One Christmas story we could spend more time on

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Glenn mentioned one aspect of the Christmas story on radio today that he feels doesn’t get the due attention it should: Joseph. Why does Glenn take special interest in what Joseph went through?

“The one thing that we don’t spend any time on and maybe we should this Christmas season is the faith of Joseph. The older I get the more amazed I am at him. We don’t know anything about him. I can’t even imagine raising (a child) who you’re pretty sure is the son of God. You’re pretty sure he’s the Messiah. You’re pretty sure he’s the one that scriptures foretold coming. I can’t imagine what it was like,” Glenn said.

Glenn said that not only was it a massive responsibility to raise the son of God, but Joseph also had to deal with the fact that his wife was pregnant before they had sex. Glenn pointed out that in the Middle East today women can be stoned for such events, and that Joseph must have had incredible faith to handle what was happening.

“It would take the same thing for Joseph. It would take angels to appear to me for that,” Pat said.

Glenn pointed out that there was nothing in the scriptures that dealt with the reaction of the families to Mary being pregnant before marriage.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Indeed little is spoken of with Joseph, and it would be an act of faith to ultimate levels to do as he did. I wish there was more to the story of Joseph that we knew of in the Gospels.

  • Sam Fisher

    The true Christmas story shows just what type of man Joseph really was. Instead of going to the law and saying my future wife sleep with another man he ended it in private. Then when an angel told him what was really going on he went back to her. What courage and heart it would of taken back them to do something like caring and rising the true savior.

  • anonyous

    How about Mary’s bravery. She could have been stoned to death. How about a 15 year old being told you will have a baby? Then told it is from God. I think that God picked a WONDERFUL pair of humans to be used as Jesus’s parents. Amen

  • Anonymous

    A few years ago I heard a beautiful song sung during Christmas Mass at our church and it brought tears to my eyes.  It was all about Joseph and his love for this child put into his care but also his request for God to help him see how he fits into His plan.  I found it on a CD called His Gift by Patrick Mulhern and it is simply and fittingly called “Joseph’s Song.” Those of you who join me with great love and respect for this significant man in the life of Jesus will treasure this song.

  • Elton Robb

    Joy to the World is a song about the Second Coming. 

  • Boomer

    Spiritual souls formed in the image of God are inhabiting fleshly bodies here on Planet Earth. The DNA/genes of humankind have been contaminated by the “sins” of ancestors, and each person alive today was birthed imperfectly. Therefore, we all have a propensity to rebel against natural/universal “laws” until we are made “aware” of “truth” and what we must do to “redeem” ourselves. Reconciliation with the Master of Life, Lord Jesus Christ, can only be done when we become mentally capable of using “faith” and “freewill” to seek “forgiveness” for our “transgressions” – hereditary or conscious choices – through submissive, humble “repentance” before Almighty God. The “One” omnipotent “Creator” of all things is a “Spirit” who has revealed Himself to everyone with “hearts” to recognize His reality. All other “gods” are cheap imitations and substitutes which must be rejected. There is only “one way” to peace, joy, contentment and eternal life; Jesus Christ is the “way” for each of us who seek to dwell within His magnificent Kingdom. It is our duty as children of God to overcome evil by separating ourselves from things of this world. Although persecution and death might be required of us as we disengage from corrupt systems, we should never compromise with enemies of God. We should strive to “see no evil, hear no evil or speak no evil” while moving forward to cleanse ourselves from corrupting influences. Take no thought for things of this world, but focus upon the Beauty of purity found only in the Spiritual Domain of Jehovah God.

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