Glenn’s Christmas advice: How do you pick out the perfect present for your wife?

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What should you get your wife for Christmas? If you’re lucky like Stu, she already sent you an email with all the links on Amazon so you can just click click click and be done with it. But if you’re like Pat, you may have a whole other problem.

Pat explained that conversations with his wife usually involve her asking for something small and mundane. He imitated her going, “‘I don’t want anything. I’m cold, brrrr, it’s cold. The only thing I want are socks. Get me socks. I’m cold, brrr, I can’t even sleep at night I’m so cold. Brrrr, I’m cold, it’s cold, brrr.'”

“Oh, geez, I’m not getting you socks for Christmas,” he said.

“She gives me no ideas,” he said. Again imitating her he said, “‘We’ve got a house. That’s good enough. That’s my gift, a house.; Okay. Yeah, that’s ‑‑ Merry Christmas. We live in a house,” Pat said.

“You know what you’re getting for your anniversary? Hair. You have it. Good luck,” Glenn laughed.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Do it the simplest, plainest and safest way of all…tell her you have no honest idea what gift of all the possible gifts she would like the most, and then ASK HER.

    It’s better to ask and be sure as to what the lady of your life wishes to have, or desires the most, than make a calculated guess and make a complete fool of yourself.

  • Sam Fisher

    Here is an idea if she does not want anything get an empty box wrap it up and give it to her. She wanted nothing give her the gift that keeps on giving air.

    • Lisa Scribner

       Empty box … At a flee market once.. I’ll never forget.  I picked up an empty trinket box and of course it was empty.  I asked what it was.  He replied: “A Miracle”.   I to this day, wish I would have purchased the empty box.

  • Dawn Brayton

    Pat, your wife already told you what she wants for Christmas. As someone who loves all things sock-ish there are quite a few styles and colors and patterns to choose from. Ask her to give you a few ideas about those and then take it from there.

  • greywolfrs

    Well, I don’t buy into this, my wife and I have a great relationship. She doesn’t need to pull this crap, she can just be straight-up, as I am with her. No games, no B S, just being straight-up and to the point. That’s the way it should be…

    • Stephen Musclow

      Yes, because that is just so exciting…

  • Anonymous

     I lost my wife age 48 3 years ago in November to cancer…. I can’t give her anything now….. Give your loved ones things they will always remember because you never know how long we each have…. I have my memories of a good lady…. So guys go in and give your wife a hug and let her know you appreciate and love them…. becase you never know what lies ahead…..

    • Randy

      I’m so sorry for your loss. Please know that we’ll be praying for you during this Christmas season. God Bless you! Thank you for helping me to get my priorities straight. I was contemplating what to get my wife since we don’t have any money. Now, I know. Just giving her my love doesn’t seem as if it would be enough. I feel guilty not being able to give her anything although that’s exactly what she asked for since I lost my job in August. She’s a better wife than I deserve.

      • Anonymous


        Thank you, it’s been a tough year lost the home we made to the bank and this past weekend I totaled my truck looking forward to 2013……I will keep you in my  prayers that you will soon find a good job. Give your wife an extra hug for me and I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  May God Bless,
        Allen <

  • Donna

    We say the same thing….don’t need anything honey…just you and your love.  However, when we are out shopping….I can shop like crazy…I know what I want.  And he can shop tools till he drops.  It’s difficult to explain what we’d really Like to have, as I don’t understand tools and he doesn’t know about “crafts”.  AND if we tell each other what we want…then we basically Know what we’re getting and ….where’s the mystery or fun in that?  So when we shop, we basically get things we Know we need or want, and say “Merry Christmas Honey, It’s Exactly what I wanted”.   It’s the present we get that we DON’T know what’s in it …that’s exciting and fun.  And I never never EVER show disappointment with a gift from my husband.  One year (while we were still dating), he gave me a Restaurant Size can of tuna…HUGE can.  LOL   His reasoning was, I ate a lot of salad with tuna.  It was the thought that counted.  He’s adorable and I married him. :)   He’s a gem (not without faults as I am not either), but he does things for me that means something to me so that’s all taken into account at Christmas as a gift. It doesn’t always have to be tangible.  I think about when or if the Lord took him home, about how empty my life would be and how much he means to me so the gift of just being with him is priceless and I’d take it any day, any time.  (but the can of tuna WAS a riot)….totally unexpected.   
    We love you Glenn and so you know, the version of Silent Night has touched my husbands heart so much so that he can’t help but cry when he hears it.  He is a real man, but his heart is tender….and it’s really neat.  The Lord is good.  Thank you for having us in your home this Christmas….so so awesome.
    Merry Christmas to you and Family and may GOD BLESS YOU ALL with love, good health, and SAFETY and the work you contribute to the people of this great country!

    • Lisa Scribner

       Wish I could give that a million “Like”s.

  • Anonymous
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  • Lisa Scribner

     We are so Blessed… every day we can find things that “annoy” us about our significant other… but picture yourself without them…..   It doesn’t take long to “get over” whatever is ticking you off.  IF.. IF, indeed they are truly an ASS.. then, okay… but for the most part, they are who they are, and we are women, who need things they can’t understand! .

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