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What is the Misfits Ball? Glenn announced on radio this morning that he plans to have a ball on Inauguration Day full of people who are no longer welcome in Obama’s Washington D.C. (editor’s note: We aren’t sure if the “That Guy” rule applies to digital, which is why we will occasionally mention the President by name until Glenn stops us). The event will be black tie, take place in the Dallas Studios, and Glenn is open to suggestions for the invite list. Some of the names thrown out there so far: Chik-Fil-A (not a person, Glenn), Hobby Lobby (again, not a person), Ted Nugent, Michele Bachmann, a Gibson Guitars employee, Wayne LaPierre (or an NRA member), Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, someone involved with fracking, Allen West, and Rick Santorum’s sweater (although not Rick Santorum for some reason).

Stay tuned to for more details as this story develops.