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Glenn has really ambitious goals for 2013 but perhaps the most ambitious of all centers around NOT saying someone’s name all year long. He has vowed not to mention or play audio of a certain President of the United States, known henceforth as ‘that guy’ and anyone on staff who does will incur serious penalty. How serious is Glenn about keeping this?

“Yes, this is the radio show, the talk radio, politically oriented show that will no longer say that man’s name, or play any of his audio,” Glenn said on radio this morning.

He was so serious about the ban that he planned to treat “that guy’s” name as a swear word. He asked his board op Sarah to dump the audio if it wasn’t mentioned in the proper context, and he started a swear jar to collect money for charity every time someone mentioned that guy or played his voice.

Of course, it’s hard for a political talk show to not mention “that guy”, and the confusing rules put in place got a little confusing. For instance, it’s OK to say Obamacare because it’s the name for healthcare policy. But you can’t say Barack Obama or Obama. Robyn can put audio from President Obama in her news broadcast, but Pat cannot play audio during the radio show.

“This is not a democracy. This is in a republic. Nobody elected me,” Glenn said. ” I’m king. That’s the rule.”

Of course, this caused some confusion later in the show when Glenn almost said “the Obama tax cuts”, prompting Stu to put Glenn on the spot exactly about how these new rules worked. In the end, it was clear the best idea was to just avoid it all together.