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Glenn mentioned one aspect of the Christmas story on radio today that he feels doesn’t get the due attention it should: Joseph. Why does Glenn take special interest in what Joseph went through?

“The one thing that we don’t spend any time on and maybe we should this Christmas season is the faith of Joseph. The older I get the more amazed I am at him. We don’t know anything about him. I can’t even imagine raising (a child) who you’re pretty sure is the son of God. You’re pretty sure he’s the Messiah. You’re pretty sure he’s the one that scriptures foretold coming. I can’t imagine what it was like,” Glenn said.

Glenn said that not only was it a massive responsibility to raise the son of God, but Joseph also had to deal with the fact that his wife was pregnant before they had sex. Glenn pointed out that in the Middle East today women can be stoned for such events, and that Joseph must have had incredible faith to handle what was happening.

“It would take the same thing for Joseph. It would take angels to appear to me for that,” Pat said.

Glenn pointed out that there was nothing in the scriptures that dealt with the reaction of the families to Mary being pregnant before marriage.