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Continuing a week of big announcements, Glenn pulled back the curtain further on The American Dream Labs and revealed his plans on how to revolutionize a piece of television people often ignore: advertising.

“We’re going to redesign advertising because it doesn’t work,” Glenn announced.

Glenn ran through a litany of issues related to advertising. For example, on lots of websites people will ignore the ads because they don’t have to click on them, not recognizing that those ads keep those websites in business. On television, DVR and TiVo allow people to fast forward through the commercials they don’t want to watch. Even worse, big companies with the money to invest in high quality commercials are often susceptible to boycotts. As a result, their greats ads end up running on a lower rated network, like CNN, rather than on a highly rated network like FOX News.

He pointed out that the only time people get excited about ads takes place during the Super Bowl, when ads are talked about as much the following day as the game.

Glenn said that businesses and networks to continue to grow, advertising has to change – but no one is leading the change.

“The commercial breaks we make have to be entertaining, they have to be meaningful, interesting, storylines, everything. So, you’re watching this show you don’t want to change the channel because it’s something good,” Glenn explained.

In order to accomplish this goal, he plans to build a commercial programming department that would be dedicated to the advertisements that ran on TheBlaze. While the current programming department would continue to focus on shows on TheBlaze, this new department would develop the content that ran in breaks and work with the companies who advertise.

In order to demonstrate his point, Glenn showed two commercials for 1791 Jeans. One was amore traditional one, similar to an infomercial like the “Slap Chop”. Then he showed the ad they used for 1791 Jeans when they debuted.

WATCH the ad they used below:

Announcing 1791 Denim from 1791 Supply & Co. on Vimeo.

Why did that ad work? Not only was it high quality, but it also told the story of the product and how it tied to the American Dream and the American spirit.

Glenn said he went to executives at CNN and FOX News with his idea, but that they weren’t able to take the risks to shake up commercials for a variety of reasons. Because he owns the network and can take the innovative risks, he will be leading this change.

Glenn revealed that in the second week of March for two weeks, he is going to test these new commercials exclusively during the breaks on his show. If the experiment is success, he plans to start using this new format for commercials later this year.

Watch Glenn explain the problem with advertising below: