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Last night on The Glenn Beck Program, Glenn unveiled a variety of projects and items that are being worked on in the American Dream Labs. One of these items was invented in the Labs, but Glenn and his team are using it and believe it will change the way the world does business, the 3-D printer.

“This is the latest greatest technology,” Glenn told listeners this morning. “This is the something that we just purchased for the Dream Labs Friday. And I wanted to get it in here quickly because I wanted to show it to this week.”

Glenn explained that, while this 3-D printer is small in size, they make them much MUCH bigger. 3-D printers are so amazing because you can replicate just about anything into a carbon fiber 3-dimensional replica. Today’s test object was a plastic shark.

While 3-D printing technology will be absolutely revolutionary as it becomes more accessible, it will also have a huge impact on the economy, manufacturing in-particular.

“You can make anything. The real scary thing about this is what this will do to patents. What this does to art. I wonder, and I haven’t been willing to google it, but  I wonder what it means for currency,” Glenn explained. 

Already there are websites that give you the dimensions of common, every day items that you can feed in for the printer to create. Because of this ability to create something completely out of nothing or recreate just about anything, Glenn explained that all of the information on gun is being removed from these sites.

Beyond that, there apps that you can download directly to your iPhone (123D Catch). This app allows you to simply take photos of the items you want to re-create, and that information gives the 3-D printer everything it needs.

To put this into perspective on the effect this could have on industry, Glenn explained that when he had an artist create an exact replica of the bust of Winston Churchill for the Oval on set. But, since Glenn already had photos of the bust, he could have used the 3-D printer to re-create the bust.

“The only time I’ve seen technology like this cause a stir in a building is the first time i saw a big huge black box when I was working in Seattle — it was 1982 — and it had no markings on it. All it said was Philips. And they brought it in to test it. They only had one thing they could test it on, and I went in and I watched them do the test. I was absolutely amazed. It was called a compact disc player,” Glenn said.

If you consider how far past a CD player we are now in the music world, considering where a 3-D printer could taking all kinds of industry is mind-blowing.

“Here’s the thing,” Glenn started. “How does this affect? Jobs will come back to America, because you’ll be able to make things again. Because — remember this is early technology here — as this gets better and better and cheaper and cheaper you’ll be able to make everything in America. However, those aren’t manufacturing jobs.  Those aren’t labor union job. Those aren’t dolt jobs, per se. You will be able to make anything you want.  So our economy in the entire world is turned upside down. You don’t need slave children in China stuff. The replicator 2000 will do it for it you.  It’s than amazing advance.”

Many industries that work with new technology and product development are already implementing 3-D printing in pretty amazing ways. Among these is the aerospace and automotive industries, which are saving upwards of tens of thousands of dollars using these machines to replicate parts, models, and bring the innovations they’ve designed in a computer to life.

However, as with many innovations that put the power back into our own hands, there is a responsibility and a danger attached. How will this effect patents? How will this keep individuals from counterfeiting products? Like Glenn said on radio this morning, this has the possibility of turning into Napster.

  • Sam Fisher

    If they can get this to work on metal than they could use them to make vintage car parts that people can by. I think that this research is important for not only for the example I provided but many others. Some day if we are blessed and science finds out how to track particles better than we could make complex things like on Star Trek maybe new organs and food it no starving no more waiting for a compatible donor when they could just make a replacement part. Don’t condemn it so soon Glenn it could be a baby step into the future.

    • Susan

       Jay Leno is already doing the vintage car part thing for himself.

      • Sam Fisher

        He would he a car nut like me.

    • Anonymous

      They already do. Costs an arm and a leg for a part, but the tech is already out there…

    • crazy betty

      I’m going to make a cheeseburger

      • Sam Fisher

        Yum I could use one.

  • Susan

    I have listened to Glenn for years. Yesterday he started talking about something I actually do for a living. Hearing a layman describe 3d printing has given me a few laughs.

    The company I work for purchased a 3d printer last year. There are some limitations to what it can actually create (because of resolution) but it is huge leap forward in the creation part of our operation. We do have a 3d scanner, but mostly we create new items in a 3d modeling program. We make a model, perfect it by hand then make molds so it can be recreated in brass, bronze, gold, silver or other metal. Perhaps in the future the printer will be able to create a finished product cost effectively, but our finishing guys still have work to do.

    • Draxx

      About two months ago my business partner asked me to start checking into 3D Printers, I guess I have been so busy that I kinda wasn’t serious enough about it.  After seeing this post and doing a bit more research (and much more to go), I think I am going to get really serious about aquiring one as soon as we can.  I bet it goes hand in hand with Autodesk Inventor…

  • Anonymous

    Just mention that a 3D printer could print gun parts and it will be outlawed by the firearmphobic DC bunch long before it reaches the amazing potential the technology offers.

  • John Newsome


  • Anonymous

    Great work Glenn. Arduinos, 3D printers, hanging out in Northern tool, aquaponics, and the Fritzing CAD package are all examples of “new” trends in DIY. As you’ve noted, being self-sufficient and a Maker, is now the new order. 

    One of our big tasks is to change and debunk the narrative that Conservatives are devoid of creativity, have no freedom of thought, are inflexible and unimaginative. I’m glad you mentioned Tesla and Edison today, while saying that you don’t like politics, very much. Certainly politics is everywhere. For me, it’s tedious to try to work with politicians because they have no interest in advancing the human condition, improving efficiency, or doing the right thing.

    So, how do I join the American Dream Labs? 

  • greywolfrs

    I saw this printer about 8 months ago on a T.V. show about space and how this could be used to manufacture parts on a long journey, say to Mars. It was kind of cool, although the one I saw was A LOT bigger, it made a fully working pipe wrench. It turns some kind of powder into an object. The guy who invented it stated that they can make some complex things, but not extremely complex…YET.

  • BentGhazi

    A few words about the 3-D printer and what it is and is not capable of doing – especially regarding fabricating actual firing firearms – it simply cannot be done. It makes parts out of a plastic resin.

    The 3-D printer can be used to make dimensionally correct MODELS of gun parts, but depending on the material the printer can dispense they will only be the same size and shape of the object being reproduced. A lot of mythology surrounds this technology. For instance the materials these machines use to “print” cannot be expected to handle the pressures involved in the chamber or barrel of any firearm, regardless of the propellant being used in the ammunition. Black powder and smokeless powder produces too much pressure in the chamber for a “printed ” gun to be fired without catastrophic results. I heard a few people talk about these a couple of years ago, and I have even seen one recent episode of CSI NY that was written on this premise. 
    Trust me, you do not want to be holding a printed gun when the cartridge is fired.

    Secondly, since springs are involved in the functioning of any gun, the printer cannot make them. It can make a resin based reproduction but that is all. On the CSI NY episode the gun they created was a .38 snub nosed revolver, and the complexity of that kind of mechanism would require each part to be made separately, and then assembled as a normal metal gun would require – there simply isn’t any way to make a working firearm by printing it. That is pure fiction, and quite impossible. 

    These are remarkable tools but they have limitations.

    • David Oleksy

      You are correct in your thinking. However, I don’t think Glenn is saying that you could print a working firearm. As he said, if you want to make a metal part, then you can print the part and use it to make a mold for casting the metal part. You can find, buy or make a spring, and the same goes for the ammunition. Some extra, knowledge, skill and equipment is required.

      • BentGhazi

        Precisely. It still takes a lot of knowledge beyond most person’s capabilities to construct a firearm that would be safe to use. TV and hysterical news media people as well as the even more hysterical anti-gun people don’t want people to understand the reality of that – they’d rather present their myths as fact and have gullible people buy it.

  • Anonymous

    This machine has been around for arond 25 yrs and it was called a rapid Prototyping machine. It is not new at all. It is the smallest one I have ever seen though and from the looks of the shark that Glen ade it’s reolution is very low.

  • David Oleksy

    There are plenty of things 3D printers cannot make. They can’t make electronic parts. They could help make printed circuit boards, but people could already make PCB’s.

  • suz

    csi/ny did a show on this friday.  they printed a gun but it exploded when fired.

  • Cinda

    I wonder if this is same printer they use to grow body parts at Wake Forest University.  I saw online where they created an ear and bladder.

  • Gordon Laplante

    I am currently working on my own 3d printer design. I am using my first 3d printer (which is a reprap machine) to print the parts for the new ones and I will be starting a kickstarter campaign in the near future. This campaign will hopefully raise the capital to start my own company. The bed size on the printer is 17″ x 17″ x 11″ which puts it in the category of a ‘large’ 3d printer and the price point is below a makerbot replicator 2 (which is what glenn was using). This technology is absolutely amazing and actually ‘fairly’ simple. The fact that my first printer was built using mostly home depot parts and I can achieve a tolerance of around 0.1mm is shocking and the technology is really being pushed by the open source community (via and others). Even makerbot started as an open source project. 
    I was hoping to get an email out to glenn regarding my printer and kickstarter but I guess I was a bit too late. Great to see it on the show nontheless. This will only push 3d printing even more.

  • Dawn Brayton

    Keep 3-D printers, guns and information about those things away from criminals and things ought to be okay. The upside might just be that because taxes don’t have to fund places like the military anymore(since they can make whatever they need)life may become less expensive.

  • obadiasnathan46

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  • Justin Cooke

     I have a 3D printer in my office, we use it to make working prototypes and test them out before having them mass-produced.  I don’t think it’s going to change the country.  For what it costs to buy or lease one of these, Glenn could hire several people to proof-read these terribly-written articles.

  • LEE

    I can hardly believe that Obama has not sold this to the enemy yet.

  • Chris Dupuis

    Wasn’t American Dream Labs your vision for a television network?  I’m so confused..  Tie all this together for us Glenn because I don’t get it.  Fabricating with a machine controlled by a CAD program has been around since I was a kid, but now, with limited soft materials, it can be done on a smaller scale.  Hardly earth-shattering, but it’s fun / neat…  But what I don’t get is how this is important to your vision. 

  • Chris Dupuis

    Or hire better web programmers to filter out the spam in the comments..

  • lulitadow92

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  • Anonymous

    God Bless you Alex Jones!  Infowars is simply the best there is!  Caution real men are present on the most popular, articulate, and informative website bar none. Infowars simply the Best.

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