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This may come as a surprise to those who believed the administration when they said the Brotherhood was a legit organization filled with freedom thinking peacemakers – but surprise! They’re operating torture chambers and whipping protesters right into shape.

TheBlaze reported:

A chilling report recently published in the Egyptian newspaper, al-Masry al-Youm, reveals that the torture chambers once utilized by the Hosni Mubarak regime to tamp down protesters are being put to the same if not greater use by the country’s new, self-proclaimed dictator, Mohammed Morsi.

Despite the Obama administration and worldwide media’s insistence that the election of the Muslim Brotherhood leader was a watershed moment for democracy in the Middle East, it would seem those hopes are on a rapid downward trajectory as reports of savage beatings and brutality against Egyptian protesters, abound.

This disturbing revelation came to light just days ago when an al-Masry al-Youm reporter, with the help of a Brotherhood-owned and operated television station, was given an exclusive tour of the torture chambers. While one might think the decision to grant a journalist access to such a chilling look into the way the Muslim Brotherhood treats its critics as counter-intuitive, it makes perfect sense. After all, what could possibly ever serve as better warning for those even thinking of resisting Morsi’s push for a totalitarian regime based on sharia law than to know what will happen to them if they do?

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Glenn and TheBlaze were some of the most vocal critics of the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islamists during the Arab Spring. While many prominent pundits were supportive of the democracy movement, Glenn predicted that it would result in radical theocrats ascending to power in the Middle East. The torture chambers are just the latest example of the problems that have emerged in the Middle East with the Morsi regime.

“How many more things do we have to be right on really honestly? Before somebody in the mainstream press says you know, ‘What is the deal here? What is the deal?’ We were the only ones that nailed Egypt and the Middle East. Nailed it,” Glenn said.