Sandy Hook Aftermath: Hollywood Hypocrisy

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In the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, a number of Hollywood celebrities came together for a video demanding Congress and the White House put forward a plan for increased gun regulation. Well, someone put together a response that showed how almost every person in the show had been a part of a film or TV show that showcased gun violence. Glenn played both on TV tonight, and called out the hypocrisy coming from Hollywood.

“It’s unbelievable. Spare us the anti-gun rants Hollywood, you clearly don’t mean it. This anti-gun plea that is clearly reactionary and clearly devoid of rational thought,” Glenn said in response to the video.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Its more than hypocrisy Glenn,

    Hollywood has become little more than a means to an ends for the Democratic and Progressive systems; they are used to help the agenda of re-engineering our society and culture for the last five generations.

    Hyper-hyping of violence, sex, immorality and the like, plus drawing the people into realms of pure darkness and evil. Some actors in Hollywood manage to stay free of the ideological madness and corruption that surrounds them, but not many.

    BTW – when is the ‘Agenda 21′ movie coming out?

    • Espinoza De

      We need a young, strong, hardworking population to make this country great again. All the social security, medicare and medicaid programs should be done away with. All expenses should go to the military. 

      1. Screw all the pensions. We cannot afford to pay a dime to the oldies and moochers. 
      2. No social security for anobody! Work hard and fend for yourselves! 
      3. No food stamps for anyone! Euthanasia should be given free to those who are too lazy to earn food. 
      4. No medicare/medicaid! What will these oldies do living so long anyway? After 70, no medical care should be given to anybody. 
      4. No income tax for anyone! All hardworking well to do people like me should be able to keep their entire money. Sales tax and property tax are enough.

      I am sick and tired of paying for moochers.

    • Matt Driscoll

      You are such a pawn it is not even funny. Seriously if Glenn Beck offered you one night of consensual passion at a motel you would hop on the opportunity, no pun intended…wait that’s a good pun so pun intended. How is Hollywood a mean to the Democratic end? I seriously think you are retarded. See I am way more politically incorrect that the “libtards” you rant about. You are so politicized it is ridiculous. The only actors that are considered “in good taste” by you are the ones that have the exact same political beliefs as you. You are a fool and a clown. You are a stark raving mad lunatic. You see yourself as a revolutionary fighting against the oppressive shadow that is the Democratic party. In reality you are a sad, lonely, disillusioned individual who cannot find his place in society. You come on here and get your jolly’s by writing discussion board comments directly to Glenn Beck. Has he ever responded to you? Has he ever written back to you? I doubt it because as much as I disagree with Glenn Beck I do realize that he is a very successful and very intuitive businessman. He doesn’t care what idiotic thought come out of your brain. If he listened to everything you said he would be penniless, living in a studio apartment, drawing cat people and the only joy in his life would be posting on some asinine website.

      • Anonymous

        Sound like anyone you know personally???  Tool.  Classic case of the “pot calling the kettle black”.

  • Anonymous

    Why does anyone in Hollywood think that we actually care what they want or think?  They all have entourages of armed guards…they are hypocrites

  • Frank Balcer

    Parents need to spend more time with their children & teach them what is morally right & what the truth is at younger ages. We need to teach them not to be lying hypocrites.
    They are only lost in the evil darkness if We allow them to be by not showing them light or truth.

    People should turn to the Lord for guidance & help, not to the government or the media or even Hollywood.

  • Draxx

    The Majority of Hollywood Actors are Just As Corrupt As Obummer!  They are those do as I say, Not as I do people…

    Besides, Obummer is so Corrupt that he is just going to write ANOTHER Executive Order and have his Gestapo (Cass Sunstein) make more “illegal” Regulations to ban guns from those that want to Preserve the Old American Values!!!

    It sure is starting to sound like Egypt, I don’t want the power but I will accept it if you really want me to (Then Blam, Oust anyone who is against me/us [Morsi/Muslim Brotherhood], and declare the constitution null and void. You then have the right to speak out once and die for it…) hmmm.

    It may sound Fictional, but it sure seems like a lot of things that were fictional not too long ago are Reality Now.

  • americanathlete

    These Hollywood retards don’t even know what the hell they’re talking about. Guns don’t kill people. Stupid, irresponsible, crazy lunatics kill people. I’m so sick of hearing these idiotic, delusional celebrities voice they’re opinion. You get more truth from a horses ass every time it lifts it tail to take a liberal, or I mean hud!

  • Sam Fisher

    Of course Hollywood left does not want to talk about the mental health system no it is the guns fault that made the killer to go on a rampage. Last time I checked Jack the ripper didn’t need a gun.

  • maria

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  • Anonymous

    Once more, it is hypocritical of Hollywood do this, but the media alone is not what is killing children inside. It is media being used to instill values in children rather than the parents. The media is a crutch.

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