Check out the music from Glenn’s Christmas Special

On December 13th at 8pm ET, Glenn invites you into his home with family and friends to enjoy holiday music and touching stories. Watch the children in a real-life nativity play and find out how this year Glenn discovers the true meaning of Christmas. It’s a heartwarming Christmas special for the entire family. Then beginning at 9:30pm ET, stay tuned for American Traditions: Christmas — A look at what Christmas has meant to American families over the years, with appearances by Andy Williams, Peter Billingsley, Janine Turner, Ted Nugent and Santa Claus.

The special will feature music composed by Clyde Bawden and Jason Barney and featuring the amazing voices of Michelle Moyer, Freddie Ashby, and David Osmond. This will be music that your family will enjoy for years to come.

You can now purchase this album on iTunes!

  • Kris Moleski

    Just bought it! Silent Night is the best new old song…. it’s the moment you say, “yeah, it’s Christmas!”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I heard part of it on the show today, excellent.

  • Gina Cicchetti Balelo

    Best version of “Silent Night” EVER!!!

  • Linda Lee

    I was struck by hearing again the words of “I Heard the Bells”.  For such an old Christmas carol, the message of peace on Earth at such a time as ours with so much division in our country was so refreshing to hear.  “And in dispair I bowed my head, there is no peace on Earth I said, for hate is strong and mocks the song of peace on Earth good will to men…  The wrong shall fail, the right prevail with peace on Earth, good will to men…”  How sweat those words are.  Thanks for creating these songs for these times, Glenn.

  • Michelle Bohatch-Orefice

    Such a beautiful version of Silent Night! 

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely love silent night.  Is there a way to get the sheet music for this?

  • Anonymous

    Can’t get the purchase music thing to work, what’s up ?

  • Anonymous

    Tried to purchase the music, but it wanted me to create a paypal acount inwhich I didnot want to do, I just wanted to use my credit card once and be done with it all as a one time deal, but Noooo it wanted me to create this account even though it had two ways of paying on the first page as listed (two buttons). What’s up Glen ?? It wouldnot let me purchase this music unless I created this account..Sorry !

  • Anonymous

    Heard “Joy to the world” on the radio this morning.  Fantastic….
    However if I hadn’t already heard it I would be less likely to buy since the “demo” only has two sung words in it.  Need a better sample to play for listeners, or a little longer one.  Bought all four.

  • Shawn Lively

    Thank you Glen for shareing this with us today. I bought the album and love it…

  • Kurt Miller

    Silent Night…I really needed to hear that.  Just when I had forgotten how beautiful the Christ Child was…now I remember.  Thank you.

  • Marianne Hovey

    Silent night could turn an atheist into a Christian.  

  • Bob Brennecke

    There are times when you know something has been inspired by God. Put there for a reason. This arrangement of Silent Night is one of those times.

    • Claudette Hill Mastin

      This is the most awesome arrangement I’ve ever heard. I’m at a loss to find the words to truly express what I feel when I hear this. 

  • Chuck Dickey

    i was in my work truck this morning getting ready for my first job. glenn beck played “silent night.” i had to stop and just listen. it took my breath away!

  • Anonymous

    I was crying so hard I had to pull my car over yesterday when I heard “Silent Night” on your radio program. Simply the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. Thank you Glen, Clyde and Michelle. God bless!

  • Peggi Paredes

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you are a genious! These songs are so beautiful, there are no words. Unless a person is completely without a soul, there is no possible way these artists could NOT have found it and soothed it. Thank you so much. Just simply…….beautiful.

  • James Patrick

    Michelle Moyer’s ( Silent Night ) has to be the best I’ve ever heard!!….gives me chills everytime I listen to it!!….She should make a video or use the one from Glenn’s special on Thursday to put on YOUTUBE….I’ll spread it to my friends like a wildfire!!!…..AWESOME!!!! VERY POWERFUL!!!

  • Heather Pardue Hutton


  • Heather Pardue Hutton

    This amazing little album is the closest I may ever get to true peace…

  • Anna

    I jumped in my car to run errands and heard this music from “Silent Night”. I was in a totally “Not Ready For Music Frame of Mind” because I was in a rush…tears started falling down my face. I couldn’t believe it. It slowed be down and fillled me with a wonderful peace. How very beautiful!!

    • Melissa

       I felt the same way, tears. It is truly a beautiful song!

  • Anonymous


  • Steve Booth

    An instant classic.  Simply Amazing.

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya


  • Desy Nurul Azkiya


  • Anonymous

    Here are the “real” songs from Glen Becks new Christmas special:
    1. I’m Dreaming of a White Sheet Christmas
    2. Glen, The Red Necked Reindeer
    3. Little Dumber Boy – ode to Glen’s youthful Christmas
    4. It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like I’m a Loser
    5. All I Want For Christmas is My Two Frontal Lobes
    6. Republicans Got Run Over By A Reindeer
    7. Gold is All I Want For Christmas
    8. Here Comes Santa Claus and I’m Not Leaving Him Cookies (I’m not supporting free loaders)
    9. Spreading Hate Around The Christmas Tree
    10. Jim Demint Is Coming To Town

  • Jersey Jeepster

    That is the worst song I have ever heard in my life. Some arrogant man hijacks a classic song and tries to take credit for writing a classic Christmas carol of his own. The singer is annoying. She whispers the entire song, which adds to the pain of enduring the boring, random melody.

    Silent Night is one of the best songs ever written, nevermind best Christmas carol. This terrible song that Glenn is pushing is not a different version of Silent Night. It is a competely different song that borrows lyrics and the occasional melody from Silent Night. It’s basically just lazy and bad song writing.

  • Anonymous

    If it’s lost, find your joy

  • Anonymous


  • Jennifer Coomer

    Why can’t I find it on iTunes? Or the link on that will take me to iTunes? Help? Please? And thank you? 

  • Jennifer Coomer
  • Anonymous

    Although the singers have decent voices and probably are talented, I believe the renditions of the classic songs (at least Silent Night and Joy to the World on Glenn’s show this morning) are extremely depressing and downbeat.

    Silent night is slow and somber so I get that. However, Joy to the World always lifted my spirits when I used to sing in a youth choir at my church. It is meant to be triumphant as in the name JOY to the world.

    The songs that I have heard thus far, make the Carpenters Christmas album seem upbeat, which is a near impossibility.

    Glenn, you should remove this album from Itunes as you may be blamed for mass suicides during the Christmas season. If the media could blame Australian radio disc-“jerkeys” for one persons suicide, they could sure as the driven snow, blame you.

    In either case, God Bless you Glenn for trying to keep the true meaning of Christmas alive. Jesus is the Reason for the Season..


    • Wynn Robison

      You are wrong, Wrong, WRONG!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        No Mr. Scrooge, the exact opposite, however, I just don’t think Joy to the World should be “re-written” into a depressing downbeat song.

        Joy to the World is one of the most triumphant Christmas songs !! JOY to THE WORLD THE LORD HAS COME !!! Shout it from the mountain… Let earth receive her King =)

        Not: joy =( to the world the lord has come.. sob sob… =(   =( Let earth receive her King … tears cry repeat…

        Just my opinion. That’s the beauty about music, everyone has their own tastes.

    • Anonymous

       You, rcgibson, obviously do NOT have an ear for music, let alone an ear for beautiful voices. Michelle happens to have one of the most refreshing, quality “new” voices I’ve heard in a long time. If she releases a full album, I’ll be one of the first to purchase it. Thanks, Glenn, for introducing her to us.

      • Anonymous

        This is hilarious. You can’t comment on my ear because you don’t even know who I am or what my musical background is.

        You OBVIOSLY did not read my comment. I never said that their voices were not good. Michelle has an a beautiful voice, no Jewel, Mariah, Whitney, or Adele, but her voice is very very nice. Actually, her version of Silent night is quite reminicent of Jewel’s Christmas Album’s version.

        HOWEVER, my comment was on the mostly directed at the rendition of Joy to the World, which in my opinion is extremely depressing and downbeat. The nature and tempo of Joy to the World (in it’s original, unbutchered form) is extremely upbeat and uplifting.

         Again, thanks to Glenn for giving these artists a chance and keeping the true meaning of Christmas.

        • Anonymous

          Peace and goodwill, RC. ‘Tis the Season.

  • Lynn Barry-Clarke

    Beautiful Music!  Please do more Christmas music next year.

  • Lynn Barry-Clarke

    Beautiful Music!  Please do more Christmas music next year.

  • Joe Hvezda

    Silent Night- Chuck said it, it took my breath away. It is, I imagine, the sound of the Love of God in Michelle’s voice, and the Grace of God in the music. The most incredibly beautiful rendition of this song I have ever heard.

  • Lori Christopher

    Ive been looking for the song you played on your radio show this morning by david osmond. I believe it was away in a manger. It brought me to tears and I would really like to buy the song. Is it available to purchase?

  • Anonymous

    Wow…Michelle is amazing!  Beautiful voice!  I hope she puts out a full album soon!

  • Michelle Bonello Portelli

    Just download album from Itunes, my family ate dinner tonight listening to Silent Night, my 4 children said they had goosebumps.
    Beautiful Heavenly Music, and Michelle Moyer blessed with a beautiful voice.
    Love You Glenn Beck, I live in Sydney Australia and I would love to come and work for you.

  • patriot fan

    just downloaded to my iphone! Can’t wait to play it here at work!

  • Sher Hall

    Brighter Days Ahead: Angelic Voice
    This young woman, Michelle, has the voice of an Angel. I’ve not heard of such clarity and pureness in a voice. She is gifted.
    Glenn has a double blessing going on here, finding her and now we all get to hear her singing the true spirit of the Christmas Season. I must credit the others on these 4 fine songs, they all did a great job. Everyone, be sure to get these songs! You won’t be sorry! At Amazon and be savy on how to download them, lololol!
    Sherron Hall
    Cedar City, UT

  • Mark Mauerman

    Is there anywhere else that I can buy this?  I’m kind of anti-Apple…

  • Mark Mauerman

    Available on also.  Sorry, but I already sold my soul to too many companies. 

  • Luke Furniss

    Thank you Glenn, Michelle, Clyde, and all those who put this album together.  Thank you for bringing the Spirit of CHRISTmas to us through music.  Music that was most definitely inspired.  May God bless you all.

  • Sharon Jeffery

    so wish it was on cd..downloaded frm itunes..would like to listen elsewhere..Clyde Bawden’ cds are great..

  • Anonymous

    i heard some of the Christmas music and it is so beautiful, i can’t wait for the Christmas show

  • Anonymous

    Wow this Silent night will be around forever.  Is there a copy in wave file the mp3 is ok but i would love to hear the full dynamics I have a sound system witch even cd’s (digital) are missing the sweet transparency that a true (complete wave) produces.  And mp3’s sound like a old am radio when being played on my class A sound system. Yes the song sounds good on run of the mill stereos and head sets

  • Angelle Chase

    Does anyone know how you can get sheet music of this song?

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