Glenn’s amazing (?) Bob Costas impression

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In case you missed it tonight on The Glenn Beck Program, Glenn ended up doing a Bob Costas impersonation to kick off the night’s show. How did it go? Check it out in the clip above!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you looked like Tucker Carlsom. Hysterical monologue.

  • Nick Wall

    Sometimes you have to find common ground with people, just as you did with Penn Jillette the other night. Lost in the later part of the monologue suggesting that Mr. Belcher may not have committed this crime if he did not have a gun, was Mr. Whitlocks and Mr. Costas point that our culture has serious flaws. We see this when it has come to a point that people choose to show their gun as a means to settle an argument. A scene that can be seen in movies and other forms of media that are popular in this day and age. The second amendment guarantees us the right to own a firearm. A right that I believe can be only be taken away with an amendment to the Constitution. However personal freedom, a tenet which this country was founded on, works best when people take a higher level of personal responsibility. Gun owners should in their own conscious should take a higher level of personal responsibility. I would venture to say that owners who take the time to own a gun legally most certainly do this to begin with.

    I understand if the entire message (which can be interpreted as speaking out against the second amendment) is not one you would like to hear while watching a sporing event. I don’t blame you. I would gos so far as to venture to predict that NBC will refrain from allowing this to happen. Yet when you disagree with someone so vehemently on something, the only way to make something positive come out of your differing opinions is to try to find some common ground, no matter how trivial that ground may be. Based on my listening and readings of a limited selection of your work, above is what I think you, Mr.Whitlock and and Mr.Costas can share common ground on.


    Citizen Time

    • Toni Mitchell

      What bothers me is the media that the KC player got just because he used a gun and yet its pretty quiet just because this was involving a car.  Both players murdered someone….I think there is a double standard just because a gun was involved.

  • Ryan Wallace Johnson

    great minds think alike! I wondered the same thing after i heard the tragic news about the Cowboys players. I wondered if bob “gay ass” costas would be consistent with his criticism of guns and make the argument that maybe alcahol should be made completely illegal. and of couse, like a true liberal hypocrite, didn’t.  

  • Robert Shaffer

    Sometimes Glenn, you really are an ass. I understand your point, but when this is all over with in the court system, two families will have lost a Dad, husband/father, a teamate, friend. I think Tony Dungy was right when he said “If a player gets a DUI, he should be suspended for two games. Tom Brennamen on WLW today said that if a baseball player gets a DUI, it should be a two-week suspension

    • rathsmus1

      should it be the same length suspension when they kill someone with a gun?

  • Duane Cahill

    My facebook status posted during Costas’ Sunday night monologue:  

    Sitting here waiting for Costas to tell us that Jerry Brown would still be alive if Josh Brent didn’t have a car.
    As they say, “you can look it up”.

  • David

    I like Costas as a broadcaster, I always have, I don’t know why he felt it necessary to venture into politics. I give him credit for going on O’Reilly, but any time people start getting into a gun-control debate I lose interest. Gun control has never saved a life and never will. Criminals will still be able to buy a gun anywhere they want. Gun-control legislation only prevents honest citizens (or makes it more difficult) from owning a gun. the leftist argument on the issue is ridiculous, and only panders to a simple minded belief system that’s based on emotion.

  • Chuck

    Glenn…The mocking and name calling need to stop as it dilutes your message and distracts people more than communicates to them. You should be above the fray that the left drags you into. Please state your point and move on.

  • Soulphoenix

    This was legitimately funny … and COMPLETELY relevant.

  • Sam Fisher

    Why Bob Costas why. Ban everything!

  • Shane

    Costas should stick to sports and leave the political commenting to those paid to do so. Quoting that obese racist Whitlock was a mistake. BTW, why has Whitlock not been fired by Fox Sports for calling the NRA the KKK?

  • Greg Clemensen

    It’s not guns.  It’s not beer.  It’s not cars that endanger all of us.  The common denominator is football players.  I say ban them!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Glenn, when’s your spoof on the Connecticut elementary school shootings coming?  I’m sure it will be equally un-funny.

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