Have we really been watching TV in the same way since 1928?

Tune into Glenn’s American Dream Labs specials this week to see how this fits into the future of TheBlaze.

Television has now been around for nearly a century, and yet the news-sharing and production techniques we see when we turn on the TV today is not all that different from what people saw 60 or 70 years ago. Despite the incredible advances in technology that have put television sets in nearly 97 percent of American households and made the spread of information virtually instant, we have been watching television in basically the same way since the mid-20th century.

You might wonder why anyone outside of the media industry would care about the history of TV production, but in order to understand Glenn’s plans for TheBlaze, American Dream Labs, and beyond, you will need to understand the historical context.

While single-camera broadcasts have been around since the early days of television, the introduction of additional cameras in the mid-20th century opened up a new world for TV production. Though it is widely believed that Desi Arnaz and his Desilu Productions (of I Love Lucy fame) pioneered the multi-camera setup, its origins actually date all the way back to 1928 when the BBC used three cameras to broadcast The Queen’s Messenger.

The multi-camera system allows for multiple shots of a live situation as it unfolds chronologically. Not only does such a technique speed up production times, it is especially suitable for shows that require a live audience. On the contrary, single camera shoots allow the director a lot more control over each shot (after all, there is only one camera to keep an eye on), but various takes and setups are required to ensure everything is captured properly, and the action is rarely enacted chronologically.

Arnaz and Desilu, though not the inventors of the multi-camera system, were the first to use the multi-camera setup in front of a live audience and employ 35mm film. I Love Lucy incorporated multiple cameras, used to film the action on several adjacent sets, to allow for chronological filming in front of a studio audience. Arnaz is also credited with inventing the TV rerun (aka the very system that allows us to enjoy I Love Lucy to this day).

Throughout the 1940s and 50s television shows were often performed live and not recorded. This meant that there was different programming in different time zones depending on what was available. Networks began to wise-up, however, and kinescope recordings of shows broadcast live in the east became available to be re-broadcast in the west.

Arnaz took this one step further when he approached network executives to allow Desilu Productions to put I Love Lucy on film. In 1955, I Love Lucy began re-broadcasting earlier episodes. As the New York Times observed, “The appeal of reusable filmed programs led eventually to a seismic shift in television production from New York to Hollywood, and made the program’s creators millionaires.”

It was this integration of additional cameras, film, and audience that paved the way for the future of TV, a future we still observe to this day. In today’s media, sporting events, news programs, talk shows, and some sitcoms utilize multi-camera shoots, while single-camera productions favor dramas, TV movies, music videos, and even commercial advertisements.

Speaking of commercial advertisements, it is remarkable to see how stagnant the formula has been, whether it be behind the scenes in the production or the onscreen objective. Since the commercial television model was approved by the FCC in 1941, advertisers in the U.S. have made use of the single-camera setup and catchy slogan to attract consumers to their product.

The very first TV commercial aired on the New York City NBC affiliate, WNBT, at 2:29PM on July 1, 1941. During a break in the action of a baseball game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies, a 10 second spot aired for Bulova watches. A Bulova watch appeared over a map of the United States, while a voiceover of the company’s slogan – America runs on Bulova time! – played in the background.

Insert video of an athlete wearing Nike sneakers with the tagline of “Just Do It,” people eating soup with a voiceover of “Campbell’s: mmm mmm good,” or a Toyota truck driving through a perilous landscape with the reminder to “Never Stop Improving” and the ads that populate our airwaves today don’t seem all that different from the Bulova commercial of 70 years ago.

Despite all the redundancy that has become the norm in television, Glenn has made it clear that TheBlaze is operating in a new age of information sharing and technology. Over the next several months, the network will experiment with new forms of production, advertising, and interaction that will turn this nearly century old formula of broadcast upside down. It will be an exciting time that will rely on YOU – your participation and your willingness to explore new avenues. Stay tuned…

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The difference in the new age of media is simple: the internet. 

    The current freedom of the internet is the reason why it is the new frontier and why so many governments, especially the Obama admin, seek to regulate and control access for what is displayed and who and how people have access to the internet and all of its contents.

    Information is power and to control information is to have power. 

    The old paradigms have changed and the ones who will win in the end are those who best adapt to the new ones being created, or who create the new paradigms in and of themselves. In the case of Glenn and his new network, WE can make the changes happen.

    • http://twitter.com/DarleneJeffrey2 Darlene Jeffrey

      I Love Lucy incorporated multiple cameras, used to film the action on several adjacent sets, http://www.CNNJobCreation2013.qr.net/j4IY/view?i=5db_13570HlZW732805

      • http://twitter.com/Chris_1791 Chris

        Your link is a malware virus sight. No one should go to it.

      • http://twitter.com/Chris_1791 Chris

        Also spreading viruses on twitter too. Please report @DarleneJeffrey2  for spam to shutdown this idiot.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Welcome to the new era, the world is changing and you either keep up and change with it to survive or go into the night.

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  • Anonymous

    Change the news format any ol way you want, it will not matter. Reporters do not understand the so-called news they present….to them, its just one more story in a tangled fray of confusion. The real news – that is, news that will make or break a nation, or even the individual, came almost two thousand years ago, given by the prophetic words, spoken by Christ himself. He advised those, who had eyes to see, “Be always on the watch and pray always that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen and be accounted worthy to stand before the Son of Man” – Luke 21:26

    What was Christ talking about when he warned those who understood his mysterious message, to “Watch for”?    Watch what…?….well, he wanted us to pay attention in other words, to the NEWS, and when his followers would see the things Christ warned far in advance start taking place and shaping up around the world, then the time for great-shaking, earth-changing, mind-boggling events are about to spring forth on an unsuspecting humanity.

    Everything that Christ warned us would happen and the things he deemed most important to talk about, have made their appearance on the front page of most notable newspapers, along with the majority of cable and local news networks, not to mention the internet.

    The problem once again is, most reporters and journalists do not know trustworthy-news apart from tabloid-gossip. The greater majority of the time, the stories that really matter most, are pushed off the front page in order to report on one scandal after another, OK – WE GET IT ALREADY…men are crooks, but sensationalism doesn’t even dent the information that Christ advised us personally, to be on the look-out for. That news is all around us everyday, in every corner of the globe, but especially here in the States, Paris Hilton or some other spoiled-brat-celebrity, usually takes center stage. Or a mass murder of the innocents…don’t misunderstand, its not that mass murder or even something written about the Hilton family, isn’t news worthy, but the meat of the news is usually never presented because of a lack of air time. “We must always be conscience of our ratings, or we may lose viewers”. How many news networks brag about being number-one, or being the first to report on any given story, it happens all the time. But that is trivial child’s-play when trying to achieve what Christ himself admonished us to do so long ago, again, that was to watch the news looking closely for the prophetic events that would most certainly play themselves out here in these very days. One simply has to know what stories matter in real time and what stories are a waste of time.

    Christ was the real news reporter…his forecast of the news came thousands of years in advance – today, the things that he reported on, are now starting to play themselves out in rapid order and  succession – so one might say, the news reporters of the day are reporting “olds”  stories, stories that were first reported thousands of years ago and that is also the greatest blunder giving  answer to, why modern so-called-journalists have no idea of what they’re talking about.

  • http://youtu.be/XEjnyMyJYTI Sam Fisher

    Change is on the wind. 

  • http://twitter.com/ktotheile Kyle Elliott

    Welcome to the Era of ” The Sponsors made me filthy rich, but now that they left me, Fuck Sponsors “

    • Chris

      So, Kylee boy…please name all the many sponsors who have left the Beck show and who he has as sponsors on his current radio show now??

  • http://www.facebook.com/george.d.miklos George D. Miklos

    I am the co-host of an internet talk show called THE WARZONE. We broadcast live every Tuesday 8pm pacific. on lvrocks.com. We are online at http://www.warzoneonline.com. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001180485338 Lee Hempfling

    if you are going to do what i think you are going to do, then a great moment in both broadcast and film will have arrived..you cheap rat you and you know what i’m referring to…. ain’t nothin’ like ushering in a century that is already a portion into itself… much good fortune!

  • Guest

    No serious person gives a feces what money grubbing Glenn Beck is doing to score cash from his gullible followers.

    • Chris

      Geez…you trolls get more and more stupid every day, don’t you????

  • http://twitter.com/thejimmyzshow Jimmy Z


  • http://twitter.com/thejimmyzshow Jimmy Z

    Maybe he means he’ll be stealing even MORE material than ever.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Glenn, I was watching your six PM news show, they were talking about gun control, the conversations they were having between themselves left me wondering if they were for or against gun control. And your investigating reporters for got to mention that all the mass killers were on mind altering drugs at the time they did the killings, and all the killings took place in a GUN FREE ZONE, I think your reporters should look further into any subject, then what they did on gun control. The FDA put all these mind altering drugs on the market that the doctors prescribed for these people who are what ever, nervous, stutter, worried, you name it and the Doctors prescribe mind altering drugs for these people  who went kill crazy. And how do we know that the Obama Regime didn’t have anything to with the mass murder of these innocent children for the purpose of destroying the 2nd Amendment and taking away all our guns. Remember what Obama said that is pure communist doctrine, “The end justifies the means,”  anything goes with Obama, murder, black mail, you name it Obama will do it. Obama tried it with Fast and Furious, how do we know that his unscrupulous Communist Regime didn’t have anything to with the children’s brutal deaths. On the Internet it was written that there were two people seen who were running away from the school after the murders, and that the AR 15 that the killer was supposed to have used  was in the trunk of the car his car, they found that, the killer only had two hand guns when he killed himself. The police in the Connecticut murders haven’t even published their reports.  Obama is a stone cold blooded killer, because of him over a million babies are murdered in this Country a year, Obama doesn’t shed any tears for those innocent children. I hope you get to read this, there is no other way to contact you.     

    • Anonymous

       These meds have a common side affect of numbing the person’s emotions. That does prevent violent outbursts, but has the effect of removing any sensitivity to the effects of their actions. There is no shred of remorse left in these people as they systematically execute person after person. A normal person has some ability to empathize with other human beings. We see the connection with another’s pain and suffering or even another’s death with our own pain, suffering or death. These drugs remove any such feelings. Being prescribed these drugs should be reported to the mental health register, and the guardians should be briefed on the potential danger of these drugs.

      With the Conn. shooting, you have to remember that we were up against an above average intelligence, who would have gotten past most safeguards. Locks, keys, combinations can with time and patience be overcome. Were there no guns in the house, there would always be a neighbor to burglarize. Were he caught, the police would probably not prosecute a mental case, just turn him back to his mother with a warning. We are kind to these mental people, dangerously kind.

    • Anonymous

      You must be a “crazy conspiracy theorist” like Alex Jones. I don’t have to do any research since Glen Beck has done it all for me. I trust Glen Beck’s soothing and calming voice. If you believe that there is a connection between Big Pharma and the Guberment than you must be “crazy”! Go back to http://www.infowars.com and believe the 9/11 theory of Building 7 of New York city being blown up. I trust that Glen will tell me the truth, because “the truth lives here.” (sarcasm)

      • Anonymous

        Let’s see… so you spell his name “Glen” and you tie him to Alex Jones, as if Beck hasn’t been bashing Jones lately for his conspiracy nutjobbery? You can always tell a leftist hack from your average ignorant Democrat (mind the overlap) whenever they start speaking.

    • CrissyStewardss

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  • Guest
    • Anonymous

      forgot your meds? sounds like it…

    • Anonymous

       And your mother wears army boots. Isn’t name calling fun? And it takes no brains as you obviously have demonstrated.

      Actually what you call lies are as properly documented as would be necessary for a PhD dissertation. Unlike our government, he takes money from those who willingly give it, and as for being a coward, you obviously have never run a business. Glen is hanging 10 – a surfer term for riding the front of the surfboard with your head stuck way out in the danger zone. He ain’t no coward.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, look: uncle herbert has his head stuck in the sand about Beck’s lack of integrity…right where Beck WANTS him to keep it.

      Beck’s fans can sleep walk through Beck’s made-up reality, or they can wake up and smell the roses: Glenn Beck knowing lies to his audience.

      There are many more examples.

      • Anonymous

        When you’ve actually got something *credible* to back up your Beck-bashing, do let us know.

  • Anonymous

    The big changes will be price to watch TV. They are thinking of charging to watch sports no matter which sport is of interest. As far as the internet, it will be controlled and censored just like it is in China or any commie country. Governments can monitor internet use of ANY individual without your knowledge. Is it any wonder why journalists only promote their own opinions and don’t report the truth in the news? You can get all the news just by reading headlines and you know what the content is.
    Yes, there is NO police report from the Conn incident and no news media seem to give a hoot about it. The verdict is out to ban guns, which is what the leftists want to see. I, like many others would sure be interested to know the true details of what and how things happened that day. But, will we ever get that truth?

  • http://twitter.com/O_IrishT O’irish

    Just thinking about how I miss Glenn’s program on FOX News channel. Alwys watched it faithfully.  I’m thinking that perhaps ‘Obama’ would have had a more difficult time getting re-elected had Glenn still be on in his time slot on FOX.  Glenn really made a difference as far as informing people with the reality of the ‘facts’.  Maybe the election could have had a different outcome.  I almost believe it would have.  Just sayin’

    • Anonymous

      i know it would’ve helped and probably slowed down the process….of these commie socialist takeover..

  • Anonymous

    Anyone remember the “Old Home Bread” commercials?  It featured the “Old Home Fill ‘er up and Keep on Truckin’ Cafe”.  C.W. McCall got famous for his song about the cafe, ( Remember “Convoy”?)  The serialized commercial was so popular, the “TV Guide” even listed when the commercial played.  Everyone wanted to know what was happening next.  Watching Glenn tonight made me think of those old commercials and they were more popular than the shows it sponsored.  That is what Glenn needs, an “Old Home Bakery” style approach to ads for his network.

  • JoanofAmerica

    Kudos to Glenn and team for introducing new technology!   I have worked with film/video as a writer/producer/director/actress and have experienced the super 16/ 35mm to the digital era.  It’s truly incredible where we have come and where we are going.  I’m very excited to see what’s in store!  However, I’m sure this admin will find a way to over-regulate everything. 

  • http://twitter.com/fawnday Dawn Brayton

    With the new forms of advertising starting in March with us as the focus group are you going to have a question on the surveys about what commercial would work best in what program or daypart? The jeans commercial about how 1791 jeans don’t tear could possibly work, just not on Glenn’s program. It’s more of a BSofA type of spot. It probably might work with Liberty Trehouse as well if it was recast once 1791 makes kid size jeans.

  • Anonymous

    All of you idiots on this site need to read this…. It is a gret commentary on your “dear Leader’s lunacy… not my words but they need to be shared with you goose stepping Beck followers…

    On Tuesday afternoon, it was announced that Glenn Beck plans to relaunch The Blaze as a “global libertarian news network” because he now identifies himself as a libertarian like Penn Jillette and wants to appeal to liberty-lovers who are disenchanted with the GOP and particularly partisan news outlets.In keeping with the last time I addressed Beck’s so-called “libertarianism,” below is yet another open letter to the conservative commentator.

    – –

    Dear Mr. Beck:

    Congratulations on your slow move towards libertarianism. We are glad
    for your newfound support for legal marijuana, gay marriage, and your
    backing down from Bush-era hawkishness.

    But many of us libertarians prefer to say “thanks but no thanks” to
    your attempt to become the “libertarian” leader of a so-called “global
    news network.”

    As I’ve written before, you make it really hard for people who
    believe in limited government to be taken seriously. In the past, you’ve
    only given the media more reason to dismiss a largely intellectual
    movement as being just a bunch of tinfoil hat-wearing, overly aggressive
    crazy people.

    You’re free to call yourself whatever you want. But that doesn’t mean
    we should accept you. While we agree with you on some of the big
    picture — government spends way too much money it doesn’t have, and is
    far too intrusive into our daily lives — many of us dislike your
    rhetoric and your chalkboard-and-puppets conspiracy version of history.

    Look, we libertarians try to operate as a big tent. And I’m happy
    when non-libertarians like yourself aspire and draw towards it. The Atlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg recently pondered whether he is a libertarian, and that’s a welcome step forward for the movement. But when you or (the far, far worse) Alex Jones label yourselves “libertarian,” it is most certainly not a progression for us who already feel marginalized by the political process and much of the media.

    Here’s just one example of how you take any semblance of a potentially rational discussion and elevate it to cuckoo land:

    In the trailer for your new “libertarian” news network,
    you tease newsmagazine specials on topics that supposedly matter to
    liberty-minded folk, like some evil United Nations plot to disarm
    Americans. Do libertarians believe the Second Amendment guarantees an
    individual right to bear arms? Yes. Do we generally oppose restrictive
    gun control? Absolutely. But do we think the federal government is in a
    cahoots with the U.N. to take away all of our guns? Uhhhh, no. That’s
    not “libertarian,” that’s fear-mongering with a naked appeal to the
    large portion of your viewers who already buy into the doomsday survivalist shtick available in your web store.

    Sure, some of your more ardent fans will back you up on your
    self-labeled “libertarianism,” but I challenge you to walk down the
    halls of Reason magazine and not have them snicker at your bizarro connect-the-dots version of history; or speak before 1,200+ college students at the annual Students for Liberty conference and not be booed or laughed off the stage when you lament the downfall of Western civilization at the hands of pro-gay shows like Glee; or submit an article to the Rothbardian types at LewRockwell.com and not have them pick apart every hysterical myth contained within.

    Now, of course, you may say we sound like the cool kids at the lunch
    table telling the weird kid that he can’t sit with us. But this isn’t
    the school cafeteria; this is a battle of ideas. And we are currently
    losing it because of people like you who have helped give limited
    government types a bad name. Rush Limbaugh makes conservatives look bad on a regular basis; and you assumedly want to be the libertarian version of that? No thanks.

    Maybe you are, as you say, a “growing” libertarian — i.e., you’re “evolving,” coincidentally, like the president you dislike so much — but that doesn’t erase the years you’ve spent as a so-called “liberty lover” while almost never criticizing George W. Bush when he was in power. (Believe me. I know that because, in my previous career, it took days to find a single anti-GOP soundbite for a TV special on your fledgling career.)

    You’ve built a reputation as yet another right-wing firebrand who absolutely detests President Obama and will link anything and everything to his kneeling nightly before a Karl Marx statuette.
    It’s not the kind of baggage to carry around when dealing with
    libertarians who pride themselves on equal-opportunity skepticism of
    partisans on both sides who suffer from “President From The Other Party Derangement Syndrome.”

    BuzzFeed writes
    that your relaunch as “libertarian” is an attempt to grab the eyeballs
    of the young people who are disgusted by the two parties and by the
    “shouting heads” on cable news. If so, I’m not sure you’ll be able to
    court them.

    “If we’re Glenn Beck’s target audience, he’s missed his mark by a mile,” Daniel Bier told me this morning. He runs a prominent blog called The Skeptical Libertarian, which has a readership largely made up of libertarian students and professionals.

    During the GOP primaries, most young libertarians rolled their eyes
    but had their preferred candidates who at least nodded in the direction
    of libertarianism. That included a bit of Jon Huntsman, a whole lot of Gary Johnson, and an even greater amount of Ron Paul. But were you out there supporting any of these guys while lamenting the big-government-conservative GOP field? No. You supported Michelle Bachmann at first, and then… Rick Santorum, arguably the most anti-libertarian GOP candidate since Pat Buchanan.

    And, indeed, young liberty types find the Republican Party and Fox’s
    treatment of the news to be distasteful but, given that, do you really
    think that they will then turn to Glenn Beck, the man who has said things like this… or this?

    Hopefully someday you can drop the histrionics and the looseness with facts, and then maybe we can all sing “Kumbaya” together under a libertarian tent.

    But, in the meantime, I do wish you the best of luck. And since it’s part of my job, I will be watching.

    Andrew Kirell

    • Anonymous

      Dear Debunking_the_Right,
      Thank you so much for the heads up, but you need to concentrate on other important things. Let’s just say, you are wasting your time; You need to concentrate on you and yours. Don’t worry about the Republicans. They will be just as insignificant as the Democrats. So, go put your efforts there. Our side, Which you know nothing about, can take care of ourselves.
      A person of faith

      • Anonymous

         Screw you and your faith. I certainly don’t need you or that to work on myself

        • Anonymous

          “Screw you and your faith.”
          Wow. What a despicable little worm you are. And the Founders would agree.

          “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens. The mere politician, equally with the pious man, ought to respect and to cherish them. A volume could not trace all their connections with private and public felicity. Let it simply be asked: Where is the security for property, for reputation, for life, if the sense of religious obligation desert the oaths which are the instruments of investigation in courts of justice ? And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.

          “It is substantially true that virtue or morality is a necessary spring of popular government. The rule, indeed, extends with more or less force to every species of free government. Who that is a sincere friend to it can look with indifference upon attempts to shake the foundation of the fabric?”
          – George Washington, Farewell Address, 1796

          You claim to be a libertarian, yet you’ve got the monicker “Debunking_the_Right” You’re obviously just another hate-filled and extremely ignorant “liberaltarian”.

  • lulitadow92

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  • James T. Hawes

    “…1928 when the BBC used three cameras to broadcast The Queen’s Messenger.”

    Oops. The BBC didn’t broadcast The Queen’s Messenger (TQM). Here in the U.S., General Electric broadcast TQM over experimental shortwave station W2XY. The sound came over AM station WGY (today’s WRGB). GE used an equipment design by the engineer Ernst Alexanderson. The TV picture had 48 lines. TQM was the world’s first TV play. BBC didn’t telecast its first play for another two years. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nP-rgKUzsUI

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