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Tonight on the Glenn Beck Program, Glenn decided that he didn’t really feel like talking about the news of the day. It sucks. Like most people in America, it’s holiday time and he just wants to tune out. But the show must go on, so instead of dwelling on Islamic extremism in Egypt or the fiscal cliff, he decided to talk about the Mayan Apocalypse and the coming Zombie Plague.

Here is how the night went down in photos:

First, he looked at the documentary/John Cusack film “2012” which talked about the end of the world:

Then, he looked at his kitty calendar only to find there were NO MONTHS AFTER DECEMBER!!!!

After a break, he took a hard look at the Zombie Apocalypse that would soon be coming and the weapons you would need to survive:

So what do you need to stop the zombies? How about guns:




Bank robbing gear?

Or a shovel:

Finally, he invited Pat and Stu on to discuss which would ultimately result in the end of the world: The Mayan Apocalypse or the Zombie Plague:

Watch the Pat vs. Stu segment below: