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If Congress’s approval rating wasn’t low enough, it is safe to say that after the recent fiscal cliff which raised taxes on 77% of Americans, they’re getting close to America’s least favorite people. Public Policy Polling recently released one of the most shocking polls Glenn has seen in awhile on the average American’s opinion of our congressional leaders. This morning, Glenn, Pat and Stu went through the results that were almost too horrible to believe.

Here’s just a small handful off things Americans find more favorable than Congress:

Root Canals
NFL replacement refs
Nickelback (Congress should officially be ashamed of themselves)
Traffic Jams
Cockroaches (seriously)
France (…wow.)
Genghis Khan
Used car salesmen

One of the most notable names you’ll seen on the ‘higher approval than Congress’ list is Genghis Khan. Congress should hope that people taking the poll aren’t aware of the brutal history of Genghis Khan. If not, Congress may officially be beyond repair.

Genghis Khan would conquer cities by killing everyone but the children. But when he would move on to conquer the next city, the children of the last would be tied to the chests of his army.

Yet, more popular than Congress.

So, what does Congress have to be compared to in order to become favorable to Americans?

Nancy and Harry will be happy to hear that despite some of the bad ‘Genghis Khan-like decisions in the poll, the average American did prefer Congress over things like meth labs, communism, Gonorrhea, Ebola, and North Korea. Surprisingly, after some consideration, Glenn, Pat and Stu began questioning these decisions.