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Before S.E. Cupp arrived on the scene, MSNBC’s lone “conservative” voice belonged to the not so conservative Joe Scarborough.

Scarborough works for MSNBC, a network that, with the exception of S.E. Cupp, has a lineup of hosts who have thrills up their legs every time the president gives a speech. They have “news” hosts that just recently met with President Obama at the White House for council with him on how to handle PR. MSNBC is a network that threatened to fight Mitt Romney’s son. The station that openly pines for Obama.

Well, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough is apparently so concerned about the “conservative movement” that he made this on-air statement about some of the most powerful voices in conservatism:

“What do you do to a school yard bully? You punch him in the face. You think any of these people in talk radio, if their punched in the face by a Republican nominee, do you think they would push back? No! They’re cowards. They’re bullies. Punch them in the face and they back off. Bullies do that. Mitt Romney, and we said it nonstop, for two years he would never stand up to these bullies, and so they framed his campaign and he got his tail whipped.
And we started saying this in 2010, when Glenn Beck said the president was a racist who hates all white people.”

Watch the MSNBC segment here:

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Glenn obviously had a few comments to make after listening to the audio of failed talk radio host Joe Scarborough.

“First of all, Joe, you might want to read up on Marxism, so maybe you can recognize Marxist policies when you see and hear them from your friends and co-workers: class-warfare, redistribution of wealth — it may sound familiar. You may also recognize somebody getting punched in the face, and not sitting down.  Still standing up to the bully on the street.  I know because I’ve stood up for a very long time to the bullies, mainly people like you and the people of MSNBC, because I think you just tried to punch me in the face again.  I don’t really care,” Glenn said.

“But secondly,” he added, “if you’re worried that Mitt wouldn’t stand up to me.  If by not standing up, Joe, you mean by never appearing on my show, once, ever during the campaign, not ever during the campaign, not on the radio, not on the television, not on the website.  Nowhere, zero contact with Mitt Romney.  Zero.  If by not standing up to me you mean by not taking our advice on anything, ever, you have that exactly right.  You have that exactly right.

And I realize you’re a tough guy Joe that wants to punch somebody in face.  It seems that you’re in a very hostile work environment.  A lot of the people in the MSNBC wants to punch people in the face. But I’m a lover, Joe, not a fighter. My friend however, Pat, has made the offer that you can punch him in the face, anytime — anytime you’d like — and just see what happens.”

“Anytime, yeah,” Pat quipped. “See what happens. I’d love that.”

“So let’s get this straight,” Glenn continued, “Joe Scarborough is on MSNBC for a reason, and here it is:  He’s not a conservative.  I don’t know what he is — and I don’t care.  I really don’t care.  But I’m really sick of these Republicans.  You know what, I think that’s what he is.  He’s a Republican. And I’m really sick of these Republicans who’re just progressive Republicans who try to talk down to everybody and tell us how smart they are, and how everybody else is just so stupid.  That’s great.  You can have your silly opinion there Joe.  I don’t speak for the Republicans.  I don’t want to speak for the Republicans.  I speak for me.  I tell you how I feel.  I don’t want to speak for the Republican.  I wish that the Republicans would stop speaking quite honestly.  But tough guy Joe, he talks about bullies, and talk radio.  I’d like to know who these bullies are.  Who? How are we being bullies?  We had no contact with Mitt Romney.  Here’s how much contact I had Mitt Romney.  The week before he was elected I flew to see his rally.  He was about 25 feet away from me.  His people knew we were on the tarmac.  I didn’t even get a wave.  Nothing.

There were two planes on the tarmac.  His and mine — three — and the press plane.  He landed, then about an hour later we landed.  We parked our plane next to him so when he’s coming down the stairs you’re hearing the sounds of the plane so we’re pretty hard to miss.  Not even “hey!” Nothing.  Here’s how close we are: I gave Mitt Romney my George Washington farewell address, and I would like to read the note I got from him after giving him my original copy.”

“The whole thing?” Pat asked. “Are you going to read the whole note?”

“Oh wait, I didn’t get one. He didn’t send one.  That’s how tight we are,” Glenn said sarcastically. “That’s just how how tight we are. 

So please, Joe, give it a rest.  Joe considered talk radio show bullies, because when he got into talk radio he got his teeth kicked in.  This is actually a hard job.  But he got his teeth kicked in and he got bullied out of the media, and wound up in progressive TV land. 

People in talk radio they can see through frauds that fast.  That’s why you either succeed or you fail in talk radio so fast, because this is — look I do every medium.  The only thing I don’t do I don’t do horse whispering and smoke signals.  But — I also don’t do Morse code — but I believe we are in every possible medium available.  This is the hardest one because you’re without a net.  You’ve got nothing but rope and you can hang yourself every single day, and Joe Scarborough did a very nice job.  He makes the nooses himself, every single day.  He’s kind of like the Dunkin’ Donuts guy, “Time to make the nooses”. 

You shouldn’t make nooses, you keep hanging yourself.

He gets his teeth kicked in and he winds up selling his soul and cavorting with the enemy, then he becomes the enemy. 

Joe, good for you. You made your bed and you’re lying in it, and it’s wonderful.  And I know you feel the same way about me: ‘Beck you made your bed and you’re lying in it.’ 

Yes, I am.  Yes, I am.  And I’m thrilled with the bed I am in. I’m thrilled with it.  But you keep “leaning forward” or whatever Marxist themes that your propagandists have worked out with the president. Keep “moving forward”. 

We’ll keep standing straight as Americans that believe in the constitution and your right to have a different opinion without getting punched in the face.”