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Glenn reacted to the various tapes surfacing of Alex Jones, who made a complete fool out of himself on CNN with Piers Morgan. Not only does he have insane points, the way he communicates them are 100 times crazier, which makes him the perfect candidate for mayor of CrazyLand.

“Yesterday we spoke about the media and how’s the media’s broken and I used an example of something that was happening on CNN on gun control. And it’s so clearly apparent what was going on. CNN Piers Morgan who is not a friend of the Constitution, not a friend of freedom as Americans have traditionally understood it…He comes over and he clearly has an agenda and that is to ban all guns,” Glenn said.

“So what does he do? He tries to make a monster out of anybody who believes in the Second Amendment and so he picks a guy (Alex Jones) who’s easy to make into a monster and he picks a guy who he knows he can set off.”

“Now whether you like this guy or don’t like this guy is up to you. He has proven himself to be a dishonest conspiracy freak. I mean to the point ‑‑ he’s the guy who is ‑‑ he is the author of the 9/11 conspiracy theory. Anyone who thinks that Popular Mechanics is a CIA front probably should ‑‑ probably should get a nap in, maybe around 4:00 this afternoon.”

Glenn explained that Alex Jones has a history of crazy ramblings and crackpot conspiracy theories, and the fact that he occasionally touches on things with truth doesn’t mean that he is spreading lies and disinformation.

“I mean, even the devil speaks truth from time to time,” Glenn said of Jones.

“But they were going to try to make conservatives and gun‑lovers look crazy and look like something you should fear. He (Jones) did everything ‑‑ Piers could not have done it better himself. He couldn’t have hired an actor to play Alex Jones and be better than Alex Jones was, if you’re trying to do what Piers Morgan was trying to do.”

But the craziness didn’t end on Piers Morgan, Jones continued it on his website:

Glenn explained that he has received a lot of hate mail and attacks after criticizing Alex Jones on radio yesterday, but the hate only reinforces his point.

“Now listen. If you ever, ever are a supporter of mine and you ever threaten anyone, if you are ever rude, I reject you. I have said this over and over again. If you are rude to somebody, if you don’t approach them and just say, you know, I really think you’re wrong and here’s why,” if you ever use any of the tactics of the left or this guy, I reject you. I don’t want you as a fan or a supporter. This guy will never say this. And his supporters are over the top. Over the top.”

Glenn warned conservatives and libertarians not to be swept up by Alex Jones just because he sometimes touches on truth. Because he points out the invasiveness of the TSA, it doesn’t mean that the government was involved in 9/11 or that kidnapped children are being leased to corporations or any of the other craziness he spouts.