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So on radio this morning Glenn told a story from his trip to New York that ended with his son Raphe in the bathroom talking about building a lightning gun that he would sell back to the United States in a get-rich-quick scheme. Seriously. Apparently, Glenn was letting his eight year old in on some upcoming projects, and those stories inspired Raphe to explain in detail his plans to create a gun that would create and fire projectile lightning bolts. During a bathroom break, Raphe told his brother-in-law that he and his dad would sell the lightning gun to Barack Obama for (drumroll)…$8,000!!! The young Mr. Beck claimed they would be set for life! When pressed for details on how the whole lightning gun thing would actually work, Raphe only responded: “Dad knows how to do it.” Upon exiting the bathroom, concerned fellow diners asked Raphe who his dad was and what he did for a living, and were apparently relieved to find out that he was only a radio and television host, not a reclusive mad scientist working in a dark cabin somewhere on a doomsday father/son project.

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