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Continuing a week of big announcements, Glenn pulled back the curtain further on The American Dream Labs and revealed his plans on how to revolutionize a piece of television people often ignore: advertising.

“We’re going to redesign advertising because it doesn’t work,” Glenn announced.

Glenn ran through a litany of issues related to advertising. For example, on lots of websites people will ignore the ads because they don’t have to click on them, not recognizing that those ads keep those websites in business. On television, DVR and TiVo allow people to fast forward through the commercials they don’t want to watch. Even worse, big companies with the money to invest in high quality commercials are often susceptible to boycotts. As a result, their greats ads end up running on a lower rated network, like CNN, rather than on a highly rated network like FOX News.

He pointed out that the only time people get excited about ads takes place during the Super Bowl, when ads are talked about as much the following day as the game.

Glenn said that businesses and networks to continue to grow, advertising has to change – but no one is leading the change.

“The commercial breaks we make have to be entertaining, they have to be meaningful, interesting, storylines, everything. So, you’re watching this show you don’t want to change the channel because it’s something good,” Glenn explained.

In order to accomplish this goal, he plans to build a commercial programming department that would be dedicated to the advertisements that ran on TheBlaze. While the current programming department would continue to focus on shows on TheBlaze, this new department would develop the content that ran in breaks and work with the companies who advertise.

In order to demonstrate his point, Glenn showed two commercials for 1791 Jeans. One was amore traditional one, similar to an infomercial like the “Slap Chop”. Then he showed the ad they used for 1791 Jeans when they debuted.

WATCH the ad they used below:

Announcing 1791 Denim from 1791 Supply & Co. on Vimeo.

Why did that ad work? Not only was it high quality, but it also told the story of the product and how it tied to the American Dream and the American spirit.

Glenn said he went to executives at CNN and FOX News with his idea, but that they weren’t able to take the risks to shake up commercials for a variety of reasons. Because he owns the network and can take the innovative risks, he will be leading this change.

Glenn revealed that in the second week of March for two weeks, he is going to test these new commercials exclusively during the breaks on his show. If the experiment is success, he plans to start using this new format for commercials later this year.

Watch Glenn explain the problem with advertising below:

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    About time we have these changes commencing. Just be ready for all hell to break loose Glenn, especially from the administration the closer to success you become.

    • Elizabeth Bracy

      You can bet the O admin are going to go after Glenn. Let them, I doubt Glenn will be deterred.

    • Draxx

      Cass Sunstein, is somehow going to make some more Regulations along with the FCC to undermine quality and values in commercials (especially for Glenn Beck and his Team)…

  • Anonymous

    Interesting concept, but some of us are just plain IMMUNE to ADS and nothing will change that.

    But good luck in your efforts. If you can make ads EDUCATIONAL and INSPIRING, you will be doing a favor for this dumbed-down, jaded, cynical society. (Also do something about the LOUD VOLUME–oh, they’re working on that in D.C., aren’t they?!!)

    Oh, and by the way: The more cr@p you load onto these pages, the sooner your audience will flee–because there is a LIMIT to how much JUNK the hard drives/RAM, etc. can load, especially all the lousy Javascripting.

    • nutt

       Shhh – don’t mention the Loud Volume issue – Beck’s already addressed that as an example of Big Government getting involved, so you’re onto a loser there. You have to be pro-deregulated-advert-volume-no-matter-what-you-think-about-it, otherwise you’re pretty-much a communist.

      • Anonymous

        Too bad about that. We don’t have to lap up every one of Glenn’s stances like a starved stray cat (mixed metaphor, but you get the drift). Some of us are IMMUNE to advertising, but we also HATE LOUD COMMERCIALS. As for online ads, whenever possible we BLOCK THEM.  :-) As noted earlier, the more cr@p a website dumps onto their page, the more we avoid it. and take FOREVER to load and discourage people from even visiting. Hope Glenn’s pages don’t become so kludgey.

        HINT: We are in a recession (call it what you will) and people’s dollars are dwindling. We are not likely to be doing a lot of online clicking and buying, nor are we likely to buy the latest/greatest/kludgiest computer-gadgetry to accommodate all the new-fangled high-tech “POSSIBILITIES”… Just a reminder, to anyone about to invest HUGE CAPITAL in new money-making schemes. People are going to be, of necessity, more sober about where they spend their precious dollars, so if you want us to BUY, better make it GOOD!

  • karen

    Test you theory on a popular cable channel.  If you’re paying for the comercial they should run it
    and the feed back will confirm your theory. 

    The video didnot run smoothly on my computer, however it looked like something that would be great for the crowd that watches Gold Rush or Swamp people.

  • nutt

    Get ready to dig deep, Beck fans. If you don’t buy, this revolution in advertising fails…

    • John Trello

       Your cynicism seems to know no bounds.

      What do you “own”, what do you know as true?


      • nutt

         Cynicism? Just a healthy questioning of the obvious. Glenn’s web-sponsors are upset because people aren’t clicking on his mug, so they’re not getting income from this site. So Glenn’s promising a whole new advertising method. Which is the equivalent of the emperor’s new clothes – he’s not doing anything new or revolutionary. He’s made a really boring, bad advert and sold it as something patriotic and new. It’s not. But if you believe it is, go ahead and buy some jeans…

        Beyond that, are we entering some sort of pholosophical debate with your follow-up questions?

  • John Trello

    is on the right track, however it takes time to build a foundation of
    understanding before a message can even hope to be received.

    The idea or concept of “WHY” is spot on.

    If you want a better understanding of this concept you should see this:

    I have no doubt that GB has seen and is adopting this concept.

    • John Trello

       Two more things.

      If and when you get the concept of “Start with Why”, what is needed are thoughtful and creative individuals who can express this.

      I suggest if you do “get it” , create and submit ads for some of the vendors in “Marketplace”.


      Pay attention to the part of the video that discusses “The law of the diffusion of innovation”.

      This is the difference between “preaching to the choir” and actually effecting change in the hearts and minds of a much broader audience.

      While the TED video speaks more about products, the concepts are about the acceptance of ideas.

      This is the greatest challenge we face.

      I have some thoughts I can share if you are serious.

      the link again:

  • Anonymous

    Alex Jones website Infowars is the best out there bar none. Been awhile since you’ve watched a real man?  God Bless you Alex Jones

  • Anonymous

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  • Dan Allen

      I think we just need more cool commercials.

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