Tonight on The Glenn Beck Program: What’s up with that wig?

What’s up with this wig? Find out at 5pm ET on The Glenn Beck Program!

  • Sam Fisher

    Wow he looks younger.

  • Bumpkin Kingsway

    Adored that wig, Glenn!  I laughed SO hard!  The show ROCKED tonight!  Thanks for the levity.  We needed it! Oh, and Sherlock was superb. Especially the magnifying glass and the upside-down pipe. We need a little more levity to balance our DEEP distress. Of course, the DOC was pretty amusing, too. Loved the glasses compare!

  • Anonymous

    The heck with the wig – what’s up with that gut? Too much Texas BBQ?

  • BentGhazi

    Looks like Rod Blagojevich’s hair to me…

    • Sandie

       LOL, and here I thought there was an animal sleeping on his head.

      • BentGhazi

        Maybe a surly badger???

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