.N. they don’t respect freedom of the world and want to crush it. I say screw them I am sick of being bullied by the elitism of the U.N. they are the true evil in this world. The pull the strings in all countries and they do it publicly. We must stand and be heard. This is the United States and we roll over for no one even if our leadership is all too willing to do so. Time to end this new world order before we lose our rights as human beings.

    • Bonnie Somer

      then where are the people protesting to remove them from the US?

      • Sam Fisher

        I wish there was more people waking up instead of ignoring what right in front of them.

    • Anonymous

       “Communitarianism” sounds closer to Communism than Socialism.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds more like dictatorship to me with the socially elite Democrats
    in charge.  The first people to be hurt by them are the uneducated,
    physically and mentally impaired and those of them who are 
    sucking the lifeblood out of America.  They know who they are.
    Pray for God to heal the divide in this country and pray that we can
    all work together to get America back on track.

    • Anonymous

      You don’t think Republicans have any part in this? Boehner, McCain, Graham… etc., etc., etc…….

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like a typical fascist diatribe – when you demonize people so, it makes it easier for you to round them up once you are wearing your brownshirt, eh? Oh, and don’t forget to pray to god, that excuses the fascist for doing what he must, right?

  • 4violet25

    The United States of America has its own sovereignty the U.N. has no place within our government at any level.  We are not ‘their’ subjects, therefore isn’t it time for those of us who are finding out about these alleged programs for betterment of anyone, lets start getting some
    names and who those are within our government pushing this “agenda” so we can start educating the nit wits who don’t own computers much less know how to work one except the free phone and needing to depend on food stamps.  We might understand it a bit better to say the least but there are alot of uninformed out there and that is why the election went the way it

    • Michael Finn

      Im with you, but the sad thing is. Agenda 21 has been going on for a long time now. they are inside are town halls and village courts. They are everywhere. Im with you on naming names but something really cleaverly thought up with a strong support to fight is the only thing to turn this sunken ship back afloat.

      • Charles Lacy

        A good place to start would be to inform your neighbors,Think of a non violent action to get names and faces.  Think of neighborhood watch.  That’s what’s needed in every town and city. It’s time to start taking control of our country and way of life.  We, the people, fought England.  We, the people, fought theFrench.  We the people, fought ourselves.  And,we the people, fought Mexico.  We fought Hitler and Japan.  We can fight this and we can win this, if we the people educate each other.  And start treating these people as they want to be treated.  As such, it is our soveriegn duty to fight all enemies forein and domestic.  Having said that, in the beginning I stated, we should find a no-voilent approch. Until we have no other choice but to put a boot up their @$$.  

    • Charles Lacy

      The election went the way it did do to the american people having no say and the super welthy meeting behind closed gates making the choice for us so they get what they want just ask obama who still has not proven he is an AMERICAN CITIZEN. And what do they think will happen when they take are rights and try to inforce there Communism I say GIVE ME LIBERTY OR KISS MY @$$.

  • Thomas L

    How do we reach the folks Rush Limbaugh refers to as “low information voters”? So many of these issues would be gone if enough people were made aware of what is going on and why it is bad for all of us. We obviously need to reach around the lame stream media.

    • Anonymous


      • DUKE……not really, trying t

        Did the same today about the “Holiday” music they wanted the kids to sing…slowly they are weening them away from TRADITIONAL SONGS.
        I will now be a thorn in their side when I detect this. Other fathers have raised this concern when we talked last night at a Scouts meeting.

    • Sandie

       It seems that most towns have a local paper, the type that lists Questions and Answers, of the local people who provide the Q & As, local business ads, local events,  swap items, Speak Out columns where locals voice their opinions etc. Put an article about this Agenda 21 in your local/town paper. Talk about it at your town meetings. Get together with people in your community who can chip in and make up a simple condensed article that can fit on one sheet of paper, have as many copies made as you can and put them on cars in parking lots, leave them in people front doors, flood the community with them any way you can. Convey the bad things they want to do and how it will affect them and their grand children, and theirs.  Give an internet site where they can get more info. Don’t mention Beck or other controversial people which can turn them off. The idea is to make as many people aware of it as we can so neighbors, friends, relatives etc start talking about it.  It would be awesome if you can talk to the PACs to see if you can get one or more to make a short  attention getting commercial that could be played during shows that most of the ‘low information’ people watch.

    • Anonymous

      The problem is that many of the “low information” voters fall for the social justice redistribution.  It’s a lost cause.

  • Anonymous

    that’s why the propaganda is oance they capitulete the american people means the inflstructure  it’s over.i came about 30 yares ago from a very dictatorial country .if not one of the worse in the world. see this agenda 21 is a way like socialist works .i could call them (police secret like they were call before by those eastren eurpean country.they do not were uniforms ,but look like normal . you will find them at the city hall eaven in the council and little by littleit will take all the rights you have.that’s why you not alwed to carry a guns in any european be prepare they will have someone to report so you will get in jail  if you try to stop.we will see a lot of jails around you and also a lots of crematory like in germany.i live in that country and when i came here i kiss this soil ,because i’m free but now it’s came here..this is a real story .

    • Anonymous

       Yes, the wolves in sheep’s clothing. It’s the Fabian way, alive and well and many real wealthy power plays are facilitating this program.  Too many liberals think the wealthy are all the republicans.  What a joke. 

  • Jan McMullen

    I read Agenda 21. I read it in 2 days could not put it down.  I pray that this does not happen to America  but how do you fight back?  My Husband needs me now since he is handicapp. All I can do is pray.

    • Dennis W Griffin

      How do you fight back? 

      Simple. Agenda 45 and Agenda 357.

      • DUKE……not really, trying t

        Funny, I do enjoy my Soviet made firearms….I will defend Liberty, my family and others like me when the time come with them!
        Oooh the IRONY of it!
        I served for 21 years defending against foriegn enemies….not come the DOMESTIC ones!

  • Anonymous

    I will never allow myself to be subjected to anything based on a UN program, scheme or resolution. I, a natural-born citizen of the United States of American, never gave up any portion of my God-given freedom and liberties to the UN or any other body. I do not choose to be a Citizen of the World or a One World Government. I’m an American. Period.

    Over five decades ago when I first moved to California we had billboards (remember those things) all alongside the freeways urging us to “Get out of the UN” and “Impeach Earl Warren”. Unfortunately, neither of those things took place. But nobody will ever convict me of any offense based upon some New World Order UN scheme. Not without a helluva lot of bloodshed anyway.

    • Anonymous

       That makes you an enemy of the State under the NDAA.

      Most likely public officials in Washington don’t understand Agenda 21.  McCain knew nothing about it.

    • Repugnatcant

      Ah life in the world of paranoid delusional fools led by the ultimate fool Glenda  Beckerhead.
       THEY will be coming to get YOU, get’cher gun, hide now.
       Rick maybe you should get OUT of the forest!

  • Frank Balcer

    any compliance with this is treasonous, those who fully know what it is & push to enact it, should be tried of the crime. this is why our Fore Fathers gave us the 2nd amendment, & the 1st because it gives us the right of free speech so we can warn each other & speak the truth about this EVIL agenda

  • Anonymous

    Sooner or later it will happen. What? The thing everyone thinks about when they are alone and whisper to fellow workers,but won’t talk about it in the open. What is the only solution that will bring about the end of what’s coming to America. The socialist control of the entire goverment and the end of America as we knew it for the past 230 yrs. What is the answer? Civil war! It has to happen to stop Obama and the liberals. But the only way to win is to have the military on the side of freedom and refuse to obey the government. Obama will use UN troops to stop any revolt,protests or uprising–so the US military has to join the people. Whether a planned event or just a happening that begins with the arrest of people that refuse to give up their firearms or mass arrests to send people to re-education camps. The camps are already built. The UN equipment for troops is already on American soil. Crazy! Unbelieveable!, Impossible!—Do you think for one minute Obama and the liberals won’t kill millions of people to foster their agenda and stay in power? If you believe that the next 4 years will be all warm and fuzy,filled with love and peace —then you must be a zombie and dead already. Your survival is at stake and if you wait until it’s too late to take action you’ll be digging in trash cans to find food with a lot of other people. Good luck with that hope and change thing!

    • Repugnatcant

      Wow do you have some “problems”! Get back on the meds dude….

  • Ron L. Harmon

    WH is taking us into new world order – 10 World Divisions already divided up – intentionally overwheming system – ultimate sellout and transfer of ownership.

  • Anonymous

    This sounds like forced worldwide socialism. 
    Absolutely.  And it was started decades ago, first Wilson and the forced income tax and the Banking Act, then under FDR and Alger Hiss as we were organizing members of the UN Charter together with Stalin who was an intl. socialist (communist). 
    Read about the Lend Lease program with Russia under FDR and Harry Hopkins, the New Deal facilitator who described it as a program of “tax and tax, spend and spend, elect and elect!” (Fabian Freeway, pg. 278)

    But keep in mind  it was George H. W. Bush who signed the Rio Treaty in 1992, but the Senate refused to vote on the Treaty.   Thus they figured a backdoor way of enforcing it thru regulations, regional boards, and Trade Treaties.  Think about all those jobs that have been shipped overseas.  Think about all the dollars being exported thru imports.  Yes redistribution of wealth, but the poor seldom see the benefits.

    “Rothschild personally conducted the monetary matters and the creation of this WORLD CONSERVATION BANK. This bank would refinance by swapping debt for assets. A country with a huge national debt would receive money to pay off the debt by swapping the debt for wilderness lands.  When James Baker made his keynote speech in 1987, he stated that, “No longer will the World Bank carry this debt unsecured. The only assets we have to collateralize are federal lands and national parks.”
    from     (must read)

    Is this why they want to return so much U.S. land back to protected
    wilderness under Agenda 21?  We need collateral to borrow money from the
    IMF. Now keep in mind our debt is backed by the property of the people.  Kelo case?  The real estate crash?  Govt can’t physically throw you off land, but they sure can set up economic pressures to starve you off.  If you can no longer pay, what happens?

    The ultimate plan under the UN is to abolish all private property ownership as they see it as a cause of poverty.

  • Anonymous

    Agenda 21 – not a political party issue

    Rosa Koire presents:

    A video presentation for public officials (pass it on to appraise your local leaders):

  • Guest

    Is it just me or does any one else find it strange that while Glenn was having his ghost writer pen a book about the very possible horrors of UN Agenda 21, he was virtually silent about the topic during the election?

    I wonder if Glenn’s silence had anything to do with Mitt Romney as Governor of Massachusetts implementing UN Agenda 21 at the State level? Similar to Gov. Christie’s silence about Obama Care because of Romney Care no doubt.

    Meanwhile, House Speaker John Boehner dismissed three principled Conservatives from the House Budget Committee. Here is an article listing the names of other Republicans that were behind this “Purge” and Rep. Paul Ryan is on the list among others in the GOP House leadership.

    If you want to stop UN Agenda 21 and the further collapse of the USA then everybody needs to start thoroughly vetting all the political candidates and vote for the true principled Conservatives. Stop listening to the media tell us who is a “conservative” and who can and cannot win. Start today by telling your U.S. Representatives to not re-elect John Boehner as House Speaker.

  • John Fiorella

    I used think the global subject of Agenda 21 was BS. After reading about the subject and listening to Glenn Beck. I opened my eyes regarding the conspiracy.

    • Repugnatcant

      So you joined the paranoid fools of America, ignoring your own (once) good sense. So sad.

  • Joan Carson

    The UN cannit make a law for this country unless our traitorous politicians sign AGENDA 21 into law which they are presumably trying to do.  I hope people realize it is our own Congress that we elected that are the creators of all the debt, fiscal cliff problems; taking away our freedoms and liberties that we have.  They have, though lining their own pockets, salaries, bribes thrown everything we value as a country down the drain and we, taxpayers are expected to pay the piper.  The present Congress, with the exception of a very few, need to be hauled out of Congress and tried by a jury of their peers.

  • Anonymous

    In order for Glenn Beck to continue to reap the millions he makes from silly paranoid extrapolations he has to depend on the ignorance of his audience. You’ve been duped again!!

  • Repugnatcant

    Glenda suc my left one, POS Keep stealing from the faithful fools who believe anything….wrapped in the flag and clutching a bible in one hand. What a sick puss faced puke.

    • Anonymous

       You sound like you like this terrorist organization, but do you know anything about the history of this evil?  Maybe you don’t care that this evil was promoted my Soviet agents,
      like Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White, after the end of WW2.  Our Senators were smart enough to not fall for the League of Nations, but they sure fell for the evil of the UN.

      I believe if you were to look at their website, and learn all about Agenda 21, even as a Progressive, you would change your mind about this evil, but then again, maybe you don’t believe in private property, and think everything should be owned by the government, including the sheeple.  Not going to happen; I’ll fight this evil as long as I have a breath left in my body.

  • Sunny Dayse

    I’m amazed at the people who have no idea this is even going on. Why isn’t this front page news?

  • Sunny Dayse

    Our local paper is a joke.  If you don’t have a kid in school or some social news, it’s not going to interest you because that’s all it publishes.

  • Anonymous

    Damn wackos – Beck and his ilk make us (America) look like backwater dumb asses in the eyes of the rest of the world…the Senators who voted against the UN on disability reinforced the perception that America is being pushed around by wanna-be fascists.

  • Omegaomni

    yeah go team!!!!! fight against the UN ! !!!! fight against the UN adopting american standards for disabled people!!! fight against disabled people being able to go abroad and enjoy ramps and other things!    disabled people are evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

  • Rodolfo Torres Jr.


  • Liza Jackson

    They are forcing it into our public schools too using the IB program!  Please check this out and sign the petition to remove this UN agenda from indoctrinating the minds of our children!

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