WATCH: The music video for “Silent Night”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Beautiful, just beautiful.

    May God grant us his blessing for the season so that our troops come home hale and whole,
    May He grant us safety and guidance and patience of the troubled times ahead.
    May He grant us strength and wisdom and discernment and understanding in the year ahead.
    May He sustain us in the chaos to come from Obama and the leftists.
    May He lead us unto freedom again.

    May all of our lives come to reflect His desires and will for each one of us, unto the time all are one in the Heavens above for all of time to come.

    • Jacqueline Oldham

      Amen, PRAISE THE LORD!


    • Janet Rousch

       Thank you for a most beautiful prayer.  AMEN.

  • Debbie Smith


  • Sam Fisher

    Love it!

  • Bonnie Carroll

    This is beautiful remember the reason and keep Christ in Christmas  Hoping His Love will be a blessing to all  and we can be more like Him………………………………….

  • Laurence Nordvig

    We need to keep in mind that the Mormon “Jesus” is completely different than the Jesus of Christianity and the Bible. To the Mormon, Jesus is not the One, True, God manifested in the flesh, but rather one of many so-called “gods.” The 2 are incompatible. Either the Mormon, or the Christian, is putting their faith in an imaginary figure that cannot save you. I’m placing my hope and trust for salvation in the true Jesus of the Bible, and not the figment of Joseph Smith’s imagination found in the Book of Mormon, Plenty of good books discrediting Mormonism in your local Christian bookstore. Compare for yourself.

    • Christopher Kirkland

      Hate. Ignorance.  

      But for the sake of Mercy, I’ll leave it at that.

    • Euna Rugg

              Leave it to someone like Lawrence to take the sweet Spirit away from something very beautiful. I am sorry for you Lawrence, that you are so close minded that you don’t know that the ” Mormons’  KNOW the only ONE TRUE GOD, and also JESUS CHRIST whom HE has sent to save us from our sins. Yes, there are plenty of anti literature in your ” christian bookstore, but if one would like to know the truth, go to So people keep in mind that the ” Mormon” Jesus is the one you will find spoken of in your Bible. If not your Bible is not one like the King James Version, for that is the one used by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. ” Mormons “

    • Anonymous

      Laurence, I don’t know where you got this misinformation, but it is not accurate. Every Mormon prayer is closed with “In the name of Jesus Christ.”  Our full name is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter -Day Saints. We believe in the resurrection celebrated at Easter. He is central to our religion and is our Savior who we try to emulate in our own lives. The Mormon Church is a Christian Church.

  • Anonymous

    A beautiful tribute to my Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.  Thank you for this early Christmas gift.
    Now where can I get a copy of the sheet music so my choir can perform this rendition?

  • Anonymous

    Waiting to meet you in person, oh Holy Father. Bring us forth from this which we are not worthy.

  • Bob DeLacy Jr

    That was awesome.Sometimes people need to see a picture of who God was and is and who is
    to come again.We owe Jesus are very existence.God bless Him who came in the name of the
    Lord.Thank you Jesus and thank you Glenn Beck for sharing this video.

  • justjoyce

    Beautiful! Thank you and Christmas Blessings to you and yours!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I cried.  We’ve lost so much.
    I pray that we can bring peace to our hearts.
    Merry Christmas everyone.

  • Thomas Kalkhof

    The reason for this season is Christ.

  • Anonymous

    I pray that God will open the eyes of those who do not beleive,and give us, who do beleive
    a motivation to reach out and tell those around us about Jesus and his saving grace.meh

  • Harry Paige

    I stand in agreement with you snowleopard

  • Boomer

    How many Christians in the Divided United States of America really want revival? How many Christians care about lost souls? Are compassion and love still motivating Christians to share Good News instead of bad news with their neighbors? How many Christians “like” the idea of asking God for a soul-changing revival before more tragedies bring more despair? Will anyone who claims to be a follower of Jesus decide to “comment” or “share” this message in hope that “ideas for revival” will pour forth as a flood? What would happen if you and I are the first to bow down before God in a secret place – asking for a miraculous moving of His Spirit worldwide?

    Dear friend, have most Christians failed to learn that if Christ be for us, evil people who are against us lack the ability to obstruct our quest for revival? Have doubters failed to learn that greater is God within us than all corrupt spirits dominating the principalities of this world? Will you join me in encouraging Christians throughout every nation to start daily prayers – asking God to intervene before all hell breaks loose. Billions of souls on this planet are in jeopardy. Only a Spiritual Revival could possibly reverse circumstantial “cause and effect” events that are currently trending in negative directions. Our concern for “souls” that are separated from their Maker must supersede concern for decaying civilizations. We can no longer place trust in corrupt political leaders, monetary systems administered by greedy bankers, societies dominated by degenerates or immoral defenders of freedom who forgot how to win wars. We must beg God to do what no man could possibly do; let Him be glorified as we watch how miracles bring changes beyond anything heretofore imaginable. We can pray and we can hope, but only God can make it happen.

  • william sanford

    We all love Jesus Christ in our own way, as Jesus said, some will say, “…but Lord, did not do many works in your name?”  (to paraphrase)  We must strive to be honest with ourselves and Jesus.  Truth is eternal, giving up our “opinions” for Jesus’ words (spoken in scripture or in the whisperings in our ear) are the truth, how things REALLY are and how they REALLY will be.  Isn’t that the hardest thing to do, conform to TRUTH where ever it is found, by whom ever it is revealed.  Humbling, for even the very elect will be decieved IF IT WERE POSSIBLE!

  • Anonymous

    Where there is beauty, there is God… Thank you Glenn

  • Anonymous
  • Keith Smigle

    Thank You Glenn for sharing this beautiful gift.  What an angelic voice God has given Michelle. May God’s blessings be upon Michelle, you and all of your family this blessed Christmas season.

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