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  • Anonymous

    Are your kids playing the appropriate video games for their ages? If the kid is asking, hey killing all these people in ‘shooter whatever’ is messing me up than a couple of things are probably going on; one, they are not playing what they should be, two, the kid has some obvious mental problems that no video game would have anything to do with. I liked the whole teasing at the end to keep the fear mongering up. Way to Go Glenn! You never cease to disappoint!

  • Anonymous

    Penn & Teller did a good job of debunking the games = killer training theory.  Warning: language. – part 1 – part 2 – part 3

    • Anonymous

       i’ve watched almost every episode of that show, wonderful program, and they might start it back up again

  • Anonymous
    its not video games.
    we also have war crimes now.  we are way more sensitized to death now than we have been in the past.
    and lets not call people dead inside, everyone, even hitler, has redeeming qualities.

  • Sam Fisher

    With video games it depends on the person. I been playing since I was fifthteen and I did not turn out like these flash mob and YouTube fighters. Yes they got more violent and would not recommend you giving them to your children if they are M rated T rated ones are pretty safe. Other things in our culture have taken a bigger nose dive than video games. Everything form music to TV got out of control and the only reason why video games are not as bad is because the government holds them to higher standard than the rest. It is a big problem but the cause of these problems is bad parenting or per pressure and I know people from both cases. My parents told me how important life is and why we should go out of are way to help people but heir are others that say take advantage of people whenever you can. there are also others who just follow the others no matter how wrong they feel it is.

  • Michael Lucas

    It’s gradualism Glenn, nothing new for damn sure!

  • Anonymous

    I keep hearing people say the want to ban “assault weapons” or “assault rifles”, but no one ever said what that meant. So I looked it up

    Basically depending on your interpretation they can ban any weapon they feel like

  • maria

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  • Anonymous

    I think we have to be carful with nostalgia.  we times better before? didn’t we all have our own struggles and fights and cultural differences, our parents didn’t understand because they didn’t grow up in it, just as we don’t understand the struggles really of today’s kids.  its the same but different.

    I think to blame movie or video games is just the same as blaming guns.  Video games and movies have PARENTAL guidelines to them, if you are letting your kids year old play ultra violent video games when they have no understanding of context or culture.

    As a Parent we need to understand the culture of the “social network” and this live on demand culture that we live in.  Facebook, youtube, twitter are great tools of our online culture, but as with anything there is a darker side.  Its the “always on”.  Imagine all the goofy, embarrassing  things you did growing up, now imagine that now, except no everyone has a cellphone with a camera so that embarrassing moment could now be captured, uploaded and shared.  That terrible pressure to be growing up in.

    I’ve gotten emails of stupid youtube video’s which have become viral and go around the office, I don’t think that anyone thinks about the person in the video.  We have lost empathy or our fellow humans.

    As for guns, glenn is sort of right guns have been around for many years, but they have changed a lot from black powder muskets, or six shooters.  I have a hard time with this, Yes its our freedom and liberty and 2nd amendment, but at what cost.  Armed guard patrolling classrooms? or back to the wild west of everyone carrying a gun on their hip, or worrying that my neighbour might have a small gun arsenal in his basement.  I’m a gun owner too.  I think that both sides have to bend if we are going to get common sense laws and help the next generation.

  • maria

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  • Anonymous

    When was the first time I saw a dead body on TV or in a movie…. I can’t remember that far back. I grew up watching horror movies, action movies and slasher movies…. when I was six. I remember my grandpa telling me the story of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings growing up. I grew up on Sherlock Holmes and epic tales of bravery and sacrifice.

    Kids these days identify with codependent, sociopaths like Bella Swan as a role model, while I grew up identifying with the Pevensies in Narnia and Bilbo. I got graphic novels of ElfQuest which had, in the first book, implied sex and nipples through sheer fabric on an elf woman. 

    It isn’t the media, Glenn. It’s parenting. The media is a crutch to reinforce bad ideals while the parents do nothing to end it in their children. I grew up wanting to be the princess, but also wanting to be the brave knight that fought against all odds. I was on adventures in my mind, pretending to slay demons or something and riding on unicorns. I was pretending to be She-Ra and Rainbow Brite. I was playing with Barbies and pretending a stick was a sword. I have a sword now, thanks to a friend. 

    I’m 30. In all that time, I have not done anything that would cause alarm, partly because my mom is terrifying when she’s angry and because I knew better. Because of my grandparents and my mom I knew better and I remain far more intelligent than many people my age.

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