Is Al Gore philosophically aligned with an anti-American news network?

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Full Transcript of the segment is below:

GLENN: So Al Gore made a nice little sum of money last night, it was announced.

PAT: Yeah.

STU: Just a hundred mill, though.

PAT: Just below the surface of this deal there are hundreds of millions of dollars at stake.

GLENN: Here’s the story from the Wall Street Journal. Al‑Jazeera has agreed to purchase the U.S. cable channel current TV in an effort to expand their Qatar‑based news service U.S. audience.

Now, I just want you to understand this. Current TV is a miserable failure and it spent a ton of money, got into 60 million households and then had no viewership and so they went up for sale. Al‑Jazeera is not going to take over Current and use their current shows or even call it Current. It’s going to be Al‑Jazeera USA. All they were buying was access to your home. 60 million households is what Al Gore got that thing up to. That’s a lot of households. To put that into perspective, at one point wasn’t that HLN? Wasn’t that 60 million wasn’t ‑‑

STU: I think HLN was higher but like a Fox News is in 90 million give or take. So that’s like full distribution is 90 to 95 million, in that range.

GLENN: Yeah. 60 million is huge distribution. So they are not going to ‑‑ what they sold were the 60 million households. Not the programming or anything else.

STU: Yeah, programming will be, quote, dissolved.

GLENN: Dissolved. Okay. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed but a person familiar with the matter said Al‑Jazeera paid a few hundred million dollars for Current TV. I don’t know what I can say and what I can’t say. The network was co‑founded by Mr. Gore and the entrepreneur Joel Hyatt in 2005 and it has been recently struggling with low ratings.


Al‑Jazeera, which is owned by the government of Qatar became famous in the U.S. about a decade ago in its Arab language outlet aired videos of Osama Bin Laden in the wake of September 11th.

Now let’s put this into perspective of what Al‑Jazeera is. Al‑Jazeera is a Qatar government outlet that ran every terrorist video and hates America.

PAT: Absolute anti‑American propaganda piece.

GLENN: Al‑Jazeera’s making a strong push in the American market to ‑‑ with its purchase of Current TV, blah, blah‑blah, blah‑blah.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. From the Wall Street Journal. Remember I’ve said, “Oh, someday I’m going to write a book, and I’ll tell you some things that are happening behind the scenes.” Well, a few people here at this network know a story that the Wall Street Journal now has revealed. So I can tell you a little bit about it. But someday I will write a book. Here’s what the all street journal has printed. Mr. Hyatt said they agreed to sell Al‑Jazeera in part because, quote, Al‑Jazeera was founded with the same goals we had with Current.

PAT: Wow.

GLENN: Think of that. This is the co‑owner with Al Gore. We believe that they were founded with the same goals, including to give voice to those whose voices are not typically heard and to speak truth to power. Other suitors who did not share Current’s ideology were rebuffed. Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze approached Current about buying their channel last year but was told, quote, the legacy of who the network goes to is important to us and we are sensitive to networks not aligned with our point of view.

Now ‑‑

PAT: That is astounding.

GLENN: Let me ‑‑ let me tell you what happened. How many months ago? I don’t know how many months ago. When we found out that Current TV was going to go up for sale, it was rumored to be, what, $250 million is what they were asking, and I don’t have $250 million lying around, but we wanted access to 60 million households and so we discussed it and we thought we can somehow or another find $250 million, $300 million. Somehow or another we might be able to do it.

Now, we didn’t know if we were willing to trade whatever it is we would have to trade to be able to get access to that kind of money. Do I want that kinds of debt? Do I want a partner? What am I going to have to give up? So we were very ‑‑ we were exploring and we thought, well, before we put any real thought into this, let’s call Al Gore. Let’s call Current and find out. And I wasn’t involved in any of the negotiations by any stretch of the imagination. We have people who are negotiating all of these things. We called them and said let’s just look. Because wouldn’t I love to buy Current. And so our people called, and a rough outline of the conversation is this, and I’m only telling you this because the Wall Street Journal has said that it is there. We have conversations that are confidential and we don’t ‑‑ I’m not going to tell everybody’s story on the air. The Wall Street Journal is reporting this story. So I want to give you the full story.

So we call up, and I don’t even know who we talked to but, you know, it was the person handling the negotiations. And our person says, “We would like to talk to you about buying Current.” Great, great, fantastic. So who is Mercury exactly? “Umm… (mumbling)… but let’s talk about, so how much are you…” “Excuse me. Who is Mercury exactly?” “It’s a wholly owned subsidiary of Glenn Beck.” “Excuse me?” “It’s Glenn Beck’s company.” “It’s Glenn Beck’s company?” Silence. “That one is going to probably have to go to the vice president. Al Gore’s probably going to have to answer that one. I don’t… we’ll call and we’ll get an answer and then we’ll call you back.” No kidding, within 15 minutes, brrrppp, we get a call back. “Yeah, umm‑umm, no, not even interested. We ‑‑ our legacy is too important and there would quite frankly be too many people, too many friends that the vice president would have to explain why he’s selling to Glenn Beck.”

STU: I’m sure there would be.

GLENN: Our legacy is too important. We’re not ‑‑ no. No.”

Okay. Not surprised.

STU: No.

GLENN: Not surprised. Not a shock that, I mean, I wouldn’t sell to Al Gore. I’m not going to sell to Al Gore.

STU: Yeah, you’re going to sell the plays to Al Gore? No.

GLENN: Now, now let’s look at it, let’s look at this. If I’m ‑‑ let’s use a neutral nonpolitical party. If I’m Walt Disney and I believe in creating Walt Disney World and it’s ‑‑ and I’m going to sell it now, I don’t sell it to Wal‑Mart. And Wal‑Mart says, “You know what we’re going to do? We’re going to take the parking lot, we’re going to plow all that stuff under and we’re going to put a big huge box store at the end where that castle thing is. We’ll just put a Wal‑Mart there.” I’m not going to sell it unless I have ‑‑ unless my park is out of business and I have no choice anyway because I’m just out of business. And so I’m a capitalist and I say highest bidder gets the land, man. I tried something, it didn’t work, I’m going to go ‑‑ I’m going to go try to figure out how to add a third hour, I’m going to try to figure out how to, you know, how to open a park and make it work. I’ll come back to this at some point. So ‑‑ but it’s highest bidder because I’m a capitalist.

Then I sell it to Al Gore. Then I sell it to Al Gore because I’m going to take that money out and I’m going to start something new again.

STU: Right. You don’t test the ideological purity of people when you sell your home. They can come in like you’re selling your land to the highest bidder.

GLENN: I have sold homes to people I do not like. I don’t care. I don’t care. So here’s the thing. That’s not what happened. That’s not what happened. He didn’t sell to the highest bidder. We were not allowed to the table. He didn’t sell to the highest bidder. He looked for, who do I ideologically align with.

PAT: And that is Al‑Jazeera. That is amazing.

GLENN: The vice president of the United States of America tells you that he is more ideologically aligned with Al‑Jazeera than an American broadcaster who believes in America, just doesn’t believe in what he does, believes that America is a good place, that America is ‑‑ has a bright future ahead of it if we just do the right thing, a guy who believes that global warming is nonsense. But being responsible with our planet is a good thing. Finding new ways to pioneer energy is a good thing. He finds ‑‑ Mr. Global warming finds that less connectible than a foreign government that makes all of its money through oil and gas reserves. That’s amazing.

PAT: Just that part is astounding.

GLENN: That’s amazing.

STU: And not to mention the guy who is ‑‑ was vice president of the United States and was 537 votes away from being president during 9/11 is ideologically aligned by his own definition with the network that Osama Bin Laden went to every time he wanted to get a message out.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: That’s incredible.

PAT: And they were credible, too.

STU: Of course.

PAT: They weren’t ‑‑

STU: This is his distribution channel.

GLENN: Mmm‑hmmm. So now listen.

PAT: Wow.

GLENN: We in the end didn’t have a choice when it came to this network, but we in the end continued to ‑‑ I mean, we had a ‑‑ believe me, we had lots of laughs. We wear this as a badge of honor. We wear this as a badge of honor. We had lots of laughs, but in the end we decided that we would have to give up too much control to somebody if we had to borrow that kind of money. We’re just not going to do it. I’m not going to do it. I’ve been reading an awful lot about people like Edison and people like Walt Disney. You know, Walt Disney, I don’t know if most people know this. Walt Disney was so frustrated in the late 1950s that he almost left his own company. He almost left Walt Disney studios, Walt Disney productions because he couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t take the ‑‑ he couldn’t take the micromanaging, he couldn’t take the shareholders and having to answer to anybody else. He almost left. They almost sold RKO to him. RKO, if anybody ever ‑‑ you know, It’s a Wonderful Life is an RKO picture. RKO was huge, huge, and then it hit a rough spot and it just disappeared. And I never knew what happened to RKO. Who knows.

Well, they approached Walt Disney and said, “Would you want to ‑‑ are you interested in buying RKO, the library and also all the studios and everything else?” And he said, you know what, yeah. And he sat down at the negotiating table as Walt Disney. Not Walt Disney company. Walt Disney. And was going to leave the Walt Disney company and go to RKO and start a new movie company because he was so frustrated with Hollywood and everything else in his own company that he couldn’t do it. And he had leveraged himself and everything else and he was frustrated. By the way, RKO eventually was sold to Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. That’s Desilu Studios, for anybody who cares.

So we’re not going to ‑‑ I’m just not going to give control, which is so frustrating. I had a meeting this morning Stu was in and he was mocking me yesterday on the air and this idea that I have, and I’m not giving up on it, is mid‑seven figures, maybe closer to eight figures in cost, and I’m telling you we need to figure out a way to do it. Now, I don’t know how to do it. I had the another meeting right after Stu left the office where I’m like, “Get these people on the phone. They will know how to.” Anyway, we’re just not going to get ourselves into debt and we’re not going to do crazy things that will have us answer to anybody but our principles. We answer to our principles alone. And I am proud to say that Al Gore finds my principles reprehensible but aligns himself with the principles of Al‑Jazeera.

Now here’s what I want to tell you: We were looking for a shortcut to get into 60 million homes. There is no shortcut. There is no shortcut. If you want to retain your soul and your principles, there is no shortcut, and we know that. What we want to say to you is in a few weeks there will come a time where we ‑‑ we want to ask you to look at your cable provider or your satellite provider and ask, out of the nine million channels that I’m paying for, are they providing ‑‑ are they providing the news and information and the entertainment that you want, that you want. Because you’re the ones who control the ‑‑ it’s not the corporations that control all this stuff. You do. If you say to your cable operator, “I want this channel and I don’t want ‑‑ I don’t want you to take off Al‑Jazeera. I don’t want you to take off Current TV.”

I mean, did anybody ask themselves, why did I do a deal with DISH where I was debating Eliot Spitzer? Do you have any idea what hell that was for me? I mean, my business partner said, “Glenn, I can’t believe you’re doing this and I can’t believe you’re doing it with a good attitude and I am so sorry that I have to ask you to do this.” And I said, you’re not asking me to do it. I’m willing to do it. I’m willing to do it. I believe in what I’m doing. I am not going to say I believe in Eliot Spitzer or Current TV, and I’m not going to debate him. I’m just not going to do that. However, I believe in DISH. I believe DISH said, “Here’s Current TV and here’s TheBlaze and we believe in diversity. We believe in providing what customers want.” That’s why I did it. Because they’re carrying us. Because they believe in you.

In a couple of weeks we’re going to ask you and if ‑‑ you know, I just want you to look at your cable operator or whatever and if you have ‑‑ if you’re so moved, call your cable operator and just say, “Hey, are you going to carry TheBlaze?” We’ll ask you in a couple of weeks if you would look into that for us. But there are no shortcuts in life. No shortcuts in life. And a victory again, a strange victory. Again, Al‑Jazeera, as we predicted, there will come a time when they will not be afraid to reveal who they really are. Al Gore says that he is more aligned with Al‑Jazeera than anybody else that came to the table and wanted to buy Current TV. Wow. Congratulations, Mr. Vice president of the United States of America. Back in a minute.

  • Anonymous

    Glen, you should have taken a lead from the liberals, set up a neutral tv company with some other name no one knows then, buy the station you wanted, then simply take the blaze on as a partner or sell it to the blaze outright. Liberals pull this stuff all the time.

  • Teri Nealand

    We need to be more like
    Australia’s leader.  They will not stand for this idiocy.Their leader is inviting all Muslims to leave their country if they are unwilling to learn English and NOT practice Sharia law.  Instead we are left with a leadership of wimps who do not know how to stand up for what our country wants and needs.  Maybe another revolution is in need.  Don’t ever give up your guns…..we may need to protect ourselves against our own government@!!!!

    • Edward Ebersole

      I agree with you there, I am going to stick to my guns and my principles despite the hard times ahead and if my government or some anti American group wants to try and pull their veil of political correctness down between me and them I’ll just keeping hitting them hard with the truth.  I’ll hit them right where it hurts the most if you get what I’m saying.

  • BadWolf (Ian S)

    Maybe it will become a joint venture in the future with both al jazeera and RT.  (Idiots)

  • Anonymous

    Al Gore now advancing the cause of terrorists, The man truly has gone over the edge of sanity. Glen your goal is a good one, we must get the conservative word to the American people by getting the airwaves into the hands of good decent Americans. I can’t believe our government would allow our enemies to broadcast in this country.

    • Joe Dudas

      Curious to hear why you believe former USA VP Al Gore is advancing the cause of terrorists by selling his company to an international news org. Thx.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Consider that Obama is in league with the same terrorists, and already, as Hillary stated, depend on Al Jazeera as a reliable news source. So why would they not allow the enemy of the nation to broadcast into the states?

    • Sandy Myers-Mara

      Because are current Administration, and all the Progressives, present, past and future, are terrorists who believe in Muslims and their hate-spewed views.  However, these Progressive fools are going to be the first ones who lose their heads.  They think because they align their idealogies that they are accepted by them.  This is why the man/child won re-election, the pure ignorance among the left is truly uncomprehensible.  They are followers and all of these anti-American zealots prey on it.

  • Ed Hardiman

    You either stand on principle or stand for nothing, Lincoln said it best, “I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives.  I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.”  I don’t think a man who sells to Al-Jazeera can say that, I’m pretty sure Glenn will always be able to say that…

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Indeed, Al Gore just sold out to the enemy, he has shown where his true loyalties is to be found. They are not with a free America.

      I wonder if Gore understands the allies he has with the terrorists regard him as an true infidel as the rest of America?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    So Al Gore sold out his principles and America for $100 Million dollars, and allowed Al Jazeera TV to gain a foothold into 60-million American households.

    He has willingly sold out to a confirmed nation of our enemy, as Al Jazeera is used by many of the Islam extremists, terrorists and anti-american groups and nations for propaganda and other such purposes. 

    At the very least, Al Gore should be investigated for treason or collusion with the enemies of the nation. How much blood will soon be found to be upon his hands due to this deal? 

    • Anonymous

      Snowleopard, I ask this sincerely, Is there an example that Al Gore had any true principals to begin with that any descent American could relate to?

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Honestly, if there are any to him, I have not seen them.

    • Draxx

      Al Jazeera will use Current TV to stairstep their way into buying a more known Hollywood Studio to do their Propaganda…

      Then our children will be watching Live Beheadings on our own U.S. network, of U.S. Citizens be killed by terrorist (wow Al Gore is really aligned with us, NOT).

    • Richard Brandlon

      I understand that you feel the free market economy shouldn’t work if the outcome is one you dislike. FYI, Al Jazeera present a lot more fair and balanced news reporting than Murdoch’s Fox News ever did.
      Oh yes, on what choice bit of gossip did you come to the conclusion that Al Jazeera was an “enemy of the nation?” Maybe because it originates in a Muslim country? Does this sound like something an American should think?

  • Watcher

    Al Jazeera is promoted on Direct TV daily.  It’s on the Link TV channel.  I have watched several of their programs and they are mostly anti-American propaganda.  I have wondered if anyone else seen this program……as I haven’t seen any mentioned of it in any posted comments. I don’t understand how such anti-American propaganda can be allowed on American TV. 

  • Anonymous

    And now expect more rising oceans/melting ice caps propaganda so he can sell more folks on his green crap, soo hypocritical, such treasonous acts and watch,, it will be accepted as policy by the Obama crowd.  I HAVE to get another few handguns to prepare for the coming revolt.

  • Robert Starkand

    Al Gore is the Aaron Burr of the 21st century.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Seems all Glenn wanted to do was promote the agenda of his pro-Israel backers who think the American public can easily be turned into a frenzy of fear and hatred. Since everyone else is already doing it already, what is he bringing to the table? Nothing

    He carves out a more extreme niche of crazy and wraps god and the flag around it.Al-Jazeera might give the differing viewpoint. An inquiring mind would want to know what other points of view.But you don’t want to be challenged. You want Glenn to give you your space of shared madness. 

    • Sam Fisher

      Isn’t that like pot calling the kettle black because that is what you liberals do every time your god Obama talks.

      • ThorsteinVeblen2012

        All you know is what Glenn Beck and his ilk tell you. You’re like a kid who never leaves the house.

        Maybe that’s why you are against abortion. You’ve never left the womb.

        • Sam Fisher

          I don’t even take their word for anything god you are such an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    $400 million — the price of allowing the “smoke of Satan” to enter.

  • Sam Fisher

    That a liberal for you they are in line to an anti-American propaganda than the rest of the country this channel is not even worth 2 cents let alone of 200 million.

  • BEA

    I love GB so much; I was seriously taking everything in, and then my ADD mind started multi-tasking as I watched his vid. He brought up a new idea as the camera was slowly panning right with a view an interesting back drop and his comrades in the forefront.  Then the camera stopped on a side view of Glenn.  He said “we’re just not going to get ourselves into debt; and we’re not going to do crazy things that will have us answer to anybody but our principles. We answer to our principles alone…”  Meanwhile, I cracked up because this was so serious, and meanwhile right behind him, I had this SKULL staring right at me with a BLAZE in the background like this was some kind of a men’s den meeting.  Got a good laugh; and this was a great piece. (A double tweet from me!)

  • Anonymous

    Call your TV provider (DO IT NOW!) and demand Current TV be stricken from your TV package and a rate reduction.  Tell them you don’t want to have programming from owners intent on killing western infidels.

    Dishnet executive phone number: 303 -723-1000Direct TV Executive offices:  (310) 964-5000.  Comcast 215-640-8960

    • Anonymous

      Time-Warner has already pulled it.

  • Anonymous

    When I signed up for  the Glenn Beck  channel my provider told me this  with no prompting. “We’ve been getting a lot of requests for Glenn Beck”.  Bless you Glenn. Your honesty and lack of pandering is refreshing.  This vet has your back.

  • Gene Bishop

    And what will be his fare share carbon footprint offset tax?  And the other “sellers”… what will they owe the government… OUR government???

  • Gene Bishop

    Intellectually invalid…  exactly what kind of business is enriched by professing your viewpoint?

  • Ed Hardiman

    Algorian /ˈalgȯrēən/


    A contemptible person who combines an inflated idea of self-importance, with bald-faced hypocrisy, the hubris of claiming to have invented the internet, the opportunistic huckster-ism of carbon exchanges, the unmitigated greed to take blood money from a terrorist mouthpiece and the flat out fraud of climate change.

  • Anonymous

    ddddddddglenn beck is such a whiny bitch!!!
    No, glenn, they did not want to sell their company to you because you are a vile and evil bigot.
    Also, glenn, you are asking the wrong questions.  The hard fact that glenn’s huge ego won’t acknowledge is that he is such a lowly piece of shit that  Al-Jazeera is a superior choice when compared to your company.  That is pretty sad.  Keep up the crying…real Americans really miss your tantrums!!!

    • Guest

      The vulgar, racist, cockroach has come out of his coma. I warned you that eating and drinking toilet chemicals were bad for you.

      Strtlk, when did you abandon your wife and kid and take up with your boozing girlfriend?

  • Dawn Lussier


  • maria

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  • Richard Brandlon

    If Glenn Beck is what America stands for, then a lot of us are anti-American.

  • LEE

    A. Gore really didn’t surprise me by showing his approval of Al Jazeer and their political views backing terrorists. The gun control move by Obama isn’t a surprise either. Obama’s obortion laws kill thousands of babies every year, now he can use a horrible act by a mad man to try to take your protection of your home and family away from you. I am part of the democratic party that realizes the parties new views and goals are no longer in line with the America I want. I have to thank Obama and the dem. convention for showing me how much the REPUBLICAN PARTY IS NEEDED. Sad days for America for many years.

  • LEE

    Maybe it’s time to move to Australia. Texas would be a second choice. America’s southern holdout. Don’t let Obama trample our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Too many Americans have died to protect it. Vote Republican for House and Senate. STOP OBAMA from wrecking America.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    No, I don’t think Gore’s views & al jazeera are the same, the Network of Bin Laden wants to kill only infidels, whereas Gore & his Idols want to kill everyone but the elite to stop the “overcrowding problem” to make the earth “sustainable” which reminds a little too much of the euphimism’s the Nazi’s used. remember the “Jewish problem” or the “final solution”. there are numerous documented accounts of greenies stating that Humanity is a “virus” that must be destroyed. so really the enviromental whackjobs are far more radical then the Islamonazi’s

  • maria

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    that…my… mother in law was like really earning money in there spare
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  • dareisay

    The Lefties are against anything that Americans hold dear: honesty, morals and believing this Country has the potential to become sane again!

    In my lifetime I have never seen so many rude, crude, vile people as the Left has become.

    They believe we have to accept everything they want, because they want to bring us down to their level
    That way their perverted lifestyles, their drug taking, dishonesty, will be condoned and they will feel better about themselves!

    I hope that parents keep teaching their kids to be honorable people, and not fall prey to these belligerent Lefties!

  • John

    Can someone tell me what Al Jazeera or the Qatari government have done that is anti-American?

  • Anonymous

    How is it Un-American?  He sold his company to the Highest bid, and get the best deal for himself and his investors.  Sounds like business 101, to me.  Its business, the business of making money.  I would say that what he did is very American.  Ethically and morally sure, it’s totally hypocritical.  Unfortunately Ethics and Morality very rarely are a major concern in business.

    this isn’t politic its all financial….

  • Sharmane

    The prophet of global warming, who sucks up more power per year than my entire town, is completely bonkers and irrelevant.  He is the ultimate opportunist and preaches his doom and gloom global warming nonsense, and you can bet he is standing in the wings along with others of his ilk, ready to rake in the dough from the “solution” to our “problem.”  He does not walk his talk and he slithers out from under his rock occasionally, but when the light of day is shed on him he is seen for what he is – a fraud and a huckster.

  • Travis Fisher

    I’m not sure any on this forum knnow anything about Al Jazeera news, simply because they may have shown extremists on their news to highlight their extremist views does not mean they are our enemy. Im shocked that Beck doesnt seem to know anything about Qatar or Al Jazeera, as a leader in the news realm. We are americans living overseas, and Al jazera news is quite truthful. Coming from amercia one of the most sensored one sided view of news, i can tell you to make friends and not enemies, americcans need to become more aware of other cultures, not because you you need to change, but to realize nobody cares about taking over american tvs. The amercian govt propaganda is working, and all of you are focusing on muslims, as if they are some real problem as a whole. You realize the extremists you hate make up less than 1% of the muslim community? Qatar is a huge friend to America. my god, people need to do their research. If Beck researched what he was saying as much as he’s trying to push his american ideals, he wouldnt be lableing the wrong people as enemy’s.. sounds to me people are greedy about loosing “air time” , lame

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