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Two things are certain in life: death & taxes. Ok, maybe there are three – Louis Farrakhan will say something incredibly stupid and offensive every few weeks or so. His latest shocking rant targeted Christmas – what kind of person says stuff like this?

Glenn played Farrakhan’s rant on radio today:

“Don’t even tell these black children, ‘Yes, today we’re going to study Christopher Columbus, the man who discovered America.’ Why you lyin’ already? How could he discover America and people were already here?”

“See, but you don’t force them to stop telling lies. It’s Christmas now. Ooh, Christmas is coming. Santa coming, ya know. He’s coming down the chimney with his big fat self and he gon’ leave ‑‑ and you know you ain’t got no chimney, you know. And Santa comin’ and he’s gonna leave under our tree gifts for your child. And your child wake up the next morning, ‘Oh, Mommy, Santa was here last night!’ My mother did that to me. She would tell me when I went to the tree and saw all these gifts under the tree, she said, ‘Yes, son, Santa was here last night.’ I said, “Where did he sleep?” She said, ‘Oh, well, he slept in the tub.'”

“Stop for a second. I can’t take any more of this. Kids, I want you to know right now, Santa does not sleep in Louis Farrakhan’s tub,” Glenn said.

At that point, Glenn decided he just couldn’t finish playing the audio from the ridiculous story, but The Blaze had more:

“A lie has a negative effect on anyone who is made to believe what is false. There’s no such thing as Santa Claus,” he continued, urging the audience to embrace the purportedly damaging story about the jolly Christmas staple. “Why don’t you tell your children daddy and mommy bought these, cause’ what you’re doing is — you are literally educating your children to look to white people for what mommy couldn’t give them.

Translation? The closest we can get for the above craziness was “Bah Humbug”.

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