Pat’s hilarious new “hit song” inspired by Chris Matthews

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Yesterday on Pat and Stu the guys lobbied their efforts to get their twitter following up to 11,000 followers. Why? To reach a larger audience, perhaps? Nope.

So Pat would sing his “hit song” “What’s That? Who Pays your Salary?” inspired by none other than Mr. Chris Matthews.

Michelle Malkin’s website,, was very entertained by the music styles of our very own Pat Gray.

During the Pat and Stu Show on Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze TV on Thursday morning, Pat Gray — who is known for his hilarious songs — performed a song called “What’s that? Who pays your salary?” The song is a parody of Chris Matthews interrogating an employee of Americans For Prosperity by asking him who pays his salary thirteen times.

The song was such an instant hit amongst listeners that they requested another performance. Pat stated he wouldn’t sing it again unless the duo’s Twitter handle, @PatandStu, hit 11,000 followers before the end of the show. They reached their goal with about ten minutes left in the show and they are currently at 11,149 followers. Here’s how it happened.

Watch Pat debut “What’s That? Who Pays Your Salary” here:

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Today on Glenn’s radio show, Glenn noted the amount of comments he receives from listeners who absolutely love Pat’s “original” songs, including his multiple renditions of “Happy Days.”

Here are just a few examples…

The famous 2010 Gloat Fest (…who else misses those days?)

Gloat Fest: Wisconsin:

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“Stairway to Communism”

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“Osama is Dead”

Glenn, being a fan of Pat’s music stylings, wanted to hear yesterday’s rendition of “What’s That? Who Pays your Salary?”.

“It’s a song parody of Chris Matthews interrogating an employee of Americans For Prosperity by asking him who pays his salary 13 times,” Glenn explained to listeners.

Here’s the clip of Matthews’s interview (aka interrogation):

“Now, this is not something that Pat has just, just came up with spur of the moment, you know, grab the guitar that’s here on the set and just started playing.  This is something he really worked on, again the ‑‑ probably the quintessential hilarious songwriter for radio.”

After graciously serenading Glenn and the audience with his latest hit pat thanked Chris Matthews and MSNBC for being his “muse”.

And after some thought, it Glenn that he’s paying Pat for this ridiculousness.

“Why is nobody asking who pays his salary?” Glenn asked.

“Chris Matthews?” Pat responded.

“No, yours. Who the hell is paying you for that?” Glenn joked.

“Damn it, it’s me!”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Keep up the work Pat.

  • americanathlete

     Pat, you make me laugh. You need to try this one I made up about Obama and his cronies:


    The commies have taken over the white house
    And all America is quiet as a mouse
    ‘Cause everyone lives in concentration camps
    And I think I just poo-pooed in my pants…

  • Draxx

    Pat it is good that you are not making a commercial, you would be fined for Decibal Violations…  But, it is still worth a good laugh!

  • Gwen Patton

    …Matthews is just stupid or something.

  • Anonymous

    Hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh…’s been an otherwise sad day.

    • Carolyn Wilson

       You need to try this one I made up about Obama and his cronies:

      • Anonymous

        I wish I could Carolyn,  I really do.    The last time I clicked on a link,    a virus was attached and I had to do some heavy lifting.   Thanks anyway.

      • Steve Davis

         Dido.  This person is posting the same bogus link in multiple comment files.  Ignore it.  My virus software blocked it. (I wonder?  Are conservatives trying to destroy the computers of liberals?)

  • Anonymous

    They don’t pay the patients, they just let them carry on. Chris Matthews is their best patients.

  • mudslide

    Who pays Chris Matthews’ salary?

  • Stanly Tedwick

     Wow, that’s not that nearly as funny as it was made out to be. I got a slight chuckle out of that, and nothing more.  You guys (people who comment here) have no idea what funny is. Glenn used to be way funnier than Pat Gray has ever been. Here’s an example of that:

    And here’s a taste of what his theme songs used to be like:

    No doubt he’ll present another stupid “we will be the key” theme in the New Year.

  • suegee

    how do I get the ring tone of Pat on Chris Matthews?  you said there would be a ring tone.  Is it free, ok  ok  I’ll have to pay for it.

  • Anonymous

    I too am looking for the ring tone

  • Anonymous

    “Pat’s sing hilarious new ‘hit song’…”? A new low in idiocy.

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    Sometimes just for fun I flip over to The Chris Matthews Comedy Hour. Sometimes laughter IS the best medicine!

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    I always get a kick out of how Pat and Stu love to mock CM, but Glenn is just “I can’t take it!”! Too funny!!

  • Anonymous
  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    mcnbc   tv   can  see  so  bad……….., ask  back  to  mcnbc  news  man ,who pay   him?  than  for  who  his  work?  what  means  his  job?   easy answear   for me  but i  belive  verry  not  easy  for  mcnbc .   couse  they  dont  know  about  sosialist  and  means they  job

  • Sam Fisher

    Does Mathews need hearing aids or a new brain? 

    • Sandie

      Hearing aids wouldn’t do any good – he doesn’t listen to anybody – just interrupts and shouts over them.

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    How much would you pay to see Glenn debate Chris Matthews?

  • << Work from home, $15/h, link

     To my mind to kill in war is not a whit better than to commit ordinary murder.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Pat, you guys made me laugh!  I think that’s something “we all” need to do more of lately.  Glenn you need to play Pat’s music clip just before coming back from a break! LOL!  That would be so hilarious!  What’s that?  What did ya say?  I didn’t know Chris mathews was…… so Gay!  LOL.

  • Warren Hunt

    what’s that, who pays your salary, Chris matthews is gone.  Maybe it is Chris Matthews that will be going off the fiscal cliff.

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