The 12 different Glenns we met in 2012

As 2012 comes to a close, many are reflecting on the year in a few different ways: pictures, what people were talking about on social media, movies, best TV moments, etc.

Here at we’ve decided to take a different approach. In celebration of 2012 coming to a close AND 12/12/2012, we’re counting down the 12 Glenns of 2012…

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    While I especially like the Presidential Glenn Beck, and it would be nice having him as the President, I can only say this much to him:

    Be yourself Glenn, live a life to the ideals you hold to and do as God directs you to do. That is the most any of us can do that will matter in the end, do as God will have us to do, and for His purposes fulfilled on earth.

    • ElectionFraudClick4Proof

       Americans are being sold on this last mock election by Washington running the online conversation. Obama did not “win” the election. This election was rigged. Thank the Pentagon. Learn why your vote didn’t and never will matter again exposed at the link in my profile, the REAL Obama cover up.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Okay Glenn, what the heck are you up to?

  • Cheri Brown Fisher

    I love that Glenn has the freedom to dress however the mood strikes him. I’m so jealous!

  • Anonymous

    I like Presidential Glenn (hint,hint) and Leprecaun Glenn ( Because St. Patrick’s day is my birthday) Love you Glenn, you somehow bring comedy to some pretty bleak situations!

  • Christine Summers Diehl

    All the Glenns are nice.

    • Anonymous

       It wasnt up there but i like ” pipe smoking Glenn”. Always makes me laugh !!!

    • Anonymous

       As far as the clothes he wears, that baby blue sweater he wears sometimes really looks good on him

  • Lou Ellen Brown

    Quite the fashion guru, is he not? I like and admire him, whatever persona he is wearing.  

    • Anonymous

      his fashions must have to do with the story he is telling…anyway we Love Glenn he is the only one in the business that speaks the Truth…that Speaks For GOD! May God Bless You And Yours Glenn

  • Anonymous

    Where is “Red Pants Glenn” on this list? Those need to go.

    • Skwerl

       I think the red pants came from the same place the eye-watering plaid/expressionist explosion tie came from.

  • Anonymous

    Stop picking on him at the wrong times. I loved the paisley tie and large check pattern shirt! Before you guys said anything, I was thinking how nice it looked. I also like the Braveheart Glenn.

    • Anonymous

      I  liked the Braveheart also, but Glen , for Gods sake you are in Texas now, get a real jackass to ride. We used to have horses but times are a changing.

      • Kerri Hale Russell

        all the jackasses are in DC

  • Clarice Lemos

    You are truly what is needed in these bleak times. Glenn, please stay the course. My family watches your T.V. program and it was well worth the cost. Thanks for always bringing the truth. Like you say Glenn, we should always do our homework as so many in media lie. God Bless you Glenn. Oh my daughter and I love your Friday show. It’s unbelievable how ignorant Americans are. We are hysterical watching it.

  • Patti Johnson

    I’m looking forward to a line of jackets called “TheBlazer” by Glenn. I think it would sell.

    • Melinda W. Lerma

      You could have labeled it Citizen Kane, especially after the fishbowl incident,

      • crazy betty

        why do you keep posting these crappy links that are sites that say harmful to your computer.  knock it off already.

  • Sam Fisher

    Oh come on they looked fine to me. 

  • Anonymous

    Colonel Sanders always wore a white suit with a black bow tie, not a brown jacket and black pants.  He did have a cane though so there’s that….I guess.  You could have labeled it Citizen Kane, especially after the fishbowl incident, but that character didn’t use an actual cane.  hmm.  Maybe just call it, Dr. House Glenn.

  • Allen Rude

    how many t-shirts does one fat sweaty dude need on at  one time! (military chic Glenn)

    • Brandon King

      it gets really hot in…. Texas…

  • Anonymous

    My favorite is you looking presidential in Your Oval Office. My least is… is not your color, but red is as long as it isn’t madras.

  • Barbara Vanderburg Fediuc

    you look good in ANYTHING!

  • Susan

    Christmas Glenn looks like Jos A Banks exploded.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite is Bob Costas Glenn … really love “the do.”

    But I’m wondering …. is Presidential Glenn giving us “the finger” with his “other hand?”  Wow, just like the real president.

  • Anonymous

    As they say in Texas…..Bubba, you ain’t rite!

  • Jim

      And I thought he looked cool.  I changed my clothing to look like Glenn and the chicks come out of the woodwork.  THANKS GLENN !!

  • the full moto alchemist

    Im self employed and its been a hard year, ive gotten to wits end, and then I saw glenns pics and I laughed sooo hard. im ok now. thanks Glenn.

  • the full moto alchemist

    when  are you gonna bring back the viking helmet.  the bob costas glenn creeps me out, makes me want to hide the children and call pedo police.

  • Mary Kay Nussbaum

    Do you have a chalkboard suit?  :)  I love Glenn Beck and his honesty. 

  • Kathy Eoff

    Glenn…be yourself and dress with the color of life…I too loved the colors and mixed patterns …was thinking you looked bright and cheery before I saw this fashion piece…so go for the gusto and enjoy the colors God has given us…

  • Victoria Leigh

    Oh! Oh! Laughing so hard at the “Colonel Sanders Glenn”!! Sorry about your back pain Glenn, but that caption was hilarious! 

  • Anonymous

    Hey I LOVE , not like, Love paisley. The shirt he had on today was “not my cup of tea” …but the tie…LOVE IT!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn… you have enough money now… hire a dresser for your show dude… seriously. You’ll be giving someone a good job, and get the guys off your back! Two birds… one stone. Think about it… just sayin’…

  • Brian Costello

    As someone often accused of dressing similarly, all I can say is — fashionista!

  • Joe Danser


  • Anonymous

    I would vote GLENN for President!
    Please run for election and put our great country back on track!
    As for the wardrobe, I absolutely love it!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn’s outfit is growing on me. Did you notice it matches the carpet?

  • kathy guttosch

    I think Glenn always looks sharp, especially today! On the other hand, I could’ve happily missed the Bob Costas the other day…a little disturbing. But I truly like most of his outfit–very sharp! You have a great stylist.

  • suz

    i like puzzled patterns the most, so keep doing that but artistic glenn holds a special place in my heart.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, Enjoyed your show last night especially the short story of Victor. We will be praying for him and his loving family. Please accept our sympathy for  Victor, I know he has been a source of peace of mind and joy as a loving pet. God be with you and your family. We love you, Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    The one i like best is Glenn.

  • Jimmy Allen

    Two things….  In the first shot, the patch on Glenn’s left epalett (sp?) sure looks like a Boy Scout “2nd Class” rank patch from the ’60s; and here I thought Glenn had become a first class guy!Second, Glenn as ‘Braveheart’…. took some cajones to sit in that saddle wearing a kilt.
    (Or did the saddle take the cajones?)

  • Roy Pitchford

    Forgot about “Communist Glenn” and “Chocolate-Milk-Torture Glenn”

  • Ms MoomMist

    #4 LMBO green is not Glenn’s color for sure!

  • Tim Martin

    Bahahaha, Bob Costas Glenn is the best

  • Marian Scirrotto

    # 10 was the funniest !

  • Dawn Brayton

    The different colors pattern shirt and the patern tie go well together. It doesn’t seem possible because both are wildly different but both have some of the same colors in them. Plus, with the chalkboard having tons of color that day the studio looked really, really happy

  • Janika Skembo

    The Leprechaun Glenn was the wrong picture of that outfit.  It failed to show the red skinny-ish jeans he wore with it.  That was the only time I have looked at him and thought “Glenn!  What are you trying to do?  Who gave you that outfit?  Were you too late to the studio to get an alternative ensemble?”  

  • Anonymous

    Some of these are really funny, but Glenn looks good most of the time.Ii’m a fan of the Bob Costas look.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t we just go with …psycho, wacko, nutjub, wanna be Nazi, Christo-fascist, dipshit, jackass, blowhard, charlatan, idiot, sociopath, and in keeping with the season, Christ impersonator?

    • Anonymous

      You give yourself to much credit…but I’m glad you listed you’re better traits!

    • Guest

      Notice how “planeboy” doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re?  The psycho, wacko, nutjub, wanna be Nazi, Christo-fascist, dipshit, jackass, blowhard, charlatan, idiot, sociopath appeals to those who are not well educated.

  • Anonymous
  • Claude Hines

    Did not look much like Bob, but I was sure it was Buck from Real News.

  • Datha N McCrea

    I would call this the Mr Rogers Glen.

  • Guest

    “Having not been interested in sports, or anything else most would consider ‘manly’ [like girls] when he was growing up, Glenn focused on other things to occupy his time. ”

    Such as other boys?

  • Dale Weatherford

    I have been a musician all my life..One of the important people I have admired
    is a guy named Lloyd Stienkamp..he came from vaudville parents long ago..
    He told me.”:never read your own press releases”..I admire GLenn Beck..but this
    seems a little over the top for me…Dale Weatherford..Arizona

  • M-Theory

    What about the red pants?!?

  • RRR#3

    This is my favorite. How did I miss this show?

  • ValueSet

     Glenn, I  am very grateful that you are SO much more than the clothing that you choose to wear. There are too many “empty suits” walking around.

     Thank you Glenn for your humor, and reminding  us all “to do your own homework.”(Anyone here ever check out what Einstein wore — his fashion choices ? Just sayin…)

  • Anonymous

    Just like a typical comedian, trying to be anybody but himself.

  • Connie

    Regardless of what he wears, I love him dearly BUT the green sweater – ick.

  • Take 2


    The best 2012 was live Radio with Beck Stu and P&T…it
    was about Dreams from My Father Monkey Gods…Beck bounced off dry Stu and all
    around down to earth P&T.



    It’s too bad GOD told us NO regarding the reelection of
    Obama but Beck in Ohio talk was
    the best real part of history. 

  • Anonymous

    Never a dull moment.  Keep us guessing, Glenn.  And, keep up the good work of informing us. 


    Having grown up in the 60’s, I love the “puzzled patterns” outfit!  Nothing says “good mood” better than bright colors!  How about some 1791 jeans for women in bright or pastel colors?

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