Chicago union leader “jokes” about killing the rich

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On radio this morning, Glenn covered the story of the Chicago Teachers Union president, Karen Lewis, who harkened back to the good ol’ days, when labor leaders “were ready to kill” the rich, in a recent speech. While the rational reaction to such a statement would be mortification, the audience can actually be heard laughing and cheering at the woman’s remarks.

LEWIS: Do not think for a minute that the wealthy are ever going to allow you to legislate their riches away from them. Please understand that. However, we are in a moment where the wealth disparity in this country is very reminiscent of the robber baron ages. The labor leaders of that time, though, were ready to kill. They were. They were just – off with their heads. They were seriously talking about that.

At this point,  the crowd can be heard laughing and clapping at Lewis’ statement, but she doesn’t stop the crazy talk there.

LEWIS: I don’t think we’re at that point. And that’s scary to most people. But the key is they think nothing of killing us. They think nothing of putting our people in harm’s way. They think nothing of lethal working conditions.

Beyond the obvious leftist and anti-wealth attitudes on display in Lewis’ remarks, there is a more frightening issue at hand. Lewis is the president of the Chicago Teachers Union – she leads the union that is responsible for educating our children,  and these are the sentiments she chooses to espouse in a public forum?

“We are entering extraordinarily difficult times,” Glenn said. “Do you believe that we’re raising kids in the culture that we have now that are going to be able to withstand the ethical questions that are going to be posed to them by snake oil salesmen? Do you believe that they have enough information – that their center is strong enough – to be able to withstand what is coming?”

Incomprehensible comments from people like Lewis, or Piers Morgan, or Alex Jones (which Glenn also highlighted on radio today) further expose just how much trouble we may be in, both ideologically and morally, as a society. It is unclear what “point” in time Lewis is referring to when she references the days of the robber barons, but, regardless, it seems as though we have reached a tipping point.

“Look at the progress man has made in things he can do. But has he made the same progress in philosophy, in theology, in self-control,” Glenn asked. “The answer to that question is so easy: absolutely not. We are babes. No, we are adolescents who have our hands around nukes and artificial intelligence. We would never let our teenagers into that room and say, ‘Ah, you guys do what you want.’ This entire culture, planet wide, is 13‑year‑old boys. Trouble on the horizon, if we don’t change it.”



  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    How many people who hear the words of the union leaders ‘joking about killing the rich,’ will even believe the underlying threats being made? How many would even heed them at all?

    The unions are nothing more than legalized criminal syndicates and money-funneling machines for the Democratic party. They are a true danger, along with the Socialists-Communists of the left and of Obama and his admin to the last vestiges of freedom and to our way of life in America.

    Which will we choose America, to wake up and become active to counter this madness and cries for blood, fire and violence? Or will we just go into the night, a failed experiment that lasted for over two-hundred years and then left behind by a generation who forgot what America was?

    I and my house serve the Lord, and I will continue the fight until the last breath leaves me.

    • Sharmane

       If the conservatives said such things – like killing people – there would be a huge outcry.  Why isn’t she being investigated for making overt terroristic threats against a segment of the population?

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Nut shell version: the unions are allied with Obama, the Democrats and the Socialists/communists. Hence she will never face charges or even be investigated save for a whitewash job.

        • Anonymous

          the Left Own The Media,They Play by different rules-RulesForRadicals.
          The Democrats Are The Communist/Socialists!they created the word democrat to make US feel we are in a democracy…but their democracy is a cuba/venezualan democracy. they want to make US forget that We Are A Republic–For The People! they are All Just Bureaucraps! this man from no where Hussein-Obama was Never a Democrat He Was Always Raised A MarxistCommunistSocialist! MSNBC i Say Its Not microsoft it stands for MarxistSocialistNationalizedBroadcastCenter.

    • Anonymous

      Very good… I will do the same.  This is my Country and worth fighting for not only for me but my children and grandchildren.  We all must take a stand or we lose here on this earth.  Not in heaven!  Be strong.

    • Anonymous

      and Biden says,” we’re guna put you’all back in chains.” he meant it! anytime the Left says something about the Right it is ALWAYS what they are doing because they do not know the Right Way! The Left Is From The Devil-The Father Of Lies!it always comes back to ‘RulesForRadicals’ Their Playbook Dedicated To Lucifer!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Sun-Tzu wrote that to know yourself and to know your enemy is to be victorious in all battles. 

    So it is we see one more of the enemies posed against those who love freedom and the Republic. We learn who they are and what they do and how they do it, plus what they stand for and against.

    Yet we still have too many on our side, those just waking up to the threat before them, who do not know themselves; they have not found the secure foundation of what and where they stand on matters, and thus are at their most vulnerable.

    Continue to warn and prepare, learn and study, advance with boldness and confidence in the Lord of us all with firm conviction of faith and grace. Let He who is above us all bless you and see you through this time of the storm that is before us, and may He grant mercy on us in the trials to come.

    • Anonymous

      like Glenn Quotes all the time,Question With Boldness…

  • landofaahs

    How dare you Glenn. You’re as bad as Alex Jones with your conspiracies.  I listen to Glenn this morning ridicule Alex Jones about FEMA camps and saying he debunked them.  I recall however that On or around June 11, 2010, Glenn interviewed Larry Grathwohl who infiltrated the underground movement and how Ayers etc. said that re-education camps would need to be established and those that would not change (about 25 million) would have to die.  Are you denouncing that Glenn?
    Frankly Glenn, your stupid “Restoration” idea is just another way to keep controversy going because on the left and the right, controversy pays and pays big.  I guess you all laugh all the way to the bank.  If we ever separate, what would the talking heads on the left and right do to make a living?  I know, sell books about a red sweater.

    • Sharmane

       So, you think it’s ok for teachers who teach our children to whip people up into a class envy frenzy? 

      • landofaahs

        No. I’d rather have them homeschooled so I don’t worry about nuts coming into the school and killing kids. A day is coming where kids will stay home and the teacher will be a computer generated entity with the parent there to watch them. Think of the money we will save.

  • Sam Fisher

    Those are teachers from Chicago and people wonder why the crime rate shot up there. If this keeps up it won’t be long before the killing does start happening. It just takes one spark in this economy to make it happen and it will if Congress keeps bending over backwards to make happy their new master and chief. Taxes just increased for everyone and that will hurt the economy and send us back were we came from and will cause evil things if people like Karen Lewis get their way. Be prepared to make a stand.

    • Sharmane

       We wonder why kids aren’t getting proper educations today – look to her and others like her for the answer.

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    I heard the other day that Chicago just had its 500th murder. Forward!

  • Sharmane

    She and her ilk are poster children for what is wrong with this country.  For some reason they think the “rich” owe them and they revile the perceived rich and want their “fair share.”    This so reminds me of stories my dearly-departed in-laws told me of the pre and post Castro era in Cuba.  Castro ginned up the poor people against the “rich.”  At that time, in the late fifties, there wasn’t a large middle class.  So, unfortunately, my in-laws fell into the hated rich category.  Castro and his minions were masters at pitting the poor against the rich.  The “rich” eventually left the country (including the Bacardi family who moved their operations to Puerto Rico).  The rest of the “rich” eventually left and my in-laws had to forfeit their ocean front home, and all possessions to the government.  It was a very hard and evil time.  Now, look at Cuba, just about everyone is dirt poor, save the government elite.  That is what these people envision for us and if we do not counter it at every turn we will see the same scenario here as this is what those currently in power have as their agenda.  The useful idiots like this teachers’ union head will find themselves very, very poor and they won’t even know what happened.  We have to counter this campaign at every turn and turn back the tide or we will be subjects.  I am proud to say my in-laws did very well in this country, learned the language, became citizens and loved the United States of America and the freedoms it stands for.  I am actually glad they are not here to see this nonsense going on here.

  • Elena

    Why should I wish to legislate another’s wealth away?  That is sheer wickedness born out of a deficit of character and hardness of heart.

    “You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor.”

    As my Jewish friend sing at Passover:  Dayenu! that He provides for my daily bread.

  • Elena

    Fair share is a flat tax w/zero deductions and a resolve to move back within the constraints of funding only the enumerated powers of our Constitution.

    Let the states decide how to educate children and what kinds of social safety nets should be imposed by the state/local gov’t.  They can tax accordingly.

    The Constitution intends for a small and flexible federal gov’t that ensures national defense and regularized trading relations betw the individual states.  It’s also designed to put forward a unified foreign policy.  It’s sets up a fair judicial system that looks at the issue to decide not on the wealth of the individual bringing suit or of the criminal defendant.

    We can’t go back in an instant simply because of the pernicious addiction to federal monies that individual Americans have as well as those same addictions of those overseas.  Were we to immediately return all our forces to America, the world would convulse like a dying drug addict in a dark alley.  However, that is not to say it should never be done.  It should be done in stages.  Cutting off the worst offender of human rights and flagrantly anti-Americans off first…cold turkey.  Remove bases fm Europe and Asia at more leisurely paces until we have forces aligned to blunt any direct attacks on our home while a call-up of reserves can be placed in the field to shove the offender back to his own borders.

    Begin to put into place a system similar to the Swiss or Israeli military in which all young men and women are trained and then placed into reserves for continuing training.  Keep the active duty force capable keep our national interests immediately protected on land, in the air, on the sea (we are a maritime nation), and on the web.

  • Anonymous

    Another example of the left and unions.  How scary… Don’t lose hope, for our end is near.  Have faith and believe in God and know that he is in total control.  I can only say that I know where I am going and can’t wait.  What a place I have waiting for me.  I personally won’t miss this place at all…I will serve the Lord all the days of my life!!!

  • SoThere

    She’s the leader of the Teachers Union!  Doesn’t that explain everything!

    • BentGhazi

      Yep. I saw a comment she should be in a bunker somewhere – I have a feeling she will be one day – it will be six feet deep with vertical sides, and a turf lid on it.

      • SoThere

        Six by 4 by 4 below ground condo’s.

        • BentGhazi

          I hear that people are just dying to get into them…

          • SoThere

            Pinin for the Fjords.

          • BentGhazi

            ‘e’s pinin’ ‘e is…

          • I R Philosopher

             Both you and SoThere are total psychos. You do back ground searches on me and use my deceased grandmother to try and mock me? SoThere gave his old sock my Grandmothers nick-name that he probably found in her obituary and then you two laughed it up talking about her in a recent thread at Glenn Becks.


            What’s next, are you going to start threatening me again? Or accuse me of being a stalker again?  You are sick.

            “Your only ally is your anonymity, Devin. I will be investigating you and I will find a way to stop this little game you are playing. That is a promise, so don’t misinterpret it as a threat, threats are a waste of time and I don’t waste my time” -Bentghazi

            You have no honor and are a disgrace to the uniform that you claim to have served under. Get lost troll.

  • Anonymous

    What is truly frightening is that this woman has ANYTHING AT ALL to do with public education. She should be in a bunker somewhere.  What a dumb ass broad.

  • Anonymous

    I heard some of Lewis’s speech today….truly class warfare…If it weren’t for the working, tax paying, bill paying people in this country, the Left wouldn’t exist, and neither would their welfare state, yet we are demonized and used to re-distribute the wealth.

  • dennis reilly

    she fails to mention Barack Obama’s wealth and how he and his family doesn’t share their wealth

  • EgbertThrockmorton1

    Rhetorically speaking of course and with GREAT political satire-tongue-in-cheek, it now seems appropriate to traget in the literal sense those “union leaders” who so willingly advocate and “joke” about committing physical violence upon their “enemies”.
    That if course IS anyone, any group that dares challenge their stranglehold upon their lemming-like membership, who are so unintelligent and maleable, that their stunted intellects require them to be forced into the union mantra of gangsterism.
    Why not declare Union “leaders”as free-fire zones, or “targets of opportunity”?
    It is simple, sinking to their level of depravity and vulgarity, only makes US, appear to be like them, something one has to scrap off one’s shoe on a hot steamy day in the park.
    Excrement, pure and simple.

  • Michele

    Sad!! Something tells they are serious!!!!  I Woner if  this includes  the union leaders?

  • Elizabeth Bell

    That insane remark about lethal working conditions??? HUH …OSHA already makes ridiculous requirements of both employees and employers…I recently applied to a temp agency and passed a work place safety exam with a perfect score…interesting part?  The exam was designed for industrial workers, I have been white collar for nearly 12 yrs.

  • Swamp Fox

    I believe Karen Lewis has a six figure salary for doing what she is doing.  To me, that makes her rich.  My question to Ms Lewis is, does that mean you will be willing to commit suicide?  Please don’t.  To paraphrase Pope John Paul II, “God created stupidity.  He just doesn’t want you to misuse it.”  You are Ms Lewis.

  • racindavid

    Chain her to the back of a pick up truck and drag her around…  Oh I was juuusst kidding…   just like she was…

    • Hotcupoftruth

      Great comment

  • Anonymous

    I fear for my son and his wife who live in Chicago, the cesspool of IL. The politics ave always been mafia-like, just look at who came of of this Babylon and who is running the show now, one of his henchmen. The city in itself is grandiose, especially North Shore area, but there are creatures roaming around and you don’t want to be out at night in some areas.
    As for those areas, and on a current but different topic, I would like to see well-organized gun-search raids on the districts that have the highest murder rate; a good old fashioned kind such as in the Intouchables… but I fear that the law doesn’t have the guts to do so, for fear of bloody backlash.

  • Elizabeth Bell

    The ending remarks made by Beck have been what I have been saying for many years, all the way back to college as a student of anthropology…mankind may have made strides in technology but has forgotten the spiritual.

  • Anonymous

    What has happened to America?
    We need to come together as a nation!

  • Pepper

    I agree June1969… I too find myself going to God more and more and have a way better understanding of what’s going on now more then ever.  I read my Bible and pray daily for the most part ( I am human).  The more the world goes down to hell the more I pray for mercy for our nation and blessings to Israel.  I pray for all who do not know God and I pray for those who do are granted wisdom in the Holy Spirit to do His work. 

  • greywolfrs

    This woman is simply amazing in the fact that her stupidity knows no bounds. What’s even more amazing is the people who believe her. What goes beyond that is they have the nerve to be teaching children this.
    The biggest problem is people who want change our Constitution to suit themselves, that includes both sides. Why is it so difficult to just let people be free to make their own choices?

  • Anonymous

    Puppit’s can only do what there master’s string’s command them to do !

  • BentGhazi

    It figures, thuggery even among the soft unions. There is little that can be done or said about this kind of stupidity. You just have to stay out of their way, and wait for it to dissipate. 

    Like all hate filled selfish morons, these union bullies have been seen for who they are. Their bravery usually stops about the time people stand against them. They are good for a sucker-punch but when real resistance meets them they retreat. 

    What a bunch of disgusting pukes. And these people are classroom teachers?!?
    I would expect this crap from the Teamsters, but school teachers? 

    They have had their heads filled with bad ideas – someday there needs to be a moment of clarity for them when they are told just how wrong this is. Hopefully nobody dies to provide it for them.

  • Hotcupoftruth

    She is just a Chicago puppet controlled by the corrupt Chicago Political Machine puppet-masters currently in the White House. Feel sorry for the Chicago school kids that must try to learn under her twisted influence.

  • Anonymous

    The problem here is that you can blame Obama for this mess, but the cause of the problems are two-fold: 1) the movement that organized labor, unions and 2) when welfare was instituted. Both became a source for mis-use. The unions, instead of caring for the worker, are now corrupt organizations, depending on the workers’ dues. The welfare system is abused to no end, both by the users and the government.  When you take away the opportunity for ambitious people, their desire to get ahead diappears.

  • suz

    we’re building robots.  that’s pretty much it.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome To The UNION States of The Socialist Republic or The UNION NATIONS of Amerika

  • Anonymous

    I think we are in serious trouble,but I also feel no matter how big the armies of dark forces
    that wants to destroy America.Theres always a light thats ten times stronger.That light is our
    faith and truth is our weapon.The union people who talk nonsense such as killing rich people
    will find themselves in much worser trouble and it’ll happen on its own.So we pray for them
    because they do not know what they do.Worry about what we need to do and leave the rest
    to God.God bless.

  • empty pockets

    The parrot media tells us those on the Left are merely speaking metaphorically.  It’s the “right-wing-nuts” who are dangerous and scary.  Yet it’s the union protests that turn violent.  It’s the OWS that featured violence, rapes, destruction of property… 

    When will those blissfully unaware “independents” finally understand that the far Left (like this teacher) are saying EXACTLY what they mean? 

    Obama, when off teleprompter, speaks the truth.  He WILL fundamentally change America.  He already has and this teacher is one of his banner carriers, will be one of his “soldiers”

  • Lee Ford

    Unhinged, radical comments are the rule rather than the exception on the left. At the plant where I work, we are situated in a fairly rural area of NC. You know, deer hunting, right wing Christian conservative kind of area.
    In a conversation with one of my machine operators that I’ve always regarded as a sane, level kind of guy he blew me away with his remark.
    Imagine my surprise when the discussion led to unions, corporate greed, CEO salaries, etc. His statement was that the upper management of these large companies (of which we’re one) should all be “shot right between the eyes”. Typical entitlement addict.
    Only problem is that these are the people who create jobs, which are just vaguely important right now. And they don’t feel like they can expand their business right now (creating jobs in the process) because of the threat of higher taxes and ever increasing federal gov’t intervention in the form of regulations etc.
    A lot of folks can’t seem to get past the notion that they somehow deserve what someone else sweated for. For instance a lot of people regret a pro round ball player making 3m or whatever they make. “they aren’t worth that” they say. Well OBVIOUSLY they are they are, someone is willing to pay that exorbitant amt. for them. Team franchise owners any more than any business do not make their living giving away money. Why can people not grasp this concept?  And then they cannot make their case without violent rhetoric. SHeeeeSH!!

  • raylau


  • Dawn Brayton

    Oh for heaven sake what are you guys all upset about. That fat thing(and she is is obese not merely fat, wonder what sort of chair she has to sit in when making all of her Chicago Tonight appearences)is head of one of the most wealthy unions In America. When she talks about killing the rich she’s unknowingly talking about herself. Especially since Mayor Emanuel has decided to turn some of our public schools into Charter schools. Meaning she’s begging for her job. And WHAT lethel working conditions is she even talking about? Doesn’t anyone think it’s odd that in Chicago only the public schools have violence it them and no other kind of school?

  • Lesismor

    Conservatives must use the same “Rules For Radicals” playbook the Left uses. We can’t win using serious, logical discussion. We must mock, ridicule and marginalize them and their ideas. 

  • crazy betty

    they only want to kill the rich because they aren’t one of them.  jealous.

  • lulitadow92

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