Are we headed for a slave state?

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Do you live in Texas? Good for you – you’re in one of the few states that is actually doing well! But as states with more freedom boom, the nation is on track to becoming a slave state. Perhaps nothing represents this issue more than Nancy Pelosi’s call for artists to go on employment! Is that the kind of rhetoric one of the nation’s leaders should be telling young people?

Back in 2010, Pelosi said, “We see it as an entrepreneurial bill. A bill that says to someone, if you want to be creative and be a musician or whatever, you can leave your work, focus on your talent, your skill, your passion, your aspirations because you will have health care. You won’t have to be job locked.”

“Unemployment insurance, so you get welfare and unemployment so you can go do your art,” Glenn said. “ike I said, a slave state.  It doesn’t ‑‑ it doesn’t work.  But wouldn’t it be great if it did?  Because if ‑‑ I mean, I can’t believe ‑‑ I mean, I can’t believe that America is not outraged by the Speaker of the House saying basically that:  Artists, it’s not right that we make you work.  We’re going to pay your way so you can do your art.  On what?  Who ‑‑ no, we’re not.  I’m outraged by that.  I work hard for my money.  I work hard for everything.  I’m an artist, too.  I do things.  I create.  What are you talking about?”

Glenn noted earlier in the conversation that the progressive policies of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi were taking money out of people’s pockets and wiping out any gains they might have made this year. He specifically pointed to a Washington Post article which explained, “The payroll tax hike wiped out a year’s worth of wage gains”. The author of the article explained that the payroll tax wiped pretty much eliminated any increase in weekly earnings that Americans saw in 2012 due to the expiration of the payroll tax cut. Both parties were in favor of eliminating the payroll tax cut during the fiscal cliff negotiations, showing the problem extends to all of Washington.

“Yeah, it’s no big deal,” Glenn said.  “The Senate‑backed fiscal cliff Will that managed to pass both chambers last week failed to reinstate the payroll tax holiday.  Consequently, everyone is going to see their taxes go up.  In fact, as Brad plumber of the Washington Post points out, the payroll tax hike, which is returning to its previous rate of 6.2%, will completely wipe out an entire year’s worth of wage gains.  So anything that you might have made in an advancement is now gone in one fell swoop.  But don’t worry.  You still, depending on your income, have not paid your fair share. ”

But you know what state is doing fine? Texas. The state now has a multi-billion dollar surplus and the Governor has said they will not use it for ongoing expenses and has told the legislature to resist raising taxes on the citizens.

Apparently one place has it right.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    For the majority of the nation we already are enslaved or indentured to the Federal government under the burdens of taxation, regulation, fees and fines without count and without end. This is done to establish control and power over the masses by the ‘enlightened elites.’

    Where the government is constrained then freedom thrives, otherwise it dies step by step and is gone for good before most understand what happened.

    • Anonymous

      Add to this the continued push to cause fuel/energy prices to rise and you limit a person’s ability to travel this is something akin to communist Russia or East Germany…. our country is in continual crisis and those in power keep it this way…. if most people are struggling just concentrating on living/survival they have little time for anything else…. they want us between a rock and a hard place so they can get as many people dependant on the Government as possible. Wait till the day when supermarket shelves are empty and you have to stand in long lines to buy what little they have in stock the day may come sooner than we like….. Welcome to Communisim….

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I can honestly imagine a day when the administration of Obama will demand a form of indentured servitude under the guise of ‘volunteer services’ for those who are in debt or have massive student loans to pay back to the feds.

    Obama has us closer to a dictatorship with each passing day.

    • Draxx

      Executive Orders have made Obummer a Dictator Already…  Just doing it in steps to progress towards total domination… (he is just trying to figure out what to do with the military that is supposed to defend the Constitution against all enemies).

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        I will not put it past Obama to have a small part of the military suddenly be found to be in a state of rebellion or such nonsense and he will use that excuse to break them completely.

        • Anonymous

          There are a bunch of us old military types out there who took our oath to protect and defend against ALL enemies seriously.  They may win in the war that’s coming, but they will have thosands of us to deal with first.

          • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

            Same here, my grandfather was a Marine and I know what to do thanks to him if a dictatorship rises.

      • J. W. Appling

         He wanted to build his own pvt army remember?

        • James

          How many rounds of Jacketed Hollow Point .40 cal have been purchased by our government, and is it for the DHS?  This cannot be used by our military since it is against the Geneva Convention, so who do they plan to use this ammunition on?

          • Draxx

            Janet N. is going to be the U.S. version of the S.S. Nazi’s… Homeland Security My Ass she is selling us out to the world!

          • Anonymous

             Probably us.

      • Anonymous

         I prefer to call him hoebama

        • Anonymous

          He’s Osama to me. Osama the camel. One hump and some spit….voila, the president of the USA.

      • Anonymous

         I totally agree.  I am dismayed daily at what he gets away with which is unconstitutional.  Where are the expert lawyers on the constitution?

        • Draxx

          They are controlling things in courts with “Precidence”, so once ruled it becomes the standard (and Liberal Judges are doing most of the damage to our rights).  If you want to know more study about ALJ (adminstrative law judge)…

      • Anonymous

        he has our military in the hands of his brothers -the Muslim Brotherhood within the seven wars he has going on overseas and still adding more wars …until israel is destroyed. while military is out of our country he will put his ‘civilian national police force’ over here. king hussein-osama oops obama had his life all mapped out for him since his conception between the islam-marxist and hippie- socialist to be raised by the communists..taught by hippie-terrorists…to be trained in thuggory community organizations for a life of no formal education just photo ops… to destroy freedom and become NarcisistDictator-in-Chief of the New World Order.. before ..Jesus takes His Reign……

    • Anonymous

      Weapons owned by the citizens of this country are the ONLY thing that has held back invasion from the bad guys of the world for hmmm…… 200 years. Disarming the citizenry must be accomplished before their plans can go forward. Hence, the HUGE push for”gun control”. Gun control IS BEING ABLE TO HIT YOUR PROPOSED TARGET. People control is is what they are after. This country is very close to having a FED police force.
      James, the answer to your questions are: Yes and Us

      • Scott Todd

         I agree with your sentiment, but I think I like Glenn’s idea better- just say you won’t turn over your guns and tell them “arrest me.”  When millions are in prison they won’t know what to do with all of us and we win.

    • greywolfrs

      Have you not heard of the “City Year” program?

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Just looked it up, thanks for telling me of it.

  • Anonymous

    Its even worse than that. Yes America is traveling full-steam-ahead for a slave state, wiping out everything we have ever known or held dear to our hearts – Literally – Americans will become prisoners of a double-crossing enemy (who we thought we had tamed)and sold off as slaves to other nations around the world – nations, in who’s language we do not understand. Most of our people will lie slaughtered and life-less, before that frightening time makes itself reality. That is yesterdays NEWS – A frightening forecast of vitally important information written down long ago, specifically for this very generation today….something by the way…few – if any journalists are concerned. 

  • Sam Fisher

    New York City is already a slave state. Thanks left for screwing the little guy.

  • Pat Patterson

    Already there………….

  • Anonymous

    Congress gave their financial power to the Truman president in 1950 to fund the undeclared Korean war, and again to Johnson in 1968 to fund the undeclared Vietnam war.  Congress also gave the President massive financial executive power later. Congress gives added Pork  – with no cost/benefit auditing to each appropriations bill – which has compounded our national debt.

    As paparazzi seek glamor and crisis for profit and fame, Obama allows no crisis to go to waste for profit and fame. Obama did not create our financial crisis, Congress did!

    Obama is a responder, illuminator, definer and organizer of public crisis issues. He simply takes advantage of congressional financial mismanagement.

    We, the people do not elect a congressional representative with the same rules, standards and expectations of a simple home repair contract.

    Congress is worse than irrelevant and make us all slaves when it finances pork requested by only one chamber of congress.

    The “pork” phrase originated in a pre-Civil War practice of giving slaves a barrel of salt pork as a reward and requiring them to compete among themselves to get their share of the handout – the slaves not know it caused trichinosis.


  • Anonymous

    Or we can talk about Michelle’s fat a$$

  • Jayne Nielsen

    It will be priceless the day the Obama and the OWS lazy good-for-nothing realize the government has run out of money and austerity becomes law.  And it will.  Nothing in life is free.  Someone has to pay for all these entitlements but even overtaxing the “rich” cannot sustain the spending Obama has planned.

    • greywolfrs

      Even if the government taxes GDP 100% for one year, we would still be well over a trillion in debt, not including the debt we are piling up as w speak. Last year, GDP was 15.05 trillion…

      It’s impossible to tax their way out of this hole.

  • Anonymous


  • Will Bfree

    Wait a minute! I thought that the Supreme Court decided Healthcare premiums were a TAX. Everyone is required/forced to have Healthcare Insurance or buy it from the Gov. Are “creative people” exempt from the tax?

  • greywolfrs

    Are we headed to a slave state? It would seem that over 16 trillion in debt (and counting) that we are already there. There is no way to tax our way out of that debt. With no spending cuts, the system WILL collapse, it’s just a matter of time. Some Economists say it will happen when the debt reaches 150% of GDP and some say as high as 250%. We are already over 100%…

  • Anonymous

    America is becoming just like any communist country. Just the mere fact that you have 47M people on food stamps is just the begining. I wonder what that number will be in four years’ time. By 2016, if you get these people to vote en force, guess who’s going to be re-elected. Again!

  • Anonymous

    However, that payroll tax cut was on the premiums for Social Security, which was and is in trouble because of the Democrats and Rino Republicans spending Social Security money for anything and everything.  It was a stupid move in the first place and should never have been done.  Why are our so-called leaders such stupid people.  Are the so over educated in Liberal colleges and universities that they only know progressive bull?

  • Kenneth Russell

    Just how much more Socialists crap are the American people going ot take?  If the destruction of the USA was his ultimate goal then Obama has accomplished more in just four years than the Soviet Union tried for over fifthy years. Where do we draw the line?  At what point do we seriously start discussing topics like impeachment and/or treason?

    • Anonymous

      Amen Kenneth. Nixon and Clinton were nothing compared to this atrocity called Hussein!

  • Anonymous

    Also my cost for Health Insurance went up $160.00 per month. So factor that in and tell me again Obama, how it is that I am moving ” forward”?

  • Anonymous

    I wish you would realize that the 6.2% FICA tax is what supports Social Security and Medicare.  I think that giving a tax holiday to this contribution was a mistake.  Social Security and Meicare are already on the way to being bankrupt.  They have added more disability recipients to the SS to the program and SS ran a deficit for the first time in 2010.  To me this was a ludicrous idea.  Also, I’m tired of them calling SS and Medicare an entitlement program, since I have paid into these programs all my life I think of them as an earned benefit.  The problem is jobs and Congress is killing jobs with their regulations and loopholes for corporations and the very wealthy.  We should not be subsidizing any company or organization.  We need to overhaul our tax system.  We should do away with the filing status, no more married, single, head of household, married filing separately.  Everyone should have to file their own taxes.  Caps should be placed on dependents, and deductions, no more credits.  Tax rates should come down.  Everyone should have to pay at least $1 in taxes not matter what you earned.  No more earned income credits, child credits.  

  • Anonymous

    I have nothing against “artist” as my two sons started out as musicians while in high school.  However, after a while they developed a side business of silk screening things for their band.  I set them up in my home garage with homemade equipment and a small investment of silk screen products (I was a process engineer at TI Dallas in their PWB division).  This developed into work for their band and the Scouts, Texas Jam, and custom T-shirts and ball caps.  They purchased an old air port shuttle bus and converted it in order to travel and tour the US of A.  Remember the Hellaquin and Hagfish bands??  Today they have developed other skills to support themselves. Also, many artists develop products for industry.  My point is this: If you can’t make a living at your trade then why burden the hard working American tax payer with your “passion”??  Get a real job and then pursue your passion or make your passion your earning job.  Anyway, good luck. 

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, that was Obama’s goal to begin with.  He wants to be leader of the whole world.  He wants to totally be in control of everything.  He and his team are really smart and will probably try to make it work.  You my life is almost over, but it is the young and babies I fear for.  We have to be strong and look to God for our leadership – he will guide us through.  Be in prayer for our great COUNTRY…. that is our only hope. 

  • Jared Hansen

    “Perhaps nothing represents this issue more than Nancy Pelosi’s call for artists to go on employment!” – I believe you meant UNemployment. 
    If Pelosi really said/meant employment, I would have to agree with her. In which case, I would’ve been transported to Bizzaro Upside-down, Inside-out world.

  • John Wright

    The point is this: 
    Obama does not cause 75% of all African American babies to be born out
    of wedlock and to drop out of school when they became teenagers. He does not
    cause men to have sex with each other, spread disease, and demand equal
    respect.  He does not cause drug abuse,
    poverty, crime, divorce, or Bernard L. Madoff to create a $50 billion Ponzi
    scheme to defraud 4800 clients.


    Obama is only a responder, illuminator, definer and
    organizer of public crisis issues. He solves problems by blaming others and influentially
    using public money to fail to solve the inevitable consequences of public sin.


    Obama has no power but that which God and we-the-free people
    give him.


    When God is numbed from the consciousness of men there is no
    crime and no sense of guilt.

  • Warren Hunt

    Yes we are heading for a slave state with Obama in the whitehouse and gun controll is a huge part of it

    • Anonymous

      It’s way bigger than Obama, wake up boys and dig a little deeper.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you Alex Jones!  Infowars is simply the best there is. Caution real men are on Infowars!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t believe that everyone is missing the honesty “that guy” said when he said  the health care bill would create jobs. When companies cut everyone hours to 28 they will have to hire more people to make up those others hours so eveyone tought he was lying

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