Glenn announces epic Misfits Ball

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What is the Misfits Ball? Glenn announced on radio this morning that he plans to have a ball on Inauguration Day full of people who are no longer welcome in Obama’s Washington D.C. (editor’s note: We aren’t sure if the “That Guy” rule applies to digital, which is why we will occasionally mention the President by name until Glenn stops us). The event will be black tie, take place in the Dallas Studios, and Glenn is open to suggestions for the invite list. Some of the names thrown out there so far: Chik-Fil-A (not a person, Glenn), Hobby Lobby (again, not a person), Ted Nugent, Michele Bachmann, a Gibson Guitars employee, Wayne LaPierre (or an NRA member), Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, someone involved with fracking, Allen West, and Rick Santorum’s sweater (although not Rick Santorum for some reason).

Stay tuned to for more details as this story develops.

  • Vanessa

    Great idea but it should be for his coronation.

  • Sam Fisher

    I want to go. 

  • Prepper Mama

    You should invite the guys from Duck Dynasty! They certainly wouldn’t fit in at the inauguration.

  • Anonymous

       When are we ever going to have a REALLY meaningful meeting in Washington , to include everybody Obamass and his administration have diminished or outright attempted to destroy .  This would include ALL religions in the world except Islam , Millions of Blacks , but only intelligent ones like Dr.Sowell Thomas , Walter Williams , Star Parker , Larry Elder , Allen Keys , Herman Cain , Alan West ,  Zonation , etc: , all non-union workers , all business men and women , all housewives , all Jews , all manufacturers , everyone in the energy industry that can turn a profit ,  everyone not on welfare and food stamps  .  We need to get serious , and for the press to admit there were over one million there we will have to have at least a showing of one hundred million people  , and not just Americans , but people of all nations that can see the catastrophic effect the collapse of the United States will have on the ENTIRE world .  

  • Laurie Hill

    Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Drudge employee/owner, Fox News owner/employee, any republican celebrity, especially Clint Eastwood, any FEMA contractor that is owed money, AZ Governor, TX Governor, anybody that actually “built it”, anybody in the shrinking middle class that doesn’t take handouts, any school teacher/professor that isn’t a liberal, Tea Party president and members, and of course…. Mitt and Ann Romney. 

    • Scott Todd

       Alex Jones has a pretty low opinion of Glenn.  I doubt he’d be flattered at being invited let alone attend.

    • Anonymous

       Rick Perry?!  Surely you jest! 

  • Anonymous

    I can think of a few names to invite….Alan West, Jessie Ventura, Alex Jones, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Ross Perot, Donald Trump and General Petraeus.

    • Scott Todd

       Jesse Ventura??!!  What did he ever accomplish?  When he was governor he did a few good things the first year to 18 months, but from then on he pretty much gave away the store to the Democrats.  See my reply to Laurie about Alex Jones.

      • Anonymous

        He got his “choo choo” – the $60 Million dollar boondoggle, a ten mile light rail from downtown Mpls to the Mall of America, which has been in deep red ink ever since it was built.  Jesse would show up at a black tie event in his infamous zoobaz, replete with his braided goatee intertwined with those cute little beads.   

  • Anonymous

    Are your loyal supporters invited?

  • marsha

    IM tired of that name and face of our pres

  • Paula Middleton

    Any conservative republican from California. Probably hiding in a cave somewhere.

    • greywolfrs

      I am a Conservative, from CA, but not a Republican. By the way, there are plenty of Conservative Republicans here in CA.

  • Nick Quinnett

    How a bout any American who believes that the Constitution is what this country should be run by. 

  • john lerner

    Misfit Ball, Sounds Great.What about having  our flags at half mask ? on Inauguration Day.

    • Anonymous

      Upside down flag = represents distress.  A half-mast flag represents someone dying.  We’re not there – yet, so let’s just do upside down.

  • Anonymous

    Justice Alito (responded “not true” to Obama’s state of the union comments).
    Joe the Plumber
    Sheriff Arapaio
    Representative Joe Wilson (shouted “you lie” when O said illegals wouldn’t get free health care)
    Sgt James Crowley (Obama said he “acted stupidly” when he arrested the black professor)
    George Zimmerman

  • Anonymous

    How about inviting Sarah Palin? Did we forget about her?

  • Anonymous

    You could invite doctors,anybody in the oil,coal,natural gas, and nuclear industry,anybody who drives a gasoline powered car,anybody who worked for an incandescent light bulb company,anybody who owns a small business,any Christians and Jews,anybody over the age of 45 and under the age of 15…just to name a few.

  • TNT

    Be sure to invite Sean Hannity. That guys wife absolutely HATES Sean.

  • TNT

    Oh don’t forget our favorite Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. She should be the equivalent of The Grand Marshal of the Misfit’s Ball.

  • Anonymous

    There are lots of us “Obama misfits” out here in the United States.  We are called terrorists by Janet Napolitano, or the ones referred to by Obama as those “who cling to their religions and guns”.  A nice fancy dress ball would be fun.

  • Anonymous

    How about the Border Patrol agents who were arrested and thrown in jail for doing their job.

  • suz

    a gibson guitar on a stand w/lighting;
    the “i am a man” sign;
    a lemonade stand;
    the israeli flag;
    the american flag;
    a u.s. dollar bill;
    a church cross;
    the constitution, the bill of rights, the declaration of independence — all “misfits;”
    the bible;
    the 10 commandments;
    a “mitt romney for president” sign…ha!
    somebody’s third car (because the government doesn’t like if you own more than 2);
    the incandescent light bulb;
    churchill’s bust;
    a gun;
    the “i’m proud to be an american song;”
    the definition of marriage;
    the definition of right and wrong, good and bad;
    the twinkie;
    the merry christmas greeting;
    referencing “radical islamist” and “terrorist;”
    the oath of office of the presidency is a misfit to this president;

  • Cindy

    the lady that wrote the poem about Obamacare and did the presentation of it…can’t recall her name but I am sure you know who I mean I think she was a nurse

  • Doc USA

    Why only Nugent? Get Jack Blades and Tommy Shaw for a Damn Yankees reunion. :)

  • Dawn Brayton

    Um, does it have to be formal dress? Since the Misfit Ball is on January 20th and fancy dress is tuxs the whole thing would look like every guy there is an animal rights activist. It’s because not only is it inaugeration day but Januay 20th is Penguin Appreciation Day. So maybe there should be a rule saying that guys ought to wear only tuxedos in any color except what looks like penguins. Because the Misfit Ball sems to be a celebration of anything that isn’t PETA-like.  

  • Anonymous

    How about a gun owning, Bible believing, SUV driving, soccer mom from Aurora Colorado? I know just the one. 😉

  • Stephanie Grimwood

    How about Bill Oreilly, Scott Walker, and all of us in the south that were forgotten during the fires last year but now want us to pay for others. You would have to think Ann and Mitt Romney would be on that list I don’t know if they would come but for sure.

  • Anonymous

    Have Chik-Fil-A cater and invite the presidents and employees from Chik-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby. Also, Mitt Romney, Jan Brewer, and Rush. That party would be a HECK of a lot better than some dumb inaugural ball. And hire a DJ.

  • Anonymous

    Invite my Gov. Jan Brewer you could slide in Sheriff Joe  and make it a package lol

  • Anonymous



    (or Dave Thomas)

    America (uses guns, openly opposes registration, hates red tape)

    (consider themselves unique, oppose registration)

    (helps people and doesn’t wait for authorities to do so, is a rich business

    Lewis (against social justice, teaches people to think logically)


    Kenny & John Rich

    Hummer Owner

    Aaron (sets records, making others feel bad because they aren’t as good)


  • Anonymous

    that guy…you mean the anti-american-islamist terrorist!

  • Anonymous

    people who believe in America.  working Americans non union all the flags except
    Islam. gun owners guitars owners. conservatives. tea partiers. 

  • Anonymous

    Yes, party up while the people suffer.

  • Susan Baumgaertner Fentz

    The Tea Party members of congress.

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