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Why is Cee Lo Green a celebrity? That’s the question the Glenn, Pat, and Stu asked this morning after looking at the iTunes bestselling Holiday album charts. Currently, the music from Glenn’s Christmas special is in fourth place behind Michael Buble, The cast of Glee, and Cee Lo Green. The first two they were all able to understand – but Cee Lo Green? How is he even a celebrity? He has to be the oddest looking celebrity on television.

“I have identified Cee Lo Green as the world’s least likely celebrity,” Stu said. “He’s 474 pounds.  And his arms are about three millimeters long.  He looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  His little tiny arms and big, big body and ‑‑ but he’s extraordinarily short.”

During a break, Glenn pointed out that the equivalent woman in looks would most likely not be a celebrity.

“This society would not allow it.  I don’t know why we allow it with Cee Lo, he seems like a nice guy, he seems like a talented singer but he’s just a weird looking dude,” Stu said.

Stu and Glenn continued to wonder about Cee Lo’s celebrity status:

GLENN:  Weird looking and bad.  I mean, look at how everybody makes fun of what’s his name, the governor, Chris Christie?  Everybody makes fun of Chris Christie.  Do people make fun of Cee Lo Green and fat? 

STU:  I don’t know. 

GLENN:  Probably not. 

STU:  But he’s also like really disproportional.  He’s got this thing on his arms. 

 GLENN:  You are so right on the Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Look at that. 

STU:  They’re too short. 

GLENN:  His arms are too short for his body.  So he’s like, roarrrrr! 

 STU:  And this is not the network to say certain people shouldn’t be on TV because we’d all be off TV immediately. 

 GLENN:  Oh, yeah.  With an exception ‑‑

 STU:  Completely agree. 

 GLENN:  With the exception of about four people, this network would be off the air.

 STU:  Totally true.  But Cee Lo Green not only a big music star but has one of the biggest television shows on network television.  I mean… what?  He does.  He looks ‑‑ he looks like a cartoon character. 

 GLENN:  He does. 

 STU:  Like a little dinosaur.