Sneak Peek: What does this picture have to do with “Galt’s Gulch”?

Tonight, Glenn’s teased Thursday’s show with the words: “Tomorrow, Galt’s Gulch and The Man in the Moon”. But was there a hint of something more in the camera shot? Tune in Thursday at 5pm ET to find out – ONLY on TheBlaze TV!

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    Glenn, you’re killing me! I can’t wait and am so excited!! “Who is John Galt?” :-))

  • Brian Skinner

    I think Stu let it out of the bag.    A couple of days ago he talked about Glenn building and amusement park in New Zealand.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is going to build a space colony with its home base on planet green-cheese, accompanied by Micky Mouse, set up with a giant reprogramming antenna perpetually moon-beaming his Beckster message over, not just hyper-space, but light-years out into the deepest regions of the Radiogalaxy. Beam me up Scotty…. 

    • SoThere

      I can’t wait.

  • Anonymous

    Build it, they will come. We watchmen need a place to vacation, so why not New Zealand?

  • lulitadow92

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  • Chris Lusk

    Stop calling yourself a Libertarian, you are NOTHING of the sort.  You may be a Tea Party Patriot but you have no idea what a Libertarian is.

  • CrissyStewardss

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    God Bless you Alex Jones!  Infowars simply the best there is  bar none.  Caution real men on Infowars!


  • Boomer

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