Obama’s epic fiscal cliff flip flop

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The fiscal cliff is rapidly approaching, and no one can seem to agree on a possible solution. The White House is calling the Republican plan “magic beans and fairy dust”, but there plan isn’t any better.

While speaking to the press, Jay Carney said: ” It’s a couple sentences — it’s not a plan to say that we’re going to magically increase revenues through loophole closures and deduction caps with not a single element of specificity. So we don’t know who pays, we don’t know what we’re talking about in terms of actual legislation to increase revenues. It’s magic beans and fairy dust.”

Oddly enough, In 2011 President Obama said, “What we said was give us $1.2 trillion in additional revenues, which could be accomplished without hiking taxes — tax rates — but could simply be accomplished by eliminating loopholes, eliminating some deductions and engaging in a tax reform process that could have lowered rates generally while broadening the base.”

In other words: magic beans and fairy dust.

Many Republicans are now saying they need to negotiate in order to avoid the fiscal cliff. While Glenn and Stu don’t agree with compromising the values of conservatism, they have thought about suggesting letting the President get everything he wants so when it all comes crashing down he has no one to blame with himself. But as they pointed out, he’ll just ask for more until he has someone else to blame.

“They’ll just make up new stuff until you say you oppose it and they’ll blame it on that. It’s always moving the goal posts. The point for the President has nothing with the fiscal cliff, nothing to do with raising revenue, and it has little with raising taxes on the rich. What it has to do he wants to vilify the other side and he comes in as the hero,” Stu said. “I don’t think he has any intent whatsoever to make any deal.”

Glenn pointed out that if the Bush tax cuts expire and people are unhappy, he’ll get to negotiate new tax cuts will become the Obama tax cuts.

“It’s all Republican’s fault, and then he’ll have the biggest tax cut in American history,” Stu predicted.

“Really, the ones you should be pissed at are the Republicans. Where are the Republicans. Where are they? You didn’t know this was coming. This is your plan? This is your plan? With the greatest minds available on planet earth, you can go out and hire any firm and anybody this is your plan,” Glenn said.

Glenn said that with no one offering any solutions in Washington, it becomes clearer every day that people have to take care of there own families and communities. They need to be prepared for tough economic times ahead, and they need to be prepared to take care of their own needs because the federal government will be out of control.

  • landofaahs

    Obama wants to go off the cliff and bame the economic depression that’s coming on republicans.  Sadly his 52% sheep are following him right off that cliff.

    • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Pathetic is it not?

      • http://www.facebook.com/gary.martin.9085 Gary Martin

        PATHETIC is a great choice of wording….once was a mistake, twice says it all…the USA has no business telling anyone else how to run their country when they obviously cannot run their own….THE suitless BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is reelected to office after the worst performance of any person ever to hold the office of President of the United States off AMERICA ever in the history of the REPUBLIC.  

      • Sandie

         It is – they believe his lies and the LSM helps it along.

        • Anonymous

          IT IS JUST LIKE STAR WARS..(it did take me twenty years to see the movie with rerelease)….Darth Vader Is BHO And His Puppet Master Of lord Sidious Is Communist George Schwartz-Soros The Anti-Semetic Jew Himself Who Had Worked For The Nazi’s As A Teen! all his money and power put the organizer in chief narcisist with no college records…his life was just a series of Photo Ops to put him where he is for the crusade vendetta of a islamist caliphate by wiping out God and The US along with Israel!….thats democracy..not a republic!

    • BentGhazi

      The depression is on it’s way, and nothing these politicians can do will stop it. That’s because they succeeded in creating a problem so huge this time that no amount of taxpayer money can prevent it. They’ve been spending like insane people for forty years, and now the problems are coming home to them. 

      Part of this is our problem too – people should have insisted on the politicians running this country like a business or a household that has to live within it’s means. Instead we ignored the continual hog-trough feeding frenzy in Washington when we should have insisted kept watch on what they were doing with the people’s treasury. We’ve got to do a better job of riding herd on these people – we’ve known for a long time that they are untrustworthy, but some of us keep re-electing them anyway, and that’s a major part of the problem. When they fail to do their jobs, they get rewarded and there are no consequences for their failure. I’ve been around a long time and very seldom do we see actual performance used as the measuring stick when it comes to government and the people’s money. 

      Now we have DeMint resigning from the senate, and there is no guarantee that he will be replaced by someone who has the people’s business as motivation for his job performance like DeMint demonstrated. 

      So the good ones quit and the bad ones get re-elected by people who can be bought by political bribes. Unless we can address these problems and get the finances of the country in order, the generation being born right now will never know what life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness means. 

      • Anonymous

        We are at the point of no return. The zoo is filled with jackals and we have been thrown into their cages.

        • BentGhazi

          Yes, but we have the guns.

      • landofaahs

        It’s been known for months. The fudged unemployment numbers before election and all the lying Rah rah jesters is starting to be “adjusted”. Obama knows the numbers and the depression/recession is here and wants to blame it one republicans. obama is a yellow lying coward incompetent weales trojan horse muslim who hates America’s glorious past. I relish the libtards who are going to be demolished. Some people have been prepping though.

        • BentGhazi

          I can’t wait to hear all their pitiful wailing when the thing they voted for bites them in the ass too.

        • BentGhazi

          Yeah, and it’s not like employment figures trend up every fall for the Christmas season temp jobs. These people are microfocused, and don’t see the big picture – they also don’t want anyone else to either.

          • landofaahs

            I have a feeling that a lot of part time jobs are created to cover for the reduction in hours by existing employees due to avoidance of obama care costs.

          • BentGhazi

            I agree with you. These job numbers con jobs are part of the shiny object distraction ploys Obama’s crew uses to keep the peasantry from revolting and marching on the capitol.

          • Sandie

            Personally I find Obama’s crew revolting.

          • BentGhazi

            Yes they certainly are.

    • Sandie

       The sheep aren’t even aware that the plan Obama and the LSM are pooh-poohing is the same thing Obama wanted earlier. The LSM surely won’t divulge that, they will keep framing the situation as the fault of the Republicans. When I listen to MSNBC, and CNN they talk about how the Reps just want tax cuts for the rich and won’t cooperate, and Obama offered cuts. They don’t talk about the fact that Obama won’t budge and has  actually planned for an  increase in spending!

      • landofaahs

        Just like sheep heading to the slaughter house. They rest sleeping in the truck in a lazy state thinking everything is fine. But the driver of the truck knows different.

    • Anonymous

       Michael Savage said that if Obama gets his way there will be the Russian Revolution Part 2.  He may well be right, because when the dollars stop flowing to the “needy” the first to be attacked will be the haves as the looting begins.  And that’s only the beginning.  I see a Darwinian dark age approaching.

      • landofaahs

        I care about the deserving poor, not the liberals. I will walk by them like I would a skunk. Votes have consequences and some idiots are long overdue for that lesson. Store up on guns and ammo and prep for war but pray for peace.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Keylon/755373781 Mark Keylon

      Honestly, I believe the Republicans should just give Obama everything he asks for in the next 4 years.

      They should tell the people:

      “Seems the majority of the country wants to give Obama and his policies another shot. Fine, we will go along with it, and when the country winds up in a greater decline and depression than we have ever seen in the history of the world, remember that, as it will be entirely the result of THIS administration and Obama’s socialistic Marxist policies.”

      The American people have spoken, and shall be punished accordingly.

      • landofaahs

        I say let the fiscal cliff come. Then not only reinstate the tax cuts for 250k and under, but reduce those taxes even more by 5%. Pay for those cuts in liberal plums like dept of ed and envir. I would not raise the debt ceiling without equal cuts in lib various dept.s After those a reduced, start on entitlements.

  • landofaahs

    Sheeple.  Sheeple who need sheeple…..are the luckiest sheeple in the world….but first be a person who needs sheeple.  Democrats and the suicidal cliff.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    This is about control and power, for Obama and the Democratic leadership fanatics are in their end game for the country.

    Shatter the Republican party and there will be no effective opposition to a one-party rule for a generation or more, if ever again. They will be able to do as they wish, no matter what the desires or choices of the American public – communism will have won once and for all.

    Aside from blaming the Republicans, Obama will ensure the fiscal cliff becomes a ‘never waste a good emergency’ moment and accept the powers given unto him by the Congress to deal with the mess. More power and control handed over to him for the sake of ‘ending the madness’ he has created and will appear as a hero to the masses.

    Understand clearly, Obama is insane, a narcissist, sociopath, liar, thief, cheat, murderer and believes himself to be a god-king and a messiah and savior of the world. He will not end with just grabbing some power; he is headed for a dictatorship and an orgy of blood carried out on all he sees as his enemies.

    May God help us all, for too many are ready to trade freedom for security, and in the process lose everything.

    • http://www.facebook.com/gary.martin.9085 Gary Martin

      SAD, SAD that the mighty, generous, once free USA has been SUNK by punk drunk PSYCHOS, Barack and Michell.

    • Draxx

      I agree with you snowleopard, with the way he thinks, I believe Obummer can be worse than Saddam Hussein once he does what Morsi is doing…

    • Anonymous

       Someone had him pegged from the start.  This is an interesting read, a cult of personality.  Yes, we’ve seen a few of these just in the last century:


    • Anonymous

       What is hard for me to comprehend is a seeming ignorance or maybe just the lack of plain old guts, to call things as they obviously are. That we,mostly Republicans, imply that the President is not really smart about business or politics. Sure,this guy is an incompetent fellow, just in way over his head. Keep on believing that America. Obama hasn’t hidden who he really is, we just seem afraid, as a nation of nice, pleasant patriots, to listen closely to what he is saying and not so subtlety implying.

      The man has an agenda. He is not patriot in the sense of buying into our American heritage. He is a new patriot, on his terms, in his dreams and those terms and dreams should frighten anyone with an once of common sense. Communism is a monstrosity, read about it or ask anyone who has personally experienced it’s crushing effect on any society it touches. The people under 40 today and particularly the youth of America, believe Communism is just a more vital form of European Socialism. To many Americans the life and times of Stalin and Mao is just exaggerated history, showing capitalism to be a better option. You know what our intelligentsia are filling our students with, and it isn’t anti-communism.

      Snowleopard  isn’t far off the track. Obama does fundamentally want to change the USA and he is well on his way. But God help us we better understand what this”nice guy’s” agenda really is. He is using Chicago gangsterism to put him in position to get his way and the way of many of his associates, check them out, his czars and friends. It’s hard for me to believe that all his followers really understand where he is trying to take us, because some of these really nice men and women seem to be legitimate Constitutional patriots.

      I will repeat the previous post and write ‘God help us’ all.  To Obama and his followers it is All-mighty Government help us all and in just the amounts and ways they decide.

      • Anonymous

          Here are the missing pieces that prevent most of us from understanding why…

          Do any “Marxists” know that it is a purely evil thesis?  Avowed “Marxists”, are mostly morally bankrupt half-intellects. Who haven’t read the books, don’t know the history, and use what little they have learned for power and chaos.

          Do “Marxists” know that Marx fatally neglected his own children? or that Engels used slave labor? or that the entire thesis was a pander-scam to place Marx in any available position of power? or that Marx and Engels corresponded in glee at the destruction they were bringing?

           Marxism only benefits the elite who use “Marxists” to commit enslaving collectivist action lines against societies of free productive individuals.

    • Anonymous

      YOU ARE SO RIGHT!! one speech blasphemed n introduced BHO as the lord and savior.We Have Never Been A Democracy We Are A Republic- By The People! We Have Been Used By The Word Democracy…Chavez etc is A Democracy.. putting himself in power through the Media,controlling the Media. We Have Been Stuck in 40 years in the Desert of democracy. his negative campaigning putting down Romney made the useful idiots stay home from voting on nov6. to put his people-puppets only in the voting booth! we are going the way of egypt n greece…. if people don’t wake up and get back to the One True God and Church–He IS Where Our Hope Lies! before BHO takes That Away!

  • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

    The sad thing is people will buy the lies of the left. They bought the lies during the campaign what going to change now well good people refuse to stand for what is right. When we sit by and do nothing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/gary.martin.9085 Gary Martin

      WHAT does it matter anymore…..BARACK and MICHELLE have won….the irony is, they won NOTHING, because they already KILLED everything, there is nothing of value left, and in particular, FREEDOM is no more.

  • Anonymous

    With the media 200% behind BO, he can do no wrong. If BO says that a piece of black fabric is white, they will agree with him. FYI, (I am not being racist here, just simply making a statement)
    The Republicans have been setup yet again as soon as BO uttered the words that he will sign the legislation for middleclass tax cut,right now

  • PF

    “My way or the highway… and when we fail, I’ll blame you… it is what I do.” BHO

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BEDSLD5GYAH6YDB4GJ2UUHPWYE Punkin

    They’re not aware of the difference between there and their.

    • http://www.facebook.com/gary.martin.9085 Gary Martin

      YES they do, they just don’t care….everything is upside down anyway….WORST of ”ALL”  freedom is no more.

  • Anonymous

    You need an editor who knows the difference between “there” and “their” and “they’re” and when to use which one. Using grammatically correct English IS important when you are promoting education reforms and always telling the truth.

  • Anonymous

    What is one of many signs for dementia?    Oh wait,  I’m confusing the signs of a liar….oh never mind!

  • Anonymous

    You can keep calling Obummer mad or otherwise, but, from day one, he was totally unfit to be president of the USA. The left machine did their work well to have him elected in 2008 and brainwashed American voters to vote for what they were broadcasting, not for the deserving candidate. Has America ever had such an incompetent president before?

    • Anonymous

      I would say James Earl Carter but now he seems a staunch conservative in comparison .

    • http://www.facebook.com/gary.martin.9085 Gary Martin

      DITTO….don’t worry they can never do it again…..THE USA is no more….bye bye.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gerald-Scott/100002227796670 Gerald Scott

    At this point it doesn’t matter what they do our economy is in such a state as I don’t think it can be fixed. I’m talking the fiscal cliff isn’t just an American issue. We are headed for total collapse as far as currencies are concerned and a one world currency is on it’s way in. It’s not that hard to figure out. Just read a bible and all the signs are there to see we are at that point in time.

  • GNH

    Obama has never met a cliff he didn’t like.

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/gary.martin.9085 Gary Martin

    MANY ”boobs” that have held the WHITE HOUSE were the embodiment of STUPIDITY, but never have two manifested devious behavior and pretense so as to harm the U S A. An obvious example answers all, like 16,000,000,000,000, that is trillion, as easy as you can say QUADRILLION. The unanswered question is this…are he and his enabler, Michelle, STUPID or on a premeditated endeavor to KILL america. 

    • BentGhazi

      The answer to that question is this; they know exactly what they are doing.

    • http://twitter.com/terrirn01 Terri Robertson

      Unfortunately I believe that it absolutely is premeditated.  There has never been a whole lot of pretense – Her comments about pride in her country – Him not bothering to put his hand over his heart during the Anthem – It is all part of a grand plan – and there isn’t anything that we can do about it.  This has been written and will take place whether we are ready or not.  I had prayed that God would see that there were enough good, true, Christian peole in this country and give us another chance to try and fix it.  Unfortunately – the answer was no and Obama was reelected.  That spelt the final doom for our country and life as we know it will slowly die away.  We are in End times – I don’t know exactly where but I do know that we all should be ready to meet our maker every day of our lives.
      Are you ready?  Do you know Jesus? Love him? Depend on him?  I hope so.  If for no other eason that the peace that it brings to our heart and your life.  I still pray for our country everyday – but I am afraid it is too late.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/7FCYTTMCDKIIWROPINLGEGONZQ GR

      Hey Gary, I have been saying this all along, the powers to be (behind the scenes, Obamanation is just puppet on a string, doing someone else’s bidding) have been striving to break the backs of America and it’s people and it looks like they might succeed. I know Glenn doesn’t want to give Obamnation what he wants, as they are worried they will take more and more. But I say….the “more and more” part is coming anyway. Greed is a terrible thing and once tasted, is almost impossible to stop. Obamanation and his backers are hell bent to get what they want and will stop at nothing to get it. I personnaly believe that all this crap we are being told about the Fed and it’s lack of being able to reach an agreement, is all smoke and mirrors. Something to keep us distracted from what is really going on and that is the total destruction of the Constitution and the fall of the U.S. of A. I hope I am wrong, but my gut is telling me that worse things are yet to come. Agenda 21 is more of a reality the more I look at what has happened over the past 5 yrs.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, purposely. Not just he and Moochelle; These two are just the vehicle that carries the dynamite. They are the suicide vest attached to the robot that is the democrap party. Puppets carrying out the story and manipulated by those manning the strings attached. These two are the harbingers of the death of America…..from the inside out. Bottom up, top down. The Alinski plan all along.

  • BentGhazi

    Quick! Someone tell Jay Carney that Obama proposed magic fairies and bean dust two years ago!

    This is all fear mongering, the worst that can happen is a federal government shutdown, and for the life of me I can’t see what if any problem that would cause. This government shutdown stuff it the same snake oil the Washington set has been trying to scare people with since Carter was president. 

    No essential government service will be stopped if the government shut down occurs. They will close the Park service, museums, and perhaps there will be furloughs but no one is going to suffer – the federal government has been shut down nearly every year since the 1960’s waiting for a budget, or in Obama’s case a continuing resolution since there hasn’t been a federal budget since Bush was in his last year in office.

    We have to stop believing the fairy tales these people keep telling to scare people into paying more taxes to keep poor old Uncle Sam in beer money. He’s not going to run out. 

    Let the cliff come. Call the bluff of the Democrats, and let’s find out what comes next. 

    • Sandie

      Typical, Democrats the party of fear mongering.

  • Anonymous

    The last bailouts went to foreign companies and countries.  Why are we putting up with this and how can we stop the next big money grab.  Where did all the steel go from the cash for clunkers? We need to start researching everything we buy, and where it comes from, and rebuild AMERICA.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, there will probably be more good ones leaving Washington, can you blame them it it sin city there.  But, if don’t stand we will for for anything.  We have to be strong and prayerfully we can make a difference.  The Christians are going to have to take a stand and make a difference.  I know I am willing to fight and not let the Dems win or Obama.  We must be strong.

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    yes, it’s a tactic to “give them all of that” but bho will just give more freebies to the 47-51% — they won’t feel it — he’ll still win.

    the challenge is to get the people to follow the money on this guy and look at the big picture — something the lazy/47% is not trained to do — we have to get them to “look over here.”

  • Anonymous

    Bressler, he’s not “colored”…he’s bi-racial.  Kind of a forgotten fact…

  • Dale Hogue

    I don’t believe that Obama knows what he wants.  He is waiting for orders from his puppet-master.  Until he gets it, he is appears to be playing it by ear – and he is not very good at it.

  • http://twitter.com/AB29_ AB29_

    Collapsing the system from within – this is what’s happening.

  • Anonymous

    In there first sentence, there’s a typo.  It should read “their” not “there.”

  • Anonymous

    am i wrong or did the republicans came up with $2.2T in revenue by closing loopholes and lower deductions and cut spending ? and the president refused to even look at it because there are no tax rate increases for the “rich” in it …
    this tells me Obama,doesnt gives a crap about the people or the country or the economy,he is acting like a little child…..i want ,i want, i want the rates increased on the rich….anything else doesnt matter to him, he was re-elected and its his way or the highway,he must be thinking he is King or something

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frank-Moran/1303605849 Frank Moran

    This play by POTUS is to let the Cliff happen and to Glen’s point he will then enact ne tax cuts and he becomes a savior. He has become so transparrent and once again he tells the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Whatever name used to describe Obama, he has controlled the dialogue, the press, the people and the Republicans with absolute precision and stealth.  The current political drama is the latest in a long line of Obama political maneuverings  to further his efforts of seizing our property, liberties, and wealth.  And, as pointed out in a number of postings here, it’s purposefully done through “crisis management”.  We have no leaders to represent us now, but how do we protect ourselves?.

  • http://www.facebook.com/christine.furru Christine Hilmer Furru

    There, their, they’re.  There is a difference.  Tell whomever wrote this that their grammar button needs a push.  They’re driving me crazy.  :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/ronlh Ron L. Harmon
  • http://www.facebook.com/ronlh Ron L. Harmon

    Overwhelming the system – the transfer of ownership.

  • Anonymous

    Not to worry.  Obama will get his way either thru congress or executive orders.  Study the 1933 Bankruptcy Act under FDR and you will get a sampling of what’s in store.  Remember he can declare martial law on a “potential” threat and make himself the all powerful, leaving Congress irrelevant.
    And now he wants full control of debt balances and borrowing power backed by Tim Geithner (the former head of NY Fed Reserve Bank) putting us in so much debt this country will be fully owned by the world bankers.  We’ve had a downward slide, but get ready as our dollars floating around overseas come home to roost causing more and more inflation.
    And now we have Howard Dean saying that not only do the rich need to pay more taxes, but the middle class.  We’ll see money going out of our pockets either thru inflation or taxation or both.  Good luck to us all, some will survive but many will not.
    There is a sadness in my heart….

  • Anonymous

    Etch-A-Sketch!!!!  Will blame the Republicans whatever the outcome.  We need a new tax system and get rid of the present one.

  • Aaron Smith

    Come on, editor — professional writers should know the difference between “there” and “their.”

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how many of the Obama voters will enjoy having to pay taxes again and lose the money that they receive from the Federal Government when the Bush tax cuts expire?  Bet they don’t know that the Bush tax cuts did this.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/R3RXPTFPX4TYVBYHHYXN4IAS7U Lorraine

    The more I see happening with this administration, the more glad I am Romney did not win the election. I do not think either one of them could have saved the union and I would rather Romney’s name NOT go down in history that he was the one who caused all this mess. I want Owebummer to have that distinction all by himself.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is a MORON ! !

  • Anonymous

    Barry-HUSSEIN-Obama ‘s Plan Is To Collapse The System All ALong!He Is Just Like Achmindinajad, Moresi, Chavez, Saddam…this is all part of getting rid of the great satan and the little satan. the left are oxyMORONS they blame others for what they are!BHO-the Anti- American Islamist Terrorist Is The Dictator-In-Chief and Part of The Muslim Caliphate…they are the great Satan trying to get rid of our Mother Nation Under the One True God!

  • Anonymous

    The Senate can’t even come up with a budget in 4 years…they want us to go off the cliff, it would make it easier to control everything and everybody…No dilusions here.

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