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Judging from the public reaction to the GOP’s pathetic job in the fiscal cliff negotiations — $41 dollars in increased tax revenue to $1 in spending cuts, really? — their going to have a long road ahead of them leading up to the midterms. John Boehner failed miserably, not only in negotiations with the Democrats, but ultimately in unifying his own party.

“He is awful,” Glenn said about him this morning.

“This is an awful deal,” Stu added.

So awful in fact, that it was thought Speaker Boehner could lose his Speakership by the end of the day (he didn’t). Like Glenn explained to his radio audience this morning, it’s not that Boehner didn’t get what he wanted in the negotiations, most conservatives knew that wasn’t a likely scenario, it’s that he didn’t even appear to have a strategy or a plan. It wasn’t just a bad deal, it was one of the worst deals he could have walked away with.

“He is awful, awful, awful. Where is your plan, man? You know, really, I would have better things to say about him if he had a plan and it failed,” Glenn said. “The guy didn’t even have a plan. He knew this was going ‑‑ he knew this was going to come two years ago. This was your plan?”

Obviously, the Speaker could have gotten a better deal before the election, but he didn’t even do the best he could. And if he did, it’s not good enough.

“There were other options they could have gone with,” Pat commented. “We talked about them before the break. There were some decent options.”

As of this morning, likely replacement for Boehner should he lose his position, would have been Eric Cantor.

“But I don’t know that Cantor is going to be any better,” Pat noted. “We’ll see. I mean, who knows with the Republican Party.”

But therein lies the root of the issue: “Who knows with the Republican Party.”

You should know the general character of the men and women you vote into office, especially those holding leadership positions in Congress. Americans should know their principals and why they do what they do. And it shouldn’t be ‘to get re-elected’.

“The Republican Party, you’re dead to me,” Glenn said disgusted.

Glenn reiterated that it’s not that the GOP negotiated a bad deal (not that it helped), it’s the motivations of why they got a bad deal. ‘Why’, a topic Glenn discussed when explain the direction he’s headed in for 2013 last night on TheBlaze TV.

“We talked about this last night: they don’t know why they do it,” he said. “The Republican Party’s ‘why‘ is so they can get elected. That’s not a good enough ‘why’.”

“This is really important to understand,” Glenn continued. “If you’re a business person, if you are a politician, you’re human.  If you’re a parent; the most important question that you can you ever ask yourself is “Why?”. Why do I do it?  Why do I do it?  Why do I believe?  Why do I go to work every day?…You have to find something that connects with you. That is: I do it because I’m driven to do itI’m doing it because that’s who I am.” 

“I do it because I’m driven to do it.  Because that’s my job.  That’s my calling in life.  That’s who I am.”