Glenn’s Daily Prep: 1/8/2013

Every morning, Glenn’s producers put together stories and research for Glenn to review before he discusses the plan for the radio and television shows. Below, you can see the stories that the producers put together for him this morning. Some of these stories will end up on radio and television, some will not – but now you can get more insight into what shapes Glenn’s show each and every day:

#1 3-D printers could bring manufacturing to your home office

#2 Xperia Z: The smartphone you can take into the shower

#3 White House responds to ‘Deport Piers Morgan’ petition

#4 Exclusive: Disney looks for cost savings, ponders layoffs – sources

#5 Bank of America Freezes Gun Manufacturer’s Account, Company Owner Claims

#6 Overweight-only gym fosters supportive atmosphere

#7 CES 2013: Fisher-Price playing between virtual and real toys

#8 U.S. may default on its debt half a month earlier than expected, new analysis shows

#9 Faceoff in Chinese City Over Censorship of Newspaper

#10 Call to arms on Staten Island: panel votes to give school guards guns

#11 Afghan president flies to Washington for tough talks on military future

#12 Brand New Data On Youth Unemployment — The Scariest Numbers In Europe

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