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When Current TV was sold to Al-Jazeera last week, one of the big questions was what would become of the line-up of existing programming? Well, Jennifer Granholm and Eliot Spitzer have both announced that their shows would be coming to an end, but Joy Behar has not confirmed whether she would be appearing on the new Al-Jazeera channel. Behar went on Jay Leno after the announcement, and she didn’t seem to have a problem with Al-Jazeera, a network known to be sympathetic to al Queda, but did have a huge problem with the idea of working for Glenn Beck.

When Leno asked he if Osama bin Laden would be her new boss, she joked “To me it’s like ‘Al Gore, Al Jazeera, Al Pacino.’  It’s all the same thing to me.”

But when asked about working for Glenn, who inquired about purchasing Current TV last year, Baher turned serious and said “that would have been a nightmare.”

After hearing the audio of her appearance on The Tonight Show, Glenn said, “We don’t wish her ill.  I mean, I really ‑‑ you know what’s really sad is all of these people who are of Joy Behar’s age are now finding themselves at the end of their careers and they don’t know what to do.  The world is completely changing.  And what is she going to do?  She’s going to be at home with her cats.”

Pat noted that she seems to be holding onto her Current TV job as long as possible, but doesn’t think there is any way she will still have a job under new management. “You think you’re going to have a job?  Al‑Jazeera’s not going to run this programming.  You’re going to be fired almost instantly, as soon as they have their Al‑Jazeera America in place, that replaces you and you’re gone.”

“And the funny thing is it’s not like Al‑Jazeera is going to be offended by her opinion.  They just think they can do a lot better as a host.  They can just get anybody to come in here and spout the same crap,” Stu joked.

Watch the video of Behar’s comments below: