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What should you get your wife for Christmas? If you’re lucky like Stu, she already sent you an email with all the links on Amazon so you can just click click click and be done with it. But if you’re like Pat, you may have a whole other problem.

Pat explained that conversations with his wife usually involve her asking for something small and mundane. He imitated her going, “‘I don’t want anything. I’m cold, brrrr, it’s cold. The only thing I want are socks. Get me socks. I’m cold, brrr, I can’t even sleep at night I’m so cold. Brrrr, I’m cold, it’s cold, brrr.'”

“Oh, geez, I’m not getting you socks for Christmas,” he said.

“She gives me no ideas,” he said. Again imitating her he said, “‘We’ve got a house. That’s good enough. That’s my gift, a house.; Okay. Yeah, that’s ‑‑ Merry Christmas. We live in a house,” Pat said.

“You know what you’re getting for your anniversary? Hair. You have it. Good luck,” Glenn laughed.