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Senator Jim DeMint joined Glenn on radio this morning to discuss his decision to resign from the Senate and accept the position as the President of the Heritage Foundation. Senator DeMint, a long time favorite among true conservatives in the Republican part, explains to Glenn that he took the position to expand the influence his Constitutional principals can had on growing the conservative base.

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Senator Jim DeMint discusses who his possible replacement will be in the Senate, the future of the GOP, and the future of the country.

GLENN: We have Senator Jim DeMint joining us now and Senator, you are leaving ‑‑ tell me about Tim Scott and who are you pulling for to replace you? 
SENATOR DeMINT:  If I said, that would probably be the last person to be selected.  So I don’t want to show my hand.  Actually I feel very close to the Republicans in our delegation and most of them were elected in 2010 and very principled people.  So ‑‑
GLENN:  So whoever? 
SENATOR DeMINT:  They are all good.  Maybe I have a few favorites in there but ‑‑
GLENN:  I understand that. 
SENATOR DeMINT:  I don’t want to say.  But I trust Governor Haley to make a good decision here and so I feel comfortable I’ll be able to support whoever she selects. 
GLENN:  You were pretty outspoken about John Boehner here in the last week or so and the Republicans, the progressive Republicans are trying to tell the Republican Party that they’ve got to move left and they have to compromise all of their values, et cetera, et cetera. 
SENATOR DeMINT:  Well, Glenn, we have to separate what they consider political realities or political expediency from what our country really needs.  What the president has been talking about is neither a plan or a solution.  His increase in taxes in the top 2% is a drop in the bucket for our deficit and is likely to cost a lot of jobs and result in less revenue because of the way our tax system works.  But we will have historic levels of revenue this year in our country, tax revenues.  And the thought that if we take more money out of our economy and give it to incompetent, wasteful politicians and bureaucrats, that somehow that’s going to help the middle class is completely irrational.  The president wants a political trophy and what he is proposing won’t solve any problem.  So for Republicans to concede that we need more money in Washington when what we really need is less government for our country is just a, it’s a bad mistake I think politically but it’s certainly bad policy.  We cannot concede that we can’t cut spending, and what the president put on the table through Geithner was a real joke, it was a slap in the face to any American who is thinking, and Republicans should call it that.  And we should have put it on the floor of the House and forced a vote on it so the Americans would see that not even Democrats would vote for what the president’s talking about. 
GLENN:  Correct. 
SENATOR DeMINT:  But ‑‑ so I understand political realities.  I’ve been there a long time.  The president won the election.  But the fact is the president can’t get anything unless the House passes it, and he’s asking for an unconstitutional blank check to create more debt when the congress is there as a backstop so the administration can’t keep borrowing money. 
GLENN:  So why doesn’t the House just pass exactly what he’s asking?  I mean, this is what Rand Paul said.  Give him it.  Give it to him.  Give it to him.  Do you agree with that? 
SENATOR DeMINT:  Well, it wouldn’t pass.  And two years ago the same situation, same economy.  The president said, we can’t raise taxes on the 2%.  They are the job creators.  So the president is feeling his oats from the election when really all we got was a status quo.  And the reason he won was not because his policies are good but it was because Republicans didn’t talk about what we believed in, in terms that people could relate to.  So we tried to make the election about Obama’s bad policy instead of making it about our vision for the future. 
GLENN:  So ‑‑
SENATOR DeMINT:  It didn’t work. 
GLENN:  So do you agree with Rand Paul that we should give him what he wants? 
SENATOR DeMINT:  Well, probably ‑‑ ultimately he’s going to get one way or another what he wants and if we did, he couldn’t continue to try to blame Republicans for his own policies.  The fact is we’ve already gone over a cliff.  We just hadn’t hit the bottom yet.  So people don’t know it.  But the policies that are in place through ObamaCare, the spending, the debt, the printing of money to pay for our own debt.  As Mitch Daniels said this week, it is inevitable that our country is going to be brought to its knees in the next few months or years.  So what we have to do is make sure that the alternatives to that, the solutions for that are in place at least at the state level so that we can pull our country back up. 
GLENN:  Amen.  Let me ask you about Egypt just a bit.  Egypt, the people are on the streets.  They are protesting again because of another dictatorship.  This is, the president is doing exactly what he did in Iran.  He’s saying nothing.  This is the ‑‑ these are the people that are standing up against Sharia law and dictatorship again.  And the only thing this administration is doing and with the help of the Senate and the House, we are being silent except with our checkbook.  We are sending a Sharia law Muslim extremist dictator money.  Why? 
SENATOR DeMINT:  It’s really frustrating if you know anything about history.  I visited a lot of the former Soviet republics a few years ago and so many people were thankful for Ronald Reagan just for being their beacon of hope by criticizing the totalitarian government that they were under.  And that kept them going.  And the fact that we don’t have leaders of the free world speaking out in favor of the people who are fighting for the things we advocate.  And I’m proud of the people of Egypt.  I thought maybe, you know, they overthrew one dictator and they were just going to be happy with another. 
GLENN:  They’re not. 
SENATOR DeMINT:  But they’re not.  That means that they have in their hearts the same thing we do, is just a hope for freedom.  And they need people who are part of the free world to be advocates for them because we don’t have to intervene militarily to embolden them and strengthen them with our words.  And it’s certainly a deadening silence coming out of Washington. 
GLENN:  There were people that were in the crowd who were Germans who never thought that wall would come down. 
GLENN:  Until Ronald Reagan said Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.  And when he said that people on both sides of the wall thought, “My gosh, that’s a possibility.  I never even thought of that being a possibility. ”
SENATOR DeMINT:  That’s the kind of hope we need to instill, not a false hope of government compassion and security but the real hope of freedom.  And when you instill that in the heart of a person, they believe it can happen.  And once they believe it, it will happen. 
GLENN:  Senator, I want to thank you personally for giving so many Americans hope.  You have been there saying the things that so many have.  You’ve been standing and fighting the hard fight when nobody else would.  You have been maligned and made into the ‑‑ made into the guy who brought on the recession all the way to a hate monger racist, you name it.  Many people across the country have been made into the same thing.  I mean, you’re not experiencing anything that we haven’t experienced on a smaller scale, no matter where we live in the country.  But you’ve done it and you’ve done it with class and with honor and we have oftentimes said to each other, “Well, at least there’s Senator DeMint.  We appreciate your service, sir, and we look for not a ride off into the sunset.  I swear to you I’m going to hunt you down myself if you go away. 
SENATOR DeMINT:  I’m not going anywhere.  I’m raising the level here.  Glenn, I have to thank you and all the Americans who covered my back through a lot of this, is what keeps me going.  Everywhere I go people say thanks for fighting, and it makes me want to jump back in the arena.  But I’m still in the arena and I frankly think that you and me and folks outside of congress can do more good than those who are sitting in those seats. 
GLENN:  Well, anything that you need, Senator.  We need your voice and you have our back.  So and I mean, we’ll put our back into, you know, the direction that you think is important.  We’ll be with you side by side.  So let us know. 
SENATOR DeMINT:  Thanks, Glenn.  Good to be back on your show.  See you soon.  I’m going to bring a few buses to your Christmas party.  I’ll see you then. 
GLENN:  You got it.  Thanks a lot.  Senator Jim DeMint. 

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Senator DeMint, I hope and pray you achieve great success from the outside in, many of us are seeking to make a difference and prepare people in our community for the inevitable plunge that is now coming with alacrity. 

    It’s no longer a matter of IF, we go over, but WHEN and then HOW HARD we hit the ground. I only wonder which will occur – recession, depression or complete economic collapse and with it the rise of Obama as a dictator as he wishes to be.

    How long until Obama decides to play the ultimate trump card – default on the debt?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Understand clearly, no matter what we do to try and make a deal with Obama, he will never yield until he is given ultimate power and destroys the Republicans completely.

    • landofaahs

      The republicans are destroying the Republicans.  Frankly I would double down and let the taxes increase on the very top and turn around and give even greater tax breaks to the under 250Ker’s.  Cut the dept. Ed and environment out completely. Lets see if obama can handle that one.  You have to play their game against them.

      • jen

        Yes – republicans are destroying republicans, and they have been doing so steathly for many years.  Crafting losing campaigns, giving both houses of congress to Obama in his first two years so he can get obamacare passed, etc…

        Republicans are also on the left. 

  • landofaahs

    DeMint is not demented;  He’s one of the few in DC that is not demented.

  • Sam Fisher

    I hope he does well. 

  • D Armstrong

    Great interview.

  • Draxx

    We Need to go over the Fiscal Cliff (actually an inappropriate term, everything in the Gov’t doesn’t instantly shut-off or shutdown), it is more like a Fiscal Bogg (something you can get back out of with help and thinking, a cliff has a No Return Policy once you are over the edge).

    Without a Huge Federal Gov’t wasting $$$… AMERICANS WILL SURVIVE!!!  We Will Help Each Other!  Sure, some will try and take advantage of others, but they Do Not Represent the Thinking of the Majority of Good People Out There (and there are Many, Many, Many).

  • Anonymous

    when is Glenn going to allow ideas to come from the people rather than trying to be the source of change?  Like Sean and Rush and Glenn have had millions of listeners for years and they can’t or won’t try to mobilize real action.  Like we can solve education through charter schools and we can solve energy by turning coal into gasoline and this totally bypasses Obama’s control.  Conservative leadership seems to include everyone from Karl Rove to Dick Morris to Rush to O’Reilly to Glenn and we have to recognize it is a TOTAL 100% failure.  The culture has to be moved and tach can change Hollywood and the media.  Glenn’s ideas on moving the culture don’t work and aren’t working regardless of his dreams because he figures he can reach out to the right people to create the change like the AI expert Ray Kurzweil fellow.

    Glenn just has no clue how to evaluate science or culture … but he is funny.  All sorts of potential and it is totally going to waste.

    • Guest

      It’s rare to see someone note how ignorant Mr. Beck is. Refreshing!

      Rove and Morris are the only two people — besides Glenn Beck — that embarrassed the powers that be at Fox. Beck’s doing his best; he’s just not educated, like Rush. 

    • jen

      Beck is indeed useless when it comes to positive change.  But that is exactly what he wants – no change, status quo, but sure talking a lot often both sides of his mouth.  He is indeed a part of republican leadership as rove and cheney and romney are.

  • Draxx

    DeMINT is one of the few using their brains in the Gov’t, but there are many idiots running our country.  We Need DeMINT to help us Un-Indoctrinate Our Children, and Adults need education too (We need to Stop them from Brainwashing those that go to College later in Life, many of them Have Lost Faith… in people, government, themselves, and God!  People who are being Promised Something for putting their faith in Corrupt Individuals.).  Many of you  that are reading this, are the kind of people to educate themselves!  People that Do Critical Thinking! People that Help Others When They Can!  People who get up and Work Hard (or Have in the Past)!  People who “Influence Others”!  More thank likely Self-Motivating, Too.

    I have a Question for You.  If you are one of the people I mentioned at the last part of the previous paragraph.  Then, What are You Doing to Help Make Things Better…? 

    • Repugnatcant

      Supporting Jimmy the “brain”s move to get the hell out of politics. What will YOU be doing?

      • Draxx

        Good Question – For one I am going to get up in front of my church group tonight… To Explain part of my background and why I feel qualified to be in front of them.  To Explain my understanding of politics, religion, family, of love; and how as things get worse, the ways I might be able to help them help themselves with guidance and effort.  I go to Town Hall Meetings and Voice My Opinion, I go in Front of the State Senate and give testimonials occassionally.  I gave money (and I really don’t have any to spare) to a family in need and crisis.

        I can’t explain it to you very well in words…

        But, lately I have even had someone who knows I Dislike Them Very Much (drugs/attitude/lifestyle) call me up and Did Not Ask to be Forgiven.  They had panic and fear in their voice, that person was suicidal and did not want to die.  Then they asked me to straighten out there life! (they were even ready to hand over the checkbook, which I could never take in good concience).  I told them that they had to find their own way/path, but I would be their guide all along the way. That person has changed their way of life because of my influence, that started Not With Them but My Community!  That person no longer thinks I am the Scum of the Earth (only because I told them the Truth in the Past), and I No Longer Disdain Them for Their Flaws…

  • Guest

    It’s hard to figure out who’s happier that he’s leaving the Senate, Dems or Reps. Dems know that he’s a reactionary obstructionist who’s worth less than an empty chair, and DeMint has backed so many loser Tea Party types that have lost in general elections that the Republican must be glad he’s gone too.

    When he told Fox that he’s getting more power in THF, he was lying. Power resides in office. 

  • Marlene Klein

    Mr. DeMint is also holding true to his belief in term limits. 

    • Repugnatcant

      And selling his soul to big biz the POS.

  • Marlene Klein

    Coptics are under the impression they are going to be taxed just for being a Christian. And if they can’t pay the tax, they must convert to Islam or go to prison. 

    • Repugnatcant

      BWWWWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA, are ya PARANOID much?  “They” are coming to get YOU.

      • Marlene Klein

        I would explain my train of thought to you, but it’s obvious you wouldn’t understand, nor would you care. 

  • greywolfrs

    Win the hearts and minds of the people? That sounds a lot like the things that were said during Viet Nam. I have a better idea, stop trying to force people to think the way you do. Democraps need to stop indoctrinating our children in the public school system. Republicans need to stop trying to force religion on people. Both sides are doing it, in different ways. Why can’t both sides just let people be FREE to make their own choices? No one is saying they have to agree or participate, just let people be free. Stop the government from growing, the Constitution limited the Federal government’s power for a reason. Stop believing it’s right to force people into being the way they think people should be. Stop trying to dictate what people can and can not do with their lives.

  • Anonymous

    It’s like Sarah Palin said, “we already went over the cliff, it’s just a matter how hard we hit bottom” ~ She is 100% right on, just like always so why worry about giving into Obama..

    • Repugnatcant

      BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHA, and this POS Sarah is “always” right!  Not correct but “right”. Blind Fer.

  • Anonymous

    Now Obama has formally asked Congress for 550 billion dollars of tax payers money for Sandy, New Jersey and parts of New York and it will all go to his partners in crime, the Union bosses..~ It was reported that workers from other states went to help for free and they where turned away because of the Unions..
    The piece of garbage,Christie is making the rounds of Congress asking them to pass Obama’s request
    Can’t believe at the GOP convention they had, Christie, Santorum and Rubio speak, what a damn joke to have all three of the worst damn jerk-offs of all….
    That convention was a waist of time and money… Why in the hell they did not have Sarah Palin and Allen West, is hard to believe..

  • suz

    no, romney made the election about JOBS.  having a clearer message, which demint claims, would have been more helpful but we “lost” the election because people don’t want to work.  when will this be discussed?  because you don’t want to alienate half of america?  well, too bad.  alienate them; make them feel bad for being what they are.  cause them to look at themselves.  the truth hurts and the left feels nothing.  they need to be scolded just as this president scolds us w/his presence, daily; just as the sculpture’s interpretation of MLK, looking down at us w/a disgusted look on his face, even though this was not his likeness.

    conservatives are much too refined and reserved on this subject.  that must change.  there are no real gentlemen in washington anymore, especially at the top.  so, why are we pretending?

  • Guest
  • Anonymous

    I was privileged to see Senator DeMint at the podium on 9/12/09 in DC. This man has stood solid throughout this fight for man’s freedom. He has proven that he is incapable of corruption and that is very rare in todays world. I wish him luck at the Heritage Foundation.

    • Repugnatcant

      “incapable of corruption ” Whoa is that a bunch of crap, he just sold his soul to the corporate devils who are out to screw YOU into the poor house and laugh all the way to the bank with your $$$!

  • Boomer

    Ideas for Glenn and Jim: Let Constitutionally-adherent patriots congregate in support of the Declaration of Independence philosophy for the purpose of preserving and protecting a portion of America within states where sovereignty under God can be guaranteed. There can be no other recourse when the tried-and-true principles of our Republic are being corrupted by degenerates who seem to be in opposition to natural and universal laws.

  • Anonymous

    Why are the Repugnicants upset? They are the party who wants the status
    quo. They do not want to progress. They are the party that wants to
    maintain things the way they are. They do not want the country to grow.
    They do not want the country to evolve. They do not believe in evolution
    or science. They do not believe in equal opportunity. The problem with
    the Repugnicants is they have not had any new ideas in decades. They
    have been saying the same thing since Ronald Reagan and finally after 20
    years the country has said, “You guys are full of Sh&^!” Reshaping
    your message or rewording your message will make no difference because
    at the very heart of your message is; Destroy our government as we know
    it. Destroy the social safety net as we know it. Increase the wealth gab
    between rich and poor. Limit government in every way accept in the
    matter of women’s reproductive rights. Keep intolerance, homophobia and
    racism as a party platform. Repugnicants might want to believe that they
    are the party of hard working Americans who do not want government
    handouts and represents the people who can take care of themselves and
    they are – until they need the government. Witness any major natural
    disaster how Republican governors coming running hat in hand for
    relief. So, Repugs… keep letting the Christian right dictate your
    positions. Keep letting blow hard polemicists keep delivering your
    message. Now when you do get to the point you want to change all this,
    realize one thing. At that point in time you will be Democrats.

  • ProtectorDeTerra

    Great interview!  Mr. DeMint is a true patriot.  I wish him well at the Heritage Foundation. 

    I myself am a libertarian, although I hold some conservative positions on certain issues.  I’m also not affiliated with a political party.  The political parties in this country are broken.  We the people, either need to construct a new party (one that promotes FREEDOM FROM GOVERNMENT), or vote for Independent candidates who promote (FREEDOM FROM GOVERNMENT)…  Just a thought, since the way things are going now — are not working.

  • Paul Taylor

    It seems no matter what is said the crap keeps building with Obama He is gaining more power and looks to be unstoppable. 

  • Luci D’Mari

    We certainly need more men like Senator DeMint. So glad he is out of that rat race called Congress. He can do a lot more good on the outside, just as Glenn did when his hands were tied by Fox, and so, he left. Support these guys, people! If there is a future for America, people like Glenn and DeMint will certainly find it and lead the way. May God save THE REPUBLIC!

  • Guest

    Jim DeMint, like Glenn Beck is a reactionary.

    The Tea Party will go the way of communism, fascism and monarchy. All are obsolete, deeply regressive and anti-democratic

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