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There’s nothing like Detroit, especially this time of year. They keep voting for liberal democrats and they keep remaining in dire economic straits. Elections have consequences and for Detroit those consequences include the city slowly but surely falling apart.

“The pictures of what is happening in Detroit are just phenomenal,” Glenn said this morning on radio. “It’s horrifying. This is an American city.”

“It looks like there was a plague. It was a progressive plague. Progressive policies that just killed everything.”

Glenn said that if anyone was thinking of filming an apocalyptic movie, they don’t need to look any further than Detroit. They sets are already built.

“Next year we have to go up to Detroit. Do we have enough security to be able to go into some of these neighborhoods where they’re not patrolling anything anymore. How would you go in? Do you need permits anymore? How do you even do that? Who owns these things anymore.”

“Have you been to Detroit lately.  I was in Detroit four years ago.  It’s terrifying.  You’re standing up and what was it the Ford tower the General Motors tower or something and I was looking over the city at night.  I’m telling you it looks like Baghdad.  It looks like Baghdad.  It looks like a city that has been at war for twenty years.”

On radio, the guys browsed photos from an abandoned school in Detroit where images of the city in its prime were juxtaposed over the dilapidated building.

Check out some of the photos below (More on TheBlaze):

TheBlaze explained:

Some would argue the city of Detroit has experienced a boom and bust like no other in the last century. With the automotive and factory industry in the 1920s and onward spurring the city’s population, infrastructure to support it followed. But industry changes led to economic downfall that depressed the city, causing much of the population to leave, while its infrastructure remains, crumbling.

The website is featuring the dilapidated state of the city. It states that “Detroit has no other option but to change.” The project is on hand “documenting that change.”

One of its projects is of the abandoned, original building of Cass Technical High School. Detroiturbex put together eerie then and now images. Here are just a sampling of those: