Christmas music: The Good vs. The Bad

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The Christmas season is upon which means just about everywhere you go you’re hearing holiday music, which can be really great…or really horrible.

This morning on radio Glenn, Pat and Stu went through the really good Christmas music, and the more… “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” quality tunes.

Among the list of ‘the bad’ were: “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” (obviously), N’Sync, Colby Caillat, pretty much any version of “Santa Baby”, and “Baby it’s Cold Outside” (unless your Frank Sinatra or Michael Bublè).

The good list was comprised of all things “classic” Christmas music: Michael Bublè, Frank Sinatra, even Mariah Carey. And, of course, the music from tonight’s Christmas Special on TheBlaze TV (available on iTunes and Amazon).

Get all the details about Glenn’s Christmas special and the AMAZING music you’ll see performed HERE.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I listen to very little music anymore, especially Christmas music, as it has gotten to the point of being over-played, over-hyped, and over-rated. You can only listen to the same songs so many times before madness sets in.

    Mind you, to those who like to listen to music, all the more power to you, and may you find happiness in it. 

  • Sam Fisher

    I know what you mean if I have to listen to jingle bells one more time I am going bang my head against the wall. I like the old hymns but that is all the Christmas songs I want to listen to.

  • Robert Starkand

     I like “Baby Its Cold Outside”.  It wasn’t written as a cool song. It was written as a party song by the great Frank Loesser that he and his wife performed when they entertained at their home.  His wife was very upset when he decided to use it in a movie for public consumption. and was a sign that the marriage was in trouble.  And it was. Witty sexual banter is just not part of our culture today.  It requires a deft light touch and sophistication that used to be a staple in our entertainment decades ago.  “Santa Baby” is another such song introduced by a performer who was famous for this type of material, Eartha Kitt.  “Thanks For The Memories” and “I Remember It Well” are two others.  Cole Porter wrote a trunkfull of these types of songs.  I’ve seen younger people do these songs well but they are not pop stars and no one is going to be one doing this type of material.  What a pity.

  • Anonymous

     Here is a Christmas song written and sung by my brother, Philip Dain Powell.  This song is so beautiful and comes from such a different perspective, well, all I can say is just give it a listen and I know it will move you!

  • Anonymous

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