Pat in trouble with the law?

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Pat Gray revealed a disturbing secret on radio today – he has had multiple run-ins with law enforcement officers in the past few months. Pat has been nabbed by police 6 times – what did he do to get in so much trouble? Find out in the clip above from radio.

  • Sam Fisher

    Ha Pat reminds me of my aunt. 

  • Margaret Price

    Lord help you if you get nailed speeding in a school zone, Pat. The fines for that are HUGE in Texas.

    • Paolina

       Hopefully he doesn’t speed there. I’d be more worried for the safety of the schoolchildren who often cross without looking carefully.

  • Fuchs XXXX

    Pat looks like he´s got major issues with booze and Stu looks and sounds like a closet homo.

    • M

       You can see all that from your grandmas basement.  Really?

    • BentGhazi

      Visual and mental impairments like yours rarely occur in the same person. You are a wonderful specimen.

    • Sandie

       And that comment makes you look like an idiot.

      I bet it  sucks to be Fuchs

    • Anonymous

      LOL  What?  And it is usually we conservatives who you libtards call homophobes when you just threw out the term homo in a derogatory away?  Good job there, hypocrite.

  • Draxx

    Speeding is based on a Percentage, because they have to leave room for errors and worn equipent (all from different manufacturers of these products; Speedometer, Cables, Electronic Components, and such)… usually a 10% span above and below.


    Pat you should give Rocky Mountain Radar a call.

  • BentGhazi

    Pat, you get caught this many times and you have done nothing to stay out of trouble? Have you ever thought about driving within the speed limit? I know, it’s a revolutionary concept, but just think how much fun it will be when the speed cop discovers you are not breaking the law and you can drive past with a smile on your face. 

    • Anonymous

       Often times the traffic is moving much faster than the speed limit (try the bypass around Chicago – 70 just to stay alive in a 55 mph zone. I always try to be humble and not be the fastest car around. In fact I help my ego a bit by reminding myself every time someone passes me going 20 mph faster than I am that he is being Bear-bait just to protect me. And I wave and thank him…

      • BentGhazi

        Me too. Sometimes we get caught up in the point A to point B race when we should enjoy the ride and take advantage of the chill time.

        I think Pat has been getting zapped in town on surface streets instead of the expressway. I’ve been there myself, but I learned after the first time it was too expensive to be in a hurry.

    • Dean Cartwright

       Yes, Pat needs to read the sign slowly, it says SPEED LIMIT. Thats LIMIT, not choose something else that you think is OK for you. SPEED LIMIT

  • Anonymous

      We all get frustrated with speed limits that seem unreasonable, but it’s not the police officer’s fault.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Pat but NO Bull Cr@p on the white line it’s there for a reason…… if your tires are on the line than you have at least 2 to 3 feet of hood over the line in some places if a heavy truck is making a right hand turn it will contact your car. the line is there for your safety no bull! I used to drive a truck for a living and on more than one occasion I had to make a car back up so I could complete my turn otherwise I would have had to run over part of their hood.  So what color car do you drive Pat? red? bright yellow? get a car that doesn’t draw attention to it get something boring like a minivan I doubt you’ll be pulled over in that….. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh, don’t you know, it’s the socialists and Obama’s fault, persecuting poor Beckerheads through traffic laws…

  • Sue Holloway

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    Peggy Holloway

  • Sue Holloway

    Why can I NEVER get in, it won’t accept my password (which is correct) tell me why.