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On tonight’s episode of The Glenn Beck Program, Glenn spent his opening monologue discussing the future of his show. With it being a new year, Glenn wanted to stay focused on a new direction – one that would be tied closely to The American Dream Labs. And while he would be delving into the American Dream Labs more next week, he did say that everything he would be doing evolves from the idea of “The Why”.

What is “the why”? It’s the heart of every business, organization, and institution. While most businesses will have a “what” and a “how”, the ones that have a “why” that people identify with are the ones that are truly successful. He compared Apple and Dell as an example. While Dell will tell you in their ads that they sell computers (The What) and how those computers have great processors (The How), they don’t ever tell you “The Why”. Apple, on the other hand, uses their advertising to showcase how their products will allow them to connect with family members in ways that were previously impossible.

For Glenn, “The Why” for him and TheBlaze is simple: Liberty- Self Empowerment, God Faith, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit Of Happiness. Those are the things that motivate him to do what I do, and those values are in the DNA of everything he does. And because those values are shared by the audience, he’s been able to forge such a strong relationship with them. It also separates from other authors like Stephen King or other cable news hosts like Anderson Cooper.

“It is ‘The Why’ that divides us,” Glenn said.

Glenn said that looking for “the why” can also be used to find solutions to the problems facing America. Using Sandy Hook as an example, he explained that the media was blaming guns, but guns are really just “the how” the shooter was able to carry out his plans. No one is seriosuly looking for “the why” when looking for answers. People are calling for more gun control, but aren’t looking to fix an American culture that glorifies violence and is riddled with broken families.

If you want to find solutions, you need to look beyond “the how” and “the what” and start looking for the deeper meaning – “the why”.