Congress less popular than cockroaches, lice, root canals…

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If Congress’s approval rating wasn’t low enough, it is safe to say that after the recent fiscal cliff which raised taxes on 77% of Americans, they’re getting close to America’s least favorite people. Public Policy Polling recently released one of the most shocking polls Glenn has seen in awhile on the average American’s opinion of our congressional leaders. This morning, Glenn, Pat and Stu went through the results that were almost too horrible to believe.

Here’s just a small handful off things Americans find more favorable than Congress:

Root Canals
NFL replacement refs
Nickelback (Congress should officially be ashamed of themselves)
Traffic Jams
Cockroaches (seriously)
France (…wow.)
Genghis Khan
Used car salesmen

One of the most notable names you’ll seen on the ‘higher approval than Congress’ list is Genghis Khan. Congress should hope that people taking the poll aren’t aware of the brutal history of Genghis Khan. If not, Congress may officially be beyond repair.

Genghis Khan would conquer cities by killing everyone but the children. But when he would move on to conquer the next city, the children of the last would be tied to the chests of his army.

Yet, more popular than Congress.

So, what does Congress have to be compared to in order to become favorable to Americans?

Nancy and Harry will be happy to hear that despite some of the bad ‘Genghis Khan-like decisions in the poll, the average American did prefer Congress over things like meth labs, communism, Gonorrhea, Ebola, and North Korea. Surprisingly, after some consideration, Glenn, Pat and Stu began questioning these decisions.

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  • Elizabeth Bracy

    What do you think will happen with this debt ceiling? Will the House hold firm or will O use the 14th Amendment? Also, what’s to stop him from issuing executive orders? The House needs to buckle down and say NO.

  • Anonymous

    What is sad about the Republican controlled Congress is that its approval ratings are even lower than glenn beck’s.
    So sad!

    • Todd Scheller

      The Republicans won the Senate? What other lies are you trying to pass off?

      • SoThere

        He doesn’t know the difference Todd. He lives in Washington State with Devin.

    • Guest

      Strtlk the vulgar, racist, bigoted, cockroach is back again.

      Hey strtlk, why did you abandon your wife and kid and take up with that boozing girlfriend?

      Stop eating the round things you find in the urinals, they’re not mints. Nope.

  • Sam Fisher

    I wonder why maybe because they let Obama tax 77% of the country. Leave it to the Dems to hurt the poor.

    • Elizabeth Bracy

      So aren’t O’s supporters mad that they are getting taxed now when he said MULTIPLE times that taxes on the middle class would NOT rise?

      • Anne Caluwaert

        We tried to warn them.

        • Elizabeth Bracy

          I know many of O’s fans have sent emails to the White House mad as heck that their paychecks were less last week. It’s not even satisyfing to say TOLD YOU SO because we can’t rewind time and change their vote. But, I do think O has bitten off more than he can chew. He’s going to try and push progressive agendas through, probably with executive orders, and I don’t think the people are going to stand for it. It’s already hitting home for them, wait until the Obamacare taxes kick in.

      • Sam Fisher

        Yes it is amazing how people hate being lied to.

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    Harry Reid needs to be impeached for dereliction of duty and tabling multiple bills. Nancy Pelosi needs to be set adrift in a life raft with water, rice, a fishing rod, and a map. Boehner needs to be fired and allow a true fiscal conservative to become Speaker. Mitch McConnell can hang around, I guess.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    What will improve the opinion people have of Congress is to get rid of the Democrats and the old guard Republicans along with the current administration. 

    Reid is the true obstructionist in the Senate, having refused to pass a budget for well over three years now. His constant lies, denials and vilification are reprehensible in the extreme, while Pelosi is simply insane from too much Botox treatments.

    Dump all the old guard and entrenched Republicans as well. Then get a new generation in that actually will do what needs to be done and make the hard choices.

    Obama needs to be dumped as well as with the firearms gun grab executive orders he is now preparing we shall see another usurpation of the Constitution. He cares nothing but for his agenda and the destruction of the nation he hates so much.

    • Elizabeth Bracy

      I would say that the case could very well be made against the federal government as the Founders did with Britain, when they wrote the Declaration, “that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that
      among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is
      the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new
      Government.” I don’t know, guys, it might come to that. The gov’t. is so out of control. 

    • Anne Caluwaert

      Having watched Pukelousy a few times lately trying to talk, I must agree with you-it seems she is having trouble articulating.

    • Margaret Brewer

      Obama is actually a Kenyan, born in Kenya in 1961 and not eligible to be president.
      He lost the chance though to be naturalized in Kenya because he did not apply to Kenya in the 20 year period that he was eligible to do so.  He has not applied for naturalization with the United States either that I could find.  He is illegal and ineligible to be president, and has sold our country out to the Russians (our technology),
      We have to get him out.  He should be prosecuted!  

    • Draxx

      Pelosi used the Bovine Botox and got Mad Cow Disease…

    • Espinoza De

      Obama has approval rating well above the Congress. Your logic is flawed and you are living in your own reality. Perhaps that is the reason you were shell-shocked you you were beaten badly in the elections.

      • Anonymous

        That’s what brain dead Beckerheads don’t get – THEY are the problem….

  • Farooq_Griffin_The_Third

    Most in congress are progressives. There are very few actual conservatives.  If you vote republican, more than likely you are voting for a progressive.

  • Anne Caluwaert

    I wish they would divide the Congress when they take the polls. The Senate is definitely at the bottom of the sewer as far as I am concerned, but at least the Republican led Congress has tried several times to get budgets passed. They still need to grow a pair, but some have really tried and those deserve respect.

  • Dan Allen

      Why would Glenn put an article like this up, since the congress is all the conservatives have any control over in Washington. Why not write an article or do a show about the like/dislike numbers of the democratic lead senate. I think Glenn is a secret progressive helping tocovertly drive the nail in the GOP coffin.

  • Frank Balcer

    “Politicians are the lowest form of life on Earth, liberal democrats are the lowest form politician”
    -General George S. Patton- 

  • Sharmane

    Yet the majority of voters keep voting in the same inbred, corrupt, incompetent, delusional, arrogant, seat warmers time and time again.  The problem is with the American people.  If you don’t vote you are part of the problem, if you keep voting the same people in for decades you are the problem.  Term limits – only we the people can make that happen.

  • crazy betty

    we have those nasty scary bastards in florida (I found out the hard way because I’m from calif) – I take my broom and beat the living hell out of it and it finally seems to kill them.  it’s frightening.  apparently they are called palmetto bugs aka, the american cockroach.  horrifying.  I’d sure like to take a broom to congress and give them a good cockroach beating.

  • Anonymous

    Heres the problem with this.They don’t care.The lowest scum of the earth could be more
    popular and they would still  not care.Stick to some real stories that matter.Congress
    and the Harry and Nancy show does not matter.Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you Alex Jones.  Your are simply the best. Infowars is the best there is bar none. Been awhile since you’ve seen a real man?

  • Anonymous

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