Merry ‘Politically Incorrect’ Christmas from The B.S. of A.

Saturday night The B.S. of A. celebrated the holidays with a ‘politically incorrect’ Christmas special. Check out the hilarious highlights below!

How does Santa decide ‘Who’s naughty and who’s nice’? Watch:

On “Pumpernickel Boulevard”, Brian Sack hears new, revised versions of all your favorite Christmas classics:

Candy cane executives discuss their holiday strategy. Does anyone actually like candy canes?

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  • Anonymous

    perfect connection you brian have to be a part of the glenn pat team…hil-ar-ious…!

  • Boomer

    Legendary Rocker Little Richard 1932-2012

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  • Jake Onopa

    have any of you people ever thought glenn beck is bringing this country down?

    • Anonymous

      Jake – If you think Glenn, who is a radio host (with about 10 million listeners)has enough power to bring the entire country down and NOT Obama, the President of the U.S. (population:310 million), then you are not in touch with reality.

      Glenn wants people to read the Constitutiion and get educated while Obama wants people to be ignorant and do away with the Constitution.
      Now, who’s bringing down the country?

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