Glenn’s plan to expand TheBlaze into an international, cutting edge news network

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Tonight on The Glenn Beck Program, Glenn unveiled major plans for the future of TheBlaze as he plans to turn it into a cutting-edge, international news network. The announcements included expanded programming, new staffing, expanding office space, and new mobile technology.

Glenn began with a critique of the media on the left and the right, nothing that he was sick of the yelling from politicians and pundits on both sides of the aisle. Wanting to play in a new realm of political discussion, Glenn said he wanted to produce news for an audience that value true freedom that is closer to The Constitution.

“You’re going to get common sense from us, that’s what we’re about,” Glenn said.

Glenn said that many things would be happening in the next sixty days for The Blaze. He explained that the network would soon have a “Global Information Headquarters” located in New York City, hinting at a new location with noted significance that will cause people to take notice. TheBlaze would also have three new bureau offices, some of which would be located overseas. He also announced plans to expand the news team with a focus on investigative journalism.

Glenn also announced expanded programming. First, he said that “For the Record” would soon be launching as a periodic news magazine show similar to “60 Minutes”.He also said that he was planning to launch a new nightly news show similar to “Nightline”, but noted cautioned that his business and programming teams have warned him that it would be “impossible” to accomplish this in 2013. Glenn disagrees.

“Our Nightline will be a nightly half hour broadcast to update you on a topic that no one else quite frankly has the balls to do. I will,” he said.

He also plans to have live news updates during TheBlaze throughout the broadcast day.

Glenn then shifted gears to technology, focusing on an exciting second screen experience. Glenn explained that using an iPad, viewers would be able to delve into an enhanced experience that would allow them to access more information than can be shown on the television screen.

The second screen feature, which is still in development, would allow viewers to find and view primary sources, purchase books and items mentioned on the show, participate in live polls, and delve further into the videos and charts showcased during the monologues.

Glenn did not announce a release date for the new technology, but hinted that his goal would be to begin releasing second screen features in Fall of 2013.

Watch his demonstration below:

Get Glenn Live! On TheBlaze TV

Glenn also previewed The Brain, a pet project he has been working on for five years but may not be able to release in 2013. He gave a preview of what it would look like at the end of the show:

Get Glenn Live! On TheBlaze TV
  • Appalandes

    Gosh, Glenn. If you ever think of doing something in Santiago, Chile, just drop me a line to – Eduardo Elgeta. God bless you.

  • Ginny Koon Willis

    That’s awesome!!! Please get on DirecTV soon! I miss getting “real news” and can’t because I have limited data for my internet. I tried the trail in November and ran my data over. Cost me $150

    • Carla Reynolds

      Same here I ran over 200.00 twice…. ouch…hope he comes to direc TV…

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Glenn is making the future happen now, and I can imagine that the administration will crash down hard in an effort to stop him any way they can. 

    • Anonymous

      I have had DISH for 4 or so years and when Glenn told us about Dish ch 212, I called that day.  I pay the same amt for the Blaze Tv as I did for GBTV.  Sorry, but I did not have the computer and internet to watch the full show.  I would sure like the viewing numbers from Dish on ch 212.  Cmon Glenn, don’t dont hold back, be transparent, what are the numbers from Dish??? I am sure that many other providers are going to pick up the Blaze TV.

    • Anonymous

       I don’t understand the users that say they pay for “data”. What kind of internet provider charges by “data”? I’m lost on this one…..Theblazetv is less than a $100 a year. Buy a roku and stream it that way or thru a blu-ray player. I think some of you are making this harder than it really is?

      • Anonymous

        Those who subscribe to the lowest, slowest level that most providers supply like RR light pay extra if they go over the allotted amount of data which usually covers enough for basic e-mail and minimum surfing without much downloading. I go for it, top tier U-Verse rocks my internet. Unlimited data super fast downloads….

      • Carol Morgan

         clear that used to be clearwire and a few  others limit data…pain in the you know what

  • Anonymous

    Explain the Book of Revelation – tomorrow’s news – forecast two-thousand years ago, if you have and understand the Key of David, that Trumpet Blast has already been heard for 70 years – cutting edge Glenn (?), or just another source to fashion a world view according to Beck?????

  • Debby Kolbe

    Since the seat belt law I understood that government was becoming a “Parental Metastisised Cancer”.  Thank you for doing your best as an American!   Bravo!

  • Debby Kolbe

    Read “The Shack”.  Good read

  • Debby Kolbe

    Concise fact is a much more relevant term than “Truth”, which is subjective predicated on perception…think  about  it.

    • Rachel

      Truth is often complicated to arrive at, but it’s never relative.  It’s just that sometimes you aren’t aware of what the truth is because the facts are not all available. Perception of the truth is what we base our opinions on.  When we don’t know the truth, our opinion is distorted, irrational and dangerous (which is why Obama is our President)

  • Debby Kolbe

    Born in a Jubilee Year…I have a plethora of information that has been absorbed throughout my lifetime…have been patiently waiting for the correct timing.  Should you choose me, I’m ready to share now.

  • Frederick Mullis

    I Have DirecTV and wish they would get your shows, I am asking them every day it seems.  My Internet connection is not good enough, nor is my system fast enough for me to watch it online…  

  • Doug Turner

    Android, not iPad. Bring it to the people, not the sheep.

    • Joshua Nielsen

      hey some of us happen to like the iphone better then android. I had my iphone before android was out and been hooked on iphone ever sense then. But I do agree he needs to bring it to android as well. Just dont bad mouth us iphone users.

      • Matthew A. Anderson

        Androids use open source whereas iPads are proprietory.  I think it’s the classic IBM PC v MAC.  Being a droid user I feel Glen is appealing to Apple user’s who are mainly Democrats.

        • David Zuniga

          Exactly; the Android platform is a larger market, is open-source, and is growing faster.  It is also true that iPads owners are a more liberal demographic.

          • Daryl L. Hunter

            Me and Rush, not quit the liberal demographic

        • Anonymous

           What a ridiculous statement! Apple users are Democrats? Based on what?

    • Bernard

      How about Apple TV. Glen has everything Apple HOWEVER no Blaze TV on Apple TV. MLB is on Apple TV!!!

  • Kathy Gutman

    He’s one smart fearless cookie, <3 him

  • Another Forgotten Voice

    I just started a petition on the White House Petitions site, We the
    People. Will you sign it?

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    Go Glenn!!!

  • Jerry – Tampa

    Glenn, you are unbelievable.  TheBlaze really will become the dominant news organization if you pull this off.  Please don’t sacrifice “The Brain,” though, that is the one feature I would probably use most.  We gotta figure out a way to increase your audience.  May God Bless you and all of The Blaze family.

  • Margaret Kippers

    I miss you too! I have Direct TV and I sure wish you could do something to get on with them. I am finding FOX NEWS being more of the same over and over. O’Relliy,Greta, and Hannity talk about the same topics every nite. I use to like there shows but now there shows are the repeat of the same thing just a different person saying the same thing.

    • Dorrie

       I have DirectTV as well and if Glenn isn’t on Satellite, I won’t be able to see him because I can’t afford to subscribe to his show.

      • Carla Giampaglia

        Seriously, if you get internet, you can buy a ROKU and get the service for The Blaze on there.

      • Anyone but Obama

         Yes, you can pay $100 bucks a year to hear this scam artist. By he way, don’t even think about trying to cancel and get a refund for time left. Beck won’t give you dopes a penny after he gets it in his money grubbing hands. I know from experience. I signed up only to have to listen to him and the other two-year olds joke about something stupid for the entire first segment. When are those idiots going to grow up?

        • Anyone but Obama

           And I KNOW these pricks read this. You would think he would want people to be satisfied with something he sells. He doesn’t care, he just wants the money.

          • Paolina

             I’m not Glen’s biggest fan, but you seem like you are mis-informed a bit. Especially when you claim Rosetta Stone is a scam on your site (It helped me improve my Chinese and Russian and is one of the most reputable companies in the world), but I’d agree some of the other advertisers are not good (the worst is that stansberry research you failed to mention who gives long spiel videos to try to hook people into paying for financial advice which is basically just to buy farmland which everyone here already knows!).

          • art vandaly

            Are you sure you are not an Obama supporter, because you hit the nail on the head for dead on liberalism. They use words like “money grubbing hands” and usually complain about everything they have to pay for. I think you would be a better Bill Maher supporter than a Beck supporter. Although Glenn should be free, even Al Gore did that with Current to certain degree.

          • Anonymous

             If you want to call someone a prick, and that’s a sweet little scatological description of an individual who is trying with all his intellectual might to change us from free individuals to a herd of Communist cattle, lay that on Mr.O our legally elected leader. You are wasting your vitriol on a voice calling out in the closing darkness, sometimes silly and dramatic, but non the less a much needed voice to help bring freedom loving people in America to realize what is being done to them.

            I don’t know why you hate Beck but your hating the the wrong person in a rather vile and stupid way amigo!!   

          • joanc

            Thank You for telling “anyone” who the bad guy really  is, and it isn’t Beck.  Beck put himself in dange,r for  informing us about the lies being fed the public, by a complicit media who covered up far  too many events, rather then report the real story.

        • Carol Morgan

           most people tune in to get the news, not to get money! as far as Pat and Stu, we need the comic relief now more than ever!

        • Anonymous

           Not only do you come off as ignorant about Glenn Beck’s motives, but you are also ignorant of elementary English grammar.  So Glenn has some segments where there is joking about what goes on in Congress and the White House, there are many segments on history, and investigational reporting exposing what is going on in America that the average American is unaware. If you watched Glenn on FOX News network in the past, you would realize that much of what he has reported has come to fruition.  He investigates and reports on topics that has put him in personal danger.  Why should an American have to wear a bullet proof vest and have security to report the truth?  Obama’s people would love nothing better than to shut down Glenn Beck permanently.  Obama is an anti-colonialist who surrounds himself with socialists, marxists, and communists.  As a boy in Hawaii, he was mentored by a communist.  To “”, do some reading and investigating on your own before posting.  And, regarding “money grubbing”, look at Al Gore and what a money grubbing, hypocrite he is.  Also, I signed up for The Blaze TV on the internet and had to cancel for financial reasons, and yes, I did get a refund as it was within the trial period.  I’m now a current subscriber.  You don’t say if you were within the trial period when you cancelled and tried to get a refund.  I know I have posted on several topics and did not separate by paragraphs, but I do know English grammar, spelling, and how to read books on my own to become an informed individual.  Maybe you should try that yourself.  Bill O’Rielly, Glenn Beck, and Mike Huckabee, are God fearing, patriotic  Americans.  Can you say the same of Al Gore, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett, Michelle Obama, and Eric Holder?

          • joanc

            Thanks for a great post cgal. I love Beck, and do miss him. Fox isn’t the same without him.  He was pushed out for telling  hidden facts the establishment wanted kept from us. He opened many peoples eyes with his educating programs on Fox News.  The Lame “in the bag media”  hated him for pointing out their duplicity and their love affair with obama, as well as their failure to report anything negative the “chosen one”..  Finally, the public is waking up to how obama is ruling as if he were King.  A king we know nothing about, yet he is systematically shredding the Constitution, the great  document he took an oath to protect and defend!  He now wants it banished so he can write his own  declaration of obama land. Our Congressmen and women have been made impotent by king O as he ignores them on a daily basis and rules by Executive order. I guess we no longer have three Distinct Branches of Government, since the king is bent on loading the Supreme court and bypassing Congress. God Bless America,and Give her the strength to stand firm against ALL Enemies Foreign and Domestic !

          • Anonymous

            If you all really want to buy in to a conspiracy theory, consider this – maybe Beck is working for Obama. If not, he should be – Beck is bring out the stupid in the far right fundamentalism of America, doing more damage to the conservative movement than Obama. You all will be pushed closer to the edge of irrelevance, and Obama will have a majority in Congress in 2014!

          • Anonymous

            You are ‘right on’. Glenn told us things that always came to pass. People should wake up.

        • Anonymous

           You are so ignorant it’s pathetic. Only sheep follow Obama over the cliff
          you’re one of them, happy landing!
          stop drinking the cool aid and wake up man
          educate yourself, reading would help, it’s all out there!

        • mary ewing

          I wish Glenn Beck would stay more serious than all that joking stuff… turns me off too.!  Cancelled my subscription… I know we all need our outlets but not at my expense!!   

      • Anonymous

        I have THE DISH and his program is on there

    • Anonymous

      And sadly, all of them are preaching to the choir.  We were all educated by Beck, and even Hannity (O’Reilly — not so much — he’s just too fair and balanced and cares about keeping his job, not speaking the truth), and we KNEW that 4 years of Obama was ENOUGH, and another 4 years would take America down.  But those who SHOULD have been educated by Beck are the ones who never watched, never listened. So, the “stupids” put BO BACK in the WH, and now we’re gonna hear the same message for the NEXT 4 years from all of the same people? It won’t do any good this time either! 

      I have to say, I appreciated what Beck did for all of us who listened, but sadly, even another 4 years of Beck doing his thing, trying to save America, will NOT change America BACK. 

      We’ve stopped watching ALL OF THE MEDIA — even the ONLY Conservative media that was left: Fox. And now Beck is just in it for the money, because if he were in it to “save America,” he’d want the world to hear what he had to say.  But that’s not the case.  He’s a businessman, and that’s it.  

      It’s way too depressing to just hear more of the same old “hope.” — all talk, no action.  And those who SHOULD be listening, don’t and won’t.

    • AF6YC_Doug

      I’ve found the same thing about O’Reilly/Hannity/Van Susteren. It seems like they used to perhaps overlap on one or two topics, but now it seems to be almost everything. I’ve been DVRing pretty much everything I watch anymore so I can skip commercials and duplicate topics (at least up to the point where they are discussing the topics with different guests which may give them a slightly different slant). Greta seems to be the only one who lets her guests actually complete their thoughts rather than cutting them off and trying to push them into saying what the host wants them to say…quite often in the words he wants them to use. I figure that if you have someone on for their opinion, you should let them voice their opinion, not necessarily yours. Glenn seems to be much better at that.

  • Laf

    I like beck. I support him. 

    However, I have to ask….

    outside our little conservative/freedom-loving echo chamber, how many people are tuning in or reading the Blaze?

  • James Reesor

    Glenn Beck would be doing the world a favor if he focused attention on the impartation of knowledge — as outlined in 2009 by JIGROP.

  • Neil Haran

    I immediately thought of this game when I saw his show on tech and education in games.

  • Jan W Evans

    Wish you could get on cable TV.  My data runs over as well andmy husband gets quite upset about that!  Keep working for a way to reach ALL the people!  I admire all that you are doing.

    • Carol Morgan

       i was having trouble with my data running over so i switched my blaze to dishnetwork instead. it only works if you already have both dish and isp, which we did. good luck, keep trying, its worth it!

  • Jan W Evans

    Would love to see you get on cable TV.  My data runs over as well and is costly.  Keep working at sharing your knowledge with ALL people everywhere.  We need that desparately!

  • Justone View

    Good luck Glenn. It will be very difficult to find the caliber of people that you will need to kick but. A great idea. I would like to also suggest a program like the old On the Road with Charles Kaualt. (sp?)  We need to meet and see real people who are human being. We need human TV. The talk, the noise, the bantering between talking heads is killing us. Good luck. 

  • Marian Scirrotto

    What would it take to get the Blaze TV on Comcast ?

    • Tim Wrbas

       a miracle since NBC owns Comcast.

  • Joshua Nielsen

    please come to att as well. 

  • Applier

    He made political enemies at Fox and they ran him out..I’d get a bodyguard now because those same people are going to like this even less and we all know what they are capable of

  • Theresa M. Meyer

    Excellent! I support your endevor completely.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn I miss watching you!  We can’t afford to pay for The Blaze TV  we had to cancel our Heatlh insurance just to just try and make enough to pay our bills!!   I wish there was some way I could watch and be informed whats going on!  I FEEL BLIND!  :(

  • Chris

    How about Android support?

  • obadiasnathan46

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    internet. She has been out of work for 7 months but last month her check
    was $14705 just working on the internet for a few hours. Go to this web
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  • Denise Sanchez

    I’m excited for the future!

  • Anonymous

    This just gets better every day! I’m so glad he’s moving away from the Washington nonsense and focusing on our culture and society instead. I just can’t take the idiots in Washington anymore!

  • Sam Fisher

    Cool tech please don’t get rid of the brain.

    • Irina Krasnyuk

      Just look at you!- Please don’t touch.

      • Sam Fisher

        I hope you don’t think I was attacking Glenn I really thought the idea of his interactive brain saving clips from the show is a great idea.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s hoping he gets back on satellite TV.  The rest doesn’t work for us, as we live out in the boonies with lousy internet access.

  • Kevin Schotts

    Glenn you better expand here to Canada. PLEASE……..

  • Anonymous

    I prefer Mr Beck on cable. I cant wrap my head around watching anything other than from TV. So when Mr Beck left Fox news I was very very disappointed to say the least! He was always on at 5pm!

  • Anonymous

    I was sorry to see Glen go from FOX.  The Blaze is a pay channel, so I don’t watch him now.  Maybe he will go on a no-pay channel.

    • Carol Morgan

       you can get clips of his shows on and that is free. it just comes to your email inbox or you can go directly through by typing in the url.

  • Anonymous

    I surely hope you come to cable in Canada.  I know I can access on my computer, but I do not have time to sit there all day.  Lois Halls

  • Anonymous

    Beck is very badly needed.  Even FOX is more concened with ratings that with telling it like it is.  We are fast losing America.  Just last week the NYT published an article recommending the Constitution be abandoned.  But this as just a long term leftist desire that started with Woodrow Wilson coming out into the open.  FDR tried to substitute his second bill or rights for the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.  Obama said the Constitution is a document of negative rights.  The Constitution gets in his way.  America needs a news outlet that exposes these radical anti-American teachings.  Glen was doing a good job of it on FOX.  I wish did not have to pay for the Blaze.

  • Phil McConathy

    I too wish he was on DirecTV. I have sent numerous messages to DirecTV but no response yet.

  • william russell

    Hey all i think this is great to have a person, a show and a staff that believes in america and willing to work hard to develop a system to bring the truth, no agenda news but the facts.  It is great that beck has a a group of people from inside that provides facts that no one else will talk about.  Cnn, abc, nbc and all the other liberal, obama control networks, better be watching over your shoulder  because  a tiger is coming after you.  You will become the past as becks gets his organization up and running.  I agree with a poster, i was a strong follower of o’riely but do not watch him any more.  Beck keep going you will impact the usa with your news and facts like no one else.

  • Vikki Waln

    Android, Glenn. Us broke folks can’t afford to plunk down the bucks for iAnything.

  • Daryl L. Hunter

    Get his internet service, I stayed on even though I watch him on dish network #212.  I now don’t watch on the computer and my wife wants me to cancel but I inform her we all must continue to support Glenn and his enterprise. I know the GBTV enables Dish Network which is a better way to view.

  • Willam Stadly

    Dump direct TV they cost more I got Dish Tv its cheaper and i like it better, I get Glenn beck  that’s the reason. I support g Beck on this adventure and will be happy to always see and hear the truth for a change

    • donnak1613

      Can’t dump DirecTV because of the NFL Ticket … also DirecTV is MUCH better than DISH!

  • Willam Stadly

    ill pay a little more for always getting the truth. You cant get truth from any other News they are all sick and run by sponsors and the Dem party

  • Anonymous

    Spine tingling :)!!!

  • Anonymous

    DIRECTV and ANDROID PLEASE!!! Do that and I’ll subscribe again 😉 I love the Blaze, but don’t like iCrap and streaming the shows constantly resets to the beginning. This makes me search for where I was several times a show which is unacceptable :-(

  • Anonymous

    Hi Glen,

    Thanks soooo much for your honesty, integrity, and tenacity to go where others don’t have the guts to go. I think of Obama and the 18 or 19 year old boys during WW2 that were told to go over that hill. Obama would have turned and ran and we’d be speaking Japaneese or German. He is a gutless wonder and with his full press on controlling our right to bear arms both foreign and “especially domestic” he and his bunch need to be stopped. Without you and your cause we’d be sunk. The big plus is even Fox has to finally show they are not up to the task of informing and helping protect America with solid truth.

  • Karen Rose


  • Anonymous

    In NY, then out of NY, now back in NY.  There are a lot of inconsistencies that are of increasing concern to me.  A “global” news network?  The idea sounds like a mirror of Al Jazeera, who has done a surprisingly good job considering their cultural beliefs–but there’s still an underlying cultural flavor to it.   To me, this new “global” news source is a bit disturbing.  I have a wait-and-see attitude regarding this.

    • Anonymous

      You’d best fasten your back side to a solid foundation..Edison, Disney, Jobs, Gates, Carnagey (sp) Rockefeller..etal..ALL DOERS..had many more ‘skeptics’ then the just the likes of those of your ilk..& WITHOUT their entrprenuerial (sp) many others would NEVER be able to have this internet..& other means making our lives so much easier…Glenn’s after the TRUTH..& Myself & & a WHOLE lotta others are fortunate that a person of his integrity, honesty, character, willingness to sacrifice to HELP US get the truth..are damn lucky to be alive to help him make that a reality!!  Even if you don’t!!

    • Carol Morgan

       actually there is a need for it, there are people around the world who could benefit from The Blaze.

  • Dorrie

    But it will all be on computer, so those without subscription to Beck will be out of luck.

    • Carol Morgan

       maybe not. u get the blaze station on dishnetwork for the five bucks a month and i actually get more there for my money. Stu and Pat, Wilkow, Glenn, etc. at this price it is well worth it for five bucks a month.

  • Anonymous

    This sounds great…people are ready for rational and truthful news and debate, and might I add an instant fact check on what the guest or politician says…sort of like Truth or Consequences…the Left accomplished their progressive goals because they are on media news outlets who allow them to lie and side with their Left Wing, socialist progressive agendas. I would like to this on Direct TV also.

  • Anonymous

    I wish your show would be avaible on Direct TV.

  • Guest

    “Uh oh: the left won’t like what Glenn has planned ”

    The left doesn’t give a crap about Beck’s absurd nonsense. Breitbart had Beck figured out:
    Glenn Beck is a Liar, Thief and Coward

    • Carol Morgan

       uh…sorry but yes they do! they feel threatened by him and anyone else wghop dares uncover and expose the truth…again with the manners, huh?

  • Anonymous



  • Guest

    “For the Record” would soon be launching as a periodic news magazine show similar to “60 Minutes”.

    WRONG!  60 Minutes is a serious news program. Anything Beck does is reactionary propaganda, good to misinform gullible reactionaries and good for a laugh for informed citizens.

    • Anonymous

       The glory days are over for the main stream media. They have turned into a propaganda stream for the liberals by refusing to touch stories that would detract from their hero. You look for balance and both sides of the story. Distorting history, fudging the facts, and selling only emotion has turned me off from the traditional media.

      On the other hand, we have an inovator who is reworking news and teaching to actually use modern technology. I hope Beck’s lawyers are patenting these ideas. He is going to be a rich man. This is where the media should have been headed if they had their heads in the daylight instead of that dark smelly place where they are now.

    • Carol Morgan

       y’all know that when you are a guest, you should be polite and respectful to the host…that is what my mommy told me when i was a little girl!

      You are on Glenn’s turf-how about some manners???

  • Take 2

    After all millions of Excutive Orders will be targeted dawards Global Order. really new order word… this is very exciting…stuff. i get it! ill cover east, africa i.e zanzibar. its the center of islam and who would think…

  • AnonymousViking

    Glenn I want to keep supporting you because I believe in you NO MATTER WHAT!
    What can we continue to do aside from watching you and listening to you and buying 
    your products.  I believe we need to not only Market Conservatism but also Market
    what Communism is TRULY All About.  to me for instance the defination of a liberal / progressive / communist they are all the same to me is as follows:

    “Pro-Terrorist, Anti-American, White Flag Waiving, Gutless Yellow Bellies, who are Traitors
    to their country and people.  They divide us in order to conquer us as they use the lame street media to lie to us.” 

    That to me is my definition of a Liberal / Communist

    Paul D. Engleson
    American Patriot and proud of those who served our country Amen to our Troops.

  • bobnj1

    I, too, must weigh in with the desire for Glenn to expand to the Android platform.  The Android platform has a larger installed base and that market share is growing over Apple’s IOS.

    • Carol Morgan

       that is a good idea. i have an android tablet and would use it for the new ideas. please go to scroll to bottom of page, click on customer service, then feedback for glenn, and submit this idea of yours!

  • Christina Gavlak

    Finaly the truth. God bless you. Can’t wait. If you need any help for free I would love to help promote and spread truth.

  • Anonymous

    For $10/mo or $99/yr, it is worth every single red cent to watch this network grow.  If it was doubled, I would certainly pay it.  I am cutting back cable and growing my ROKU selection.4

  • Anonymous

    John F.Kennedy once said,”Man will be what he is born to be FREE AND INDEPENDENT!”
    Today regardless of what these banks,these so called medias are doing.Will never take away
    mans freedom and independence.For these are the things that men fight for and will never
    surrender.As our brave fights for us in war,We must fight for freedom at home.Its hard to imagine we have a few in this country that think control is an answer.It is not and it never
    will be.Glenn Beck won’t be the only one that will bother them.FOX NEWS will be too
    regardless of what some think of it now.We need each other to depend on and to do our
    parts.Without each other Glenn cannot do what hes doing nor can we stand up.As JFK
    once told the people of Berlin,”To lift your eyes beyond the dangers of today,to the hopes
    of tomorrow.”telling them that their city,their country would be one and when that day comes
    as it will he said,”The people of West Berlin can take sober satisfaction that they were in the
    frontlines for almost two decades.”We too must be in the frontlines and where we will
    be remembered for getting America back on track.I hope Glenn is successful,but I pray
    God will be with us all.God bless America.

  • Anonymous

    More powe to you Glenn!  Admire your work!

  • Schawminator

    May God Bless you Glenn

    Knowledge is pwer but very powerful when it is share with those willing to recieve it. Thanks for all your sharing in the past and I’m looking forward to supporting you in the future.
    And may the chickens come home to roost at FOX.

  • Joan Koester Ashley


  • Anyone but Obama

    Yeah sure he will. He’ll get as much money as he can from you schmucks and make him and the other two aholes, Pat and Stu even richer. Like the GOP, Beck doesn’t give a crap about you or this country except for how rich you dopes can make him by buying his books, TV show and whatever. He’s no different than THAT GUY, Obama. He’ll try to scare the crap (AND MONEY) out of you just to get rich. Can’t you morons see that after all these years?

    • Anonymous

      NEVER EVER agree to auto-renewal–on ANYthing. LOL.

  • Pamela Vinje Capes


  • Take 2

    Write Direct TV…joking around-I requested to talk to the boss apple sauce-The guy that called me personally indicted that He was the boss Applesauce-“And what did I ‘want”! It was a hoot! They adopted a few thing’s we discussed …! True story…! My point is they truly listen to loyal customers unlike most focus mainly on greed to attract new money. At least the boss cares about loyal customers.   I think, the call came from Idaho…

  • donnak1613

    I agree with you.  I’ve been with DirecTV since 2012 and they are always willing to listen.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had programming credited for an entire year.  DirecTV is great!  As I said before, they DO listen.

  • Josie

    Best Wishes for Continued Success Glenn and staff at GBTV.  Thanks for bringing the truth to us and now to the world.

  • Anonymous

    Before even reading past the first few lines of the above article, it needs to be said:


    It is very annoying to have to read, reread and read a third time to try to figure out the gist of a sentence because of missing and wrong words. Please FIX THIS. If you are using “voice-recognition software” to dictate the content, then for heaven’s sake, PROOFREAD AND CORRECT IT afterwards. No “voice recognition software” is 100% accurate and most of it is garbage that invariably throws out unintended and ridiculous mistakes and gobbledegook.

    Hire an editor or proofreader, and have the guts to put a BY-LINE on your material so we know who prepares it. These are basic tenets of journalism. For some reason, the internet seems to be erasing all such rules and common sense.

    Thank you. –Now will go back and try again.

    • Anonymous

      OK-BACK AGAIN. Your latest inspirations sound very exciting, but don’t sacrifice QUALITY for ENTHUSIASM (see above post).
      GOOD LUCK!

    • Anonymous

      That cost money! Look beyond that unless you want the job. It’s the message that counts first and foremost.
      Of course you are correct; Eventually, that will be a possibility.

      • Anonymous

        That’s a cop-out! Glenn Beck TRIED TO BUY AL “JAZEERA” GORE’s Current TV network! He’s got the BUCKS.

        If Glenn wants to be in JOURNALISM, he needs to hire some COMPETENT EDITORS, or at least a proficient proofreader! It’s not likely to break Glenn’s bank account!

        And it should be MANDATORY for every website to have a BY-LINE on every article they publish (i.e., someone who’s accountable for content), as well as a DATE on each article. The sloppiness and lack of professionalism online is absolutely inexcusable.

  • Anonymous

    Best Wishes!!

  • Burton Trattner

     Prime time at 8PM against all the MSM.  I would love watching Piers Morgan vaporize.

    • Anonymous

      He is almost there Burton…let not your heart be troubled.

  • Anonymous

    God’s speed and I will look forward to hearing real info.  I bang my head because no talks about what I read.   LIKE:  The letter to Judge Roberts about O’s swearing in if done by Roberts. Or how come all of a sudden all the long time military commanders resign?  Interesting!  Nixon was driven from office and O has death of four AMERICANS and he is still in?   What?

  • joann odd


    To those who complain about the MONEY- nothing that is worth anything – is free! 

    Getting some NEW news and views  is well worth the small amount it costs, and when I see Glenn going into new territory, I just love it! Maybe ONE of those new projects will be the one that turns this country around. A small price to pay for ANYTHING that hurts the current channels that do nothing but prop up the brain dead losers that pander to the sockpuppet.

    He’s the only one out there using that money to try and stop the runaway train of big government.

    I wish him the best success.



  • The Watchman

    I also have Directv, and my wife and I do miss watching The Glenn Beck Program.  I really am not to keen on switching to Dish.  I honestly feel that if Glenn wants to reach the big audience, he should reach for a big network.  I understand that some folks will sit in front of a computer screen, or squint to watch Glenn on their ipads and tablets, but I enjoy my big screen TV.  I don’t think most who spend their entire day and even their off-time working on their iPhone, ipads, tablets and laptops will want to spend their relaxation time on those devices.  People buy TVs because they like TV.  The purchase of CURRENT would have been great.  That’s by the wayside now, I think Glenn’s message should be out there for the majority of people, and not confined to such a limited audience.  The importance of “Common Sense”, should be made available to everyone.

  • howard

    I signed up  for Glenn tv when it first started. Then found out since I had Directv I could not get it. I was refunded my payment but would have rather had the show. Glenn Beck get on Directv

  • art vandaly

    Please make it free for cable and all paying tv customers. Hell grab a basic channel if you can. But, please don’t make it a pay per view channel. I want to see you free! I want to be able to turn you on from my desk anywhere. Don’t be another Al Gore. You are a great man and many people appreciate your point of view. I am a common sense person and I can tell America lacks that point of view.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly what i was thinking. The only reason I’m not watching Glenn now is the cost. I’m retired and have to pick and chose sometimes.

    • Sandy Caruso

      YUP….works for me too. I’m tired of paying and then having to listen to all the advertisements. If there are paid advertisers then make the program free to the consumer.

  • Jennifer Anne Armfield

    Good luck Glenn and all you staff, all the best for 2013. 

  • Anonymous

    How’s that going to work opposite Fox?? Should really push everyone to get with the program.

  • Fuchs XXXX

    Glenn you are an old school propagandist clown. Your days are numbered and you know it.

    Nobody believes you. The internet is defeating the likes of you.

    • Anonymous

      LOL….that all you got? You must be new at this. Try another site for newbies…..test out your stuff there.

    • Anonymous

      There is nothing “old school” about Beck. He is an innovative propagandist clown. His clown schtick has not worn thin with old school, ignorant reactionaries who have not figured out what a liar he is…yet.  When a Beckerhead does finally see something that makes it clear he is a liar, they abandon him. It takes time.

      Some people do believe him…sadly.  The Internet is creating alternative realities, and Beck thrives in a fictional world of his own making. That used to be called insanity, but now it’s called “conservative media.”

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I believe Al Gore did not let you buy his failing network because he is a leftist who does not want your message to reach more Americans and individuals around the world.  Also, he proved himself to be greedy.  He is “green” until he saw an opportunity to increase his wealth.  Then , it was fine to take money from a man whose  wealth comes from oil, and, who is anti-American. 

    • Anonymous

      He is all about green; The color of money…it has nothing to do with the environment. I laugh whenever I hear the geniuses on the left fall in line with this scam. It reminds me of the catchy phrase “whatever”…….it was so cool to use until someone came along with a different catchy phrase.

  • Anonymous

    Americans, we are living in a scary period of history.  Employment is down, taxes are up, costs are up, and morality is at an all time low.  The only way to turn American back to the world power it once was, is to turn back God.  Pray to God for forgiveness of our sinful ways.  Turn back to monogamy, prayer, civility, loving your neighbors, return of the family unit, and patriotism.  It is our only chance to save America and save our souls.

  • Anonymous

    Just get the word out that our leader is trying desperately to fundamentally change America into his idea of a perfected and perfect Communist state. Until complete realization of his bottom line is  realized and excepted as an on going reality we, as a nation, are diving off the real cliff….

  • lulitadow92

    just as Cheryl said I am dazzled that people can get paid $6637 in 4 weeks on the computer. have you seen this page

    • joanc

      No leeches allowed on Glenn Becks column.  Lulitadow,  please  go peddle your asinine  wares someplace else, and stop trying to horn  in on Glenn’s popularity.  We want to hear Glenn’s  words and those of his  followers, not  yours ,..

  • CrissyStewardss

    just before I saw the receipt that said $8220, I be certain that my father in law could truley taking home money part time on-line.. there neighbour started doing this 4 only about nine months and just now paid for the loans on there apartment and purchased Toyota. read more at, Fox79.comONLY

  • Anonymous

    Alex Jones God Bless you!  Infowars is simply the Best there is. I won’t listen to
    Glen Beck if it was offered for free. Caution Infowars is for real men.

  • Ave Fenix

    Good for Beck!! Just what we need Mr. Beck.

  • Wayne Awald


    Do not ditch the “brain” at all costs !

    This will exponentially market BlazeTV to millions just by them sharing.


  • Anonymous

    We will be quiting Comcast soon.  We thought maybe when they bought out NBC that NBC would be less liberal, but it’s definitely not!! So we do not want to support liberal media we do not watch any of the networks for that reason.You mention investigative journalism. Would it be possible to start your own news wire service to contribute to newspapers that are interested as well, to print your articles to reach more people?  I know our newspaper is a conervative one, so I would be calling them to subscribe to things you would publish if  you would do this  I hope you can get on TV again (on Dish, or other) or go through conservative newspapers or both, as the message needs to get out to more people that usually only hear what the liberal (Network) media wants them to hear.  Thanks for your good work Glenn!

  • Anonymous

    Thru Dish I subscribe  to Glenn Beck’s Blaze for $5/month extra– pay for Dish’s smallest package. I am looking forward to international news from a source that is not gov. approved (example CCNEW’s China news). I enjoy “Drive Thru History,” and sometimes watch “Liberty Treehouse,” for younger viewers and I tape Andrew Wilkow.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck is awesome and I know he will succeed with his plans
    The truth lives here, no one else is reporting the truth but Glenn
    $10 a month to get this kind of programming is nothing
    seeing the garbage we get with mainstream media is pathetic
    You go Glenn! God Bless You and your family!  we love you and good luck

  • จัสติน เต่า

    Wow so many amazing things to look forward to this year! 2013 has begun horribly, but I see some light at the end of this tunnel.  Excited for Real Journalism!

  • Anonymous

    I miss Glenn on Fox, he was so refreshing after a few hours of Shepard Smith.  While I and my friends keep up on blogs and threads, I realize that once he went off TV, we don’t have that special hour to watch him while making dinner or just relaxing after work that the net just doesn’t do.  Americans need to see Glenn back on a TV screen, big brash and bold to tell me where his next rally will be, interviewing interesting conservatives, patriots and just people like me.  Glenn lost his core of Americans when he went off the air, and all the internet in the world won’t bring back that same patriotic surge he gave to Americans while on Fox (which I fear is why he’s no longer there) that has waned without his network presence.  Unlike a progressive, this is just my opinion, I don’t pass it off as a fact.

  • Guest

    “Glenn also previewed The Brain, a pet project he has been working on for five years….”

    Beck is attending a real university?

    LOL! THAT will never happen. Knowledge would destroy his entire, made-up world-view.

  • mary ewing

    I have ROKU… $50.00 for the router…  no monthly payments except your wifi.. cancel your T.V.hook-ups and streamline only the good stuff from your computer…Glenn Beck, the Blaze  Fox news, BYU, netflix, I watch what I want, when I want. just avoid the junk. saved $ by NOT paying the $100. monthly fee for T.V.

  • Michael Mccue

    is glenn beck going to hire john stossel

  • Kimi Citrin

    Wow! Is there anything that Glenn Beck can’t do?? He is so amazing and genuinely cares about this wonderful country of ours. He is undertaking some massive projects and needs our help. Thank God for him, as this is the last stand between us and the talking heads who purport to be news reporters…  

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