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The radio station responsible for prank calling the nurse who was caring for Kate Middleton has taken drastic measures after that nurse committed suicide. The station has banned prank calls and has fired the show responsible for the bit. Will that solve anything? Glenn reacts on radio today.

“It’s a horribly tragic story.  However, first of all, if you’ve killed yourself over putting a prank phone call to the princess of England, if you kill yourself over there, you have issues,” Glenn said.

“The criticism of the DJs and I’m surprised how many conservatives are going to it.  It’s the Costas analogy.  Well the deejays are at fault for this.  Oh the guns are at fault for this.  She had – I don’t know what her issue was,” Stu added.

“Suicide only happens to gravely unstable individuals.  The rrational mind – you have a survival instinct,” Glenn said. He explained that a rational person would not think the world would be better off without them if they weren’t already suffering great pain and suffering.