An article on TheBlaze today examined this question – could Texas really secede from the union? Glenn goes through the evidence and explains why they could indeed survive — but that’s not to say Texas has no issues. There are definitely progressive sources making headway in the state.

WATCH the video that explored Texas’s possible secession:

So while Texas be successful if it were to secede, Glenn warned that there were still reasons to be concerned about the state’s future.

“Texas is sliding into the abyss as well. Texas has got to stop. It’s got to stop sliding into the abyss. If we don’t get Texas to be Texas, the country won’t survive. I mean, we’ve got to get these states to stop sliding into the abyss of progressivism. You know, and even if it is, it’s, for instance, it’s Austin. It’s wherever these giant universities are,” Glenn said.

“You see that in Austin, you see it in Los Angeles, you see it in ‑‑ everywhere there’s a major university, you’ve got that problem. I think that’s why Florida has the problems Florida does. Can you believe that Mitt Romney didn’t win Florida? Well, you’ve got the major universities there. Between the University of Miami, Florida, Florida State, all these young kids that are getting indoctrinated by professors? They don’t have a chance,” Pat added.