Gov. Cuomo attacks “assault” weapons with seemingly no knowledge of what they are

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Liberal New York Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered a fiery attack on against “assault” rifles during his State of the State address yesterday.

“I know, I know that the issue of gun control is hard.  I know it’s political.  I know it’s controversial, but we are proposing today common sense measures!  And I say to you forget the extremists.  It’s simple!  No one hunts with an assault rifle. No one needs…”

No one hunts with an assault rifle? Really, Gov. Cuomo? Someone clearly didn’t do their research before delivering this address — that, or he thinks the citizens of New York State are too stupid to know better.

“Everyone who is a hunter, I would like you to verify and send a letter to this pinhead, the governor of New York, who has no clue what an assault rifle even is,” Glenn said to his radio audience. “What is an assault rifle?  Let me tell you what an assault rifle is.  An assault rifle is something that if you spray paint it black, it looks spooky. If you spray paint it green and camouflage, it doesn’t look spooky. If you remove the plastic black stock and you put a wood stock in it, it’s a hunting rifle. It’s a hunting rifle. If you have an AR‑15, you’re damn right you go and shoot a deer with it. It’s a rifle! Assault rifle? Who was it that started calling them assault rifles, do you suppose? It was the left that needed a term to call them.”

Glenn continued to explain that if you go into a gun store you can get the exact same rifles in camo and in black. The camo rifle looks clearly like a hunting rifle, while the black one looks “scary”.

Cuomo’s version of an “assault” rifle.

Cuomo’s version of a “hunting” rifle.

All automatic rifles are being painted to look like mass murdering machine guns by politicians and the mainstream media.

“An AR‑15 is just a rifle unless it has a fully automatic switch on it and then it becomes a machine gun,” Glenn explained. “But you can’t buy that. You can’t buy the new ones.”

Stu also noted that the old ones (pre-1986) can only be purchased with a collectors license, or you have to be rich to get them. Their cost is insane due to their scarcity — nearly $20,000, maybe more.

“Make a promise to yourself that you will stop calling rifles assault weapons,” Glenn asked of listeners. “Stop calling them assault weapons.  They are rifles.  That’s all they are.  Rifles.”

Assault rifles, rifles, whatever they’re being called by the press, there is really no explanation why they’re being discussed so heavily outside of opportunism. This giant gun debate really ramped up after Sandy Hook. The shooter at Sandy Hood did not use an assault rifle.

The point is, the term “assault” weapon is not only irrelevant to this case, but it’s a game being used by progressives. If they change the language they can change the argument — they do it every time.

“It is a progressive game,” Glenn said. “So stop using ‘assault weapons’. I don’t care if the State calls it an ‘assault weapons’ ban. It’s not an assault weapons ban. It is an automatic weapons ban.”

  • Mike Nahorniak

    Depending on your state law, you can get a letter from local LE to build a machinegun, but none of the manufactured parts can have crossed state lines. at least, that is the theory. You won’t get batf approval, but that would only stop you if 1. You recognize the batfe as having the authority, which they don’t , or 2. You were not afraid of a batfe raid by guys carrying full autos and wearing balaclavas, which, they do. Glenn, you’re sounding awfully mainstream these days. What gives?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Gov Cuomo has demonstrated himself to be clueless and arrogant as he is playing on the leftist message for banning and confiscating all weapons and disarming of the people.

    As it was declared once – When people trade freedom for safety they shall not enjoy either for long.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The Leftist Communists are determined to ensure the people of the nation are disarmed completely. 

    In this manner they undermine the entire Constitution with the elimination of one of the major Rights we all possess. We are seeing the usage of an executive order by Obama to get around the Constitution and therefore invalidate it completely.

    Once one amendment of the Constitution is gone by executive order and with the willing criminal compliance of the Congress, how long will it take to undermine  the rest and then leave us with a full-scale dictatorship across the land?

    • Draxx

      Executive Orders Need to be Abolished…

      Guns Never Kill Anything/Anyone without Human Assistance, and it is in the Mind of the Person using the weapon to use it as a Weapon of Destruction.

      Guns under any name don’t kill people, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE!!! 

      • Draxx

        Oh, if someone is intent on hurting another person they will use whatever is at hand to harm the other person; whether it is: a knife, baseball bat, bow & arrow, stick, martial arts, their hands, or a gun.  Taking guns away from Everyone Else is not going to stop an insane person, now if everyone had one, then maybe they could stop the bad person before too many people get hurt/killed!  And We Would Need Fewer Police Officers (which cannot be everywhere at once anyway)…

        • Anonymous

          Got some pretty sick crossbows on the market, these days. May have to pick up one or two for quiet hunting.

          • Draxx

            I live in Oregon, Crossbows are illegal to hunt with here…

        • Bull57

          I would like to see the statistic showing how many crimes the police actually stop that are in progress and not there to investigate or file a report of the crime!

      • CrissyStewardss

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      • Anonymous

        If Executive Orders are used correctly,  they’re fine.  They are meant to be used  (as the name implies) to issued orders in the administrative duties of the Gov’t employees.   Not to make or change law.  Especially the US Constitution.

        • mspatdev

          How right you are. I am also for a fight.

      • Anonymous

         Of course, using that logic means nuclear weapons didn’t kill anyony in Japan in 1945. Which it also follows that everyone should have the right to own one of those and also rocket launchers. I’m all for gun ownership, but can we get some people to give reasons that actually make sense? I understand the reasoning that weapons that can kill so many so fast shouldn’t be in everyone’s hands. Don’t most of us? “Anthrax doesn’t kill people, people kill people”, but it’s still illegal to possess. Doesn’t any gun owner but me have rational thought?

        • Draxx

          You think that everybody knows how to handle radioactive materials and could just make any explosive device to use it when they feel like it…?  I don’t  think so!  I used to be a Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare Specialist/Sergeant in the Army, and I can Definitely Tell You Most People Are Ignorant to the Specifics of Alpha, Beta, Gamma Radiation and how they can be used -or- cannot be used.  Most people would die of exposure and accumilative effects of radiation and never make anything of use!  And if Evil Humans did not Cultivate and Concentrate Anthrax which is a Cattle Born Disease to use a weapon, then it would not kill entire villages because A human decided to use it to kill them… Also the nuclear bombs did kill in Japan, but humans made them do it, it is not a natural occurance to have nuclear explosions randomly happen on Earth.

          As far a Rational, I can’t speak for others…

          But, also do you believe that the US is a Sovereign Nation and that Other Nations Need To Stay Out Of Our Business?  If So, then Why Should America Have The Right To Dictate Policies For Other Nations That Are Sovereign Just Like The US??????????  Where is the rational in that?  That’s like a Heroine Addict and Alcoholic telling their children never to use drugs because they are bad and will kill you.  It’s Ok For Me But Not For You!!!  If that is your rational then you are delusional… A weapon of any sort is only capable of doing damage if it is made, setup, and used by a human (otherwise it is not a weapon, but an act of nature like a storm).

    • jen

      i don’t see your republican leadership like rove, mccain, graham, and others coming out to media in favor of guns and trying to protect them.

      instead, they are all mum.  even glenn hasn’t made a case for guns, etc…
      it sounds like they are all fine with whatever obama wants to do and how media is using and portraying this issue. and for their silence, you stand by them for trusting them blindly.

      • Sam Fisher

        What are you blind. Glenn just did on this very page. 

      • Anonymous

        I have to say there is not the outrage I would expect. A little chatter about it is all I see. You may be right. I want to see a huge press conference on this subject.

      • mspatdev

        Glenn has made a lot of comments about the guns.

      • hateit

         Do you always read with no comprehension.

    • Anonymous

      How long will it take? About 8 more months. Just wait and see.

    • mspatdev

      Obammy has wanted this to happen when he was absent most of his time in Congress.  Since he has already served the “Executive Order” in his first 4 yrs, he is not that dumb. He WILL DO IT MANY MORE TIMES TO COME. Actually, this is what the communists, socialist, terrorist people have wanted for a long time. Hitler did that, to the Germans and Jews that were led into the firing squads. I do not have a gun, but I am for my 2nd amendment. I will learn to use one if need be. I have a lot of knives that I can use. Obammy, Biden and cohorts do not understand that guns don’t walk, PEOPLE THAT ARE SICK WALK and they can get guns anywhere. They want to gather up all the guns. There is a lot of places in the U.S.A. that people can hide things. 

      I would like to know what Obammy paid his new cabinet so they will say what HE wants them to. He wants dumb people to surround him and I hope his new cabinet is kicked out, as they are a bunch of LIERS just like “O”.

      Wake up again AMERICA. We are on a heck of a ride for our freedom. By the way, how is all of your new taxes that you have notices paying. If you call to make a payment over the the phone, you get to pay $1.99 to $2.88 per bill. It used to be free if you went through the automatic voice mail. So far, it has pertain to Utilities. Obammy is still putting the different races, poor, rich against each other. He still thinks he is God and he is going to rule THE WORLD. Too bad he doesn’t fall and be in the hospital for awhile, then we don’t have to listen to him speak, see him or anything.  Reid is going to start filibuster any laws in the Senate.

      Obammy doesn’t understand that HE WILL NEVER GET THE DEBT DOWN, because that is not the problems, IT IS THE SPENDING. I wish I had money to foolishly spend, but if I had it, I would take my money and leave here for awhile.   GOD BLESS AMERICA 

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  • Sam Fisher

    This guy has no clue what a gun is let alone what an assault rifle is and you guys living in New York going to let him take away so called assault rifles when he does not even know what they are. I want to make this point as well you don’t need an assault rifle to kill someone in my State killed his wife with a bow and arrow but if the next mass murder comes in and happens to use a bow and arrow they will try to ban them to out of a knee jerk reaction.

  • Anonymous

    That’s like “semi-automatic handgun”. All handguns have been semi-auto since like the Civil War. The earlier versions were called “revolvers”, because one pull on the trigger fired the bullet in the chamber, then revolved the magazine to chamber a new round.

    Calling a handgun “semi-automatic” makes it sound like something new and scary to the low information masses, and of course, making it something that the government should ban because law abiding citizens don’t need one.

    • BentGhazi

      Actually, a revolver is a manually, mechanically advanced weapon. Semi automatic is completely different relying on the recoil or on gas pressure from the fired round to extract the empty cartridge and load a fresh one – from a magazine, whether that magazine is internal to the weapon, or a replaceable/detachable box magazine.

      Revolvers can be either single action – requiring cocking the hammer by hand to advance the cylinder, or double action whereby the cylinder is rotated by pulling the trigger. 

      The second amendment does not address the questions of need or desire for a weapon,  it merely provides the legal basis for firearm ownership regardless of the type or motivation of the individual. That argument about hunting is a red herring, as well as the old, “what does anyone need that for?”, question. 

      You are correct, this is a campaign of fear mongering and disinformation.

      • Anonymous

        A difference without a distinction. Yes, the mechanism differs, but the result is the same, one bullet fired with each pull of the trigger, with the new round automatically chambered.

        I love how the media can frame a message by what they leave out. A few weeks ago the network radio news said the garment factory destroyed by fire in Bangladesh “supplied American companies, including WalMart.” They conveniently left out Sean Combs, K-Mart, etc, taking a chance to let WalMart look bad. Then this week “Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, long linked to PED use, failed to get elected to baseball’s Hall of fame”. The PED charges did hurt those two among some voters, but the fact is no one was voted in – which may have make Bonds & Clemens look less guilty.

  • jesustheonlyway

    FOOLS.  NO law has ever controlled the minds, hearts, and behavior of evil people.

    • Anonymous

      Just as no man made law has ever controlled the hearts and minds of free men,,,,

      • ginger

        Amen…and the people STILL don’t get it.

  • Anonymous

    and to the extent that people don’t use assault weapons to hunt, it’s because a .223, even at higher velocity, is not powerful enough to reliably bring down large game at 100 yards or more. My dad hunter deer with a Winchester .270 high velocity, I had a Springfield .306

  • Nicola Gibson

    I just think fighting on the vocab of ‘assault weapons’ is a losing battle. When people are shown an AR on TV, they will intuitively think of it as an M-16 and they’re going to believe it’s a weapon designed for assault  because it is. I think we need to start making that constitutional case for why assault weapons should be legal. We have the right to keep and bear them precisely because they ARE assault weapons. They should be the MOST protected weapon, since they are the weapon most in view in the intention of the 2nd amendment. If we formed militias to repel foreign invasion or internal tyranny, what gun would you want to issue? The AR.
    Ar’s have other uses for shooting and even hunting in certain caliber configurations, but to keep them we have to make a case for the likely national interest (Protection form foreign or domestic enemies) over the utterly remote individual possibility that you’ll face a shooter (mass shooting illegitimate use). In the 20th century, how many unarmed people were killed by their governments and how many were killed in mass shootings? Or: why should I give up my right to defend my life because someone wants to lessen the utterly remote likelihood that they could have to defend theirs at some point?  

  • Anonymous

    When our country is deemed safe enough to eliminate the Secret Service protection for our  President and VP and the security details for these government officials, then I will know it is safe enough to surrender my weapons.

  • James Holznagel

    Cuomo is a nut case.

  • Doug Schexnayder

    Name ONE large city where the dimdem tight gun control laws have worked…
    ok, I can wait…
    Oh, thought the debate was logic-based and not fantasy-based…

    hey, it like the dimdem political system (aka utopian socialism)…now you get the big picture….its always always about power over people 24-7.  

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Of course its about control, but not controlling criminals, its about controlling every citizen and your 2nd amendment rights.  This isn’t rational government, its discriminatory government that persecutes those of us who are not liberals. Robberies went up 40% in the UK and 44% in Australia after the gun bans…people feel less secure and criminals now can threaten more people.  Bad Scene man.

    • Mark Gilbert

      Good post.  Actually, it persecutes all of us, but liberals don’t notice (until it’s too late.)

      • Anonymous

        Actually, gun control will do the opposite of what this administration wants..people will refuse any gun bans, the 2nd amendment is alive and well,  and they will leave states where there are new regulations.  The last time they tried these bans, many did not get re-elected.

  • J. W. Appling

    Glens being stupid about this too. All AR 15’s are semi-automatic only if it was an automatic it would be called an m16 and the picture they put the first one (the black gun) up looks like a crossman 760 pump master a pump bb and pellet gun.

  • Anonymous

    An assault weapon is anything that somebody uses to assault someone else, and we have plenty of laws against assault already – the perpetrator, not the weapon. Thus rifles, handguns, knives, fists, crowbars, rocks, cars, … you name it. Enough with Constitution bashing.

  • Anonymous

    Thisfamily has made a habit of insulting gun owners/voters back when his daddy was
    guv. He made the statement that the only reason men went hunting was “to drink
    beer and cheat on their wives”  so sonny boy is cut from the same cloth…..
    Glenn someone needs to add the music Dauchland ober
    alas in the background of his speech it reminds me of Hitler’s rants……  gee do we see a parallel here?  Nazi’s banned the ownership of private firearms…… and now the DEMONCRAPS want to do the same…..2012= ranting … vilifying guns and gun owners…… 1930’s=ranting vilifying the Jews….. Yes I make the comparison because now it is politically incorrect to vilify a religious group but you can still vilify an object or a group who owns that object……..  Welcome to the New NAZI party…..

    • Anonymous

      Let’s take the guns away from their (Cuomo & company) hired for protection gun owners!

  • J. W. Appling

    Funny thing is a guy with a bolt action rifle can be more dangerous because of the range. All these idiots who think banning “assault rifles” (weapons that are less accurate) will stop mass shootings never heard of Charles Whitman he was killing people at long range from a tower with a bolt action hunting rifle. Even though its slow its range made it very deadly because people had to run a long ways to find cover making them an easy target for a sniper.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s say that Obama can enact the confiscation of guns. Does any sane person think that criminals will surrender their guns? All it would do is disarm abiding citizens, kill hunting and increase crime tenfold at least. Besides, will ALL citizens give up their arms, including security guards, police and private investigators? I don’t think that Obama is THAT stupid that he would insist on banning all guns.

    • Bill DeFranzo

      I don’t see many law abiding citizens giving up there weapons unless they are subjects of a state with gun registration.

  • Anonymous

    This may be a little off  subject but in the 1950 and the 60’s we had
    state run mental hospitals where the criminal insane were housed but thanks to
    the ACLU they were all closed and these people were left out on the street ,you
    see them every day it is estimated that 30% of the homeless have some sort of
    mental illness , There were no mass killings at that time because our
    government housed and treated the mental ill at no cost to the individual now
    they are out on the street with no meds and no place even if picked up by local
    law enforcement to be taken the most you can get is a 72 hour hold and they are
    let go so who is at fault that we have the insane on the streets, when in
    drought look in the mirror we are as a society we should take care of these
    individual’s not only for their sake but for our safety . When they get their
    hands on a gun, knife or a couple of cans of gas and a lighter they will kill
    again until we make a decision to treat them for their sickness. New future
    headlines on Nov. 1, 2015, a sociopath walked into a gas station near home and
    purchased 5 gallons of gas and a lighter used in a deadly rampage. New federal
    law the government bans all gas cans and lighters for public safety and the
    sale of gas only by permit after background check, instead of treating the
    problem the sociopath we are treating the result only god can help us when we
    as a society can’t think a solution through. We as a society are again going
    for the fast easy fix that our officials know they can pass in to law rather
    than addressing the real problem of mental illness, Thank You for reading this.

    • Anonymous

      I agree they need to address mental illness. They are not going there.

    • BentGhazi

      You are absolutely right – the psychos are walking among us now. What the hell did the ACLU and others expect was going to happen when the criminally insane and remorseless are allowed to live with the rest of us? 

      Doesn’t take an Einstein to see that this was a real bad idea, now does it?

      • Todd Scheller

        “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” ~Often incorrectly attributed to Albert Einstein.

  • Anonymous

    They are spreading fear. He is reading from a script given to him. It is not about safety. It is about his re-election. Additional laws are not going to make a difference. They are not enforcing  the laws on the books.

    If they implement this law you can expect an outrage from the American people. There will be civil unrest. There will be a militia. We were warned of this from our founders. That is why the second amendment exists. We cannot let them take our rights away. We must fight to the bitter end if they try to take this away. How convenient it would be to disarm all of us right before the economy crashes. They know that is right around the corner.

  • Bill DeFranzo

    Just call them what they are, sporting rifles. It takes a politician and a law to define them differently. To the millions of people who own them, they are sporting rifles regardless. Why haven’t we seen any footage of the shooting competitions? Some idiots don’t know they exist.

  • James

    Those in power don’t care what the populous thinks only if you will be up in arms over something they do. But once you don’t have arms they wont worry anymore about that.  Like I have said many times the Right to Vote comes from the barrel of a gun. Mao said political power flows from the barrel of a gun.

  • Kevin Alvar

    Como or the son of Como,no relation to Perry Como has no clue what he is talking about.
    Asault wepons are what Obama gave the Lybians an the Syrians Those are automatic wepons
    that are not legal in America The gun that was used by the mental person who stole his mother leagal gun was not an asult wepon So Adrew you smart mouth Jerk get your facts right.

  • ginger

    Cumo sounds high and looks it…stupid…stupid….stupid robot of the obama administration…just how does he think he is going to rein in the gangs to keep them from getting any guns they want??? I would pay to see that!

  • Anonymous

    Certified by a standing Federal Judge: The only enforcement clause, for citizens, in the Constitution is the second amendment! Without the second amendment, the Constitution is not worth the paper it is written on.

  • greywolfrs

    OK, let’s get this straight, an AR-15 is NOT an “Assault Rifle.” The “Assault Rifle” equivalent is an M-16. The AR-15 is a civilian model and is NOT used by our military. The M-16 has a selector switch, which allows it to fire a single shot, three round burst or fully automatic. A hunting rifle that is semi-automaic is the same as an AR-15, they fire the same round, they chamber another round from the recoil of the first round firing and both require a person to pull the trigger for each round fired.

    Diane Feinstien is an idiot, what does a “pistol grip” have to do with anything or a 10 round mag? Any weapon that takes a mag can be “reloaded in seconds. None of these things will stop a criminal from doing anything. Criminals do not get these weapons legally, so all this is designed to hurt the people who want them legally.

    I love hearing these idiots talk about having an “honest conversation about guns,” nothing they are talking about can be considered “honest.”

    • BentGhazi

      pResident Evil and company give this idiot his marching orders. All of the stuff we are hearing and seeing now are straight from the oval office. This administration kills people at will; like On the evening of December 14, 2010, When U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, (and others),  were patrolling Peck Canyon in Arizona, and he was killed with an AK rifle that was “gun walked” into Mexico in Fast and Furious, and the four men murdered in Benghazi on 09/11/2012 – both situations have been covered up by this pResident and his crew.. 

      They are the ones who brought us Gun Walker and Fast and Furious – which were only ploys to get the ball rolling on what they are doing now. Why should anyone take the lead of these criminals in regard to this situation? They have no credibility because they themselves have been breaking the law for years.

      • Todd Scheller

        Wait, I just made this connection. We cannot own assault weapons becasue of some loon in Colorado and another loon in Connecticut. However, Obama has not problem of providing them to the DRUG CARTELS in Mexico to kill his own Law Enforcement Officers with.

        • greywolfrs

          Except you failed to read what I wrote in the first place. An AR-15 is NOT an “Assault Rifle.” In fact, you can not buy an “Assault Rifle” in this country. They were banned long ago.

          • Todd Scheller

            Except you are a fool the ban ended. It was passed in 1994, and only lasted for ten years. So that means it ended September 13, 2004.
            Stay stupid though.

          • greywolfrs

            Hey stupid, can you buy a fully automatic weapon? No, you can’t. You really should look into what makes an “Assault Rifle,” being fully automatic or having a “three round burst” is one of the criteria. Nice try, but you failed to see that a pistol grip or folding/telescoping stock means nothing. An M-16, which IS the military equivalent has a 4 position selector switch which allows “Safe,” single or semi-automatic, three round burst and fully automatic. Our military does NOT use the AR-15, it uses the M-16 and is currently moving to the M-4. Feel free to remain a complete idiot, that seems to working well for you.

          • Todd Scheller

            Hey moron, you have not been able to buy a fully automatic weapon since the 1934 National Firearms Act, unless you want to pay the extra tax on them. The Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act of 1994 is what put in the so called Assault Weapons ban, it ended on September 31, 2004. It specifically defined Assault weapons for both rifle and pistols, and it included SEMI-AUTO rifles, of which the Colt AR-15 is among the list as long as it has a removable magazine, and any two of the other requirements to be an assault weapon.
            There was nothing in the assault weapons ban that defined them as being fully automatic.
            Since you seem so mentally limited here is the History of the AR-15/M-16. It is similar o the history of the A-12/SR-71.
            Eugen Stoner, Robert Fremon, and L. James Sullivan developed the AR-10. Which Armelite converted to 5.56/.233 to be the AR-15. Armelite ran into financial difficulty and sold the patents for both rifles to Colt. Colt put the AR-15 in to the running for the replacement of the M-14 as the AR-15. The AR-15 won the competition. The military renamed it the M-16. therefore the AR-15 is the same as a M-16. However, you are not smart enough to understand this.

          • greywolfrs

            Hey stupid, the government can define an “assault rifle” in any manner which they choose and you believe it, that does not make it so. Saying an AR-15 is the same as an M-16 is foolish. That is like saying a Mustang GT and a Mustang Gt500 are the same on the outside. You never bothered to look under the hood and SEE the difference. There are plenty of rifles out there that have a pistol grip and folding/telescoping stock, they also have detachable mags, that does not make them an “Assault Rifle.” You failed to see the difference between an AR-15/Colt Sporter and an M-16 which is that selector switch. So, they look the same on the outside, but that does not mean they are the same.

            The government can put stipulations on what they consider an “Assault Rifleb” but that does NOT make it so. No military in the world uses a semi-automatic rifle, NONE. In the end, it does not matter, this is about limiting freedom and the 2nd Amendment, nothing more. The government can define anything they like, in which ever manner they choose, that does NOT make it correct. The government has NO right to take away rights, as defined by the Constitution. Idiots like you have no right to limit others freedom simply because you think it’s a good idea. The 2nd Amendment is what it is, whether the government or you like it or not.

            Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.
            -Ben Franklin

            P.S. Stop putting “likes” on your own posts, it makes you look dumber than you already look.

          • Todd Scheller

            You are seriously mentally deranged. An assault rifle is an assault rifle regardless of who is defining it. The M1A1 is is an assault rifle, its cousin the M14 is also an assault rifle. What is the difference in a Ford Taraus and a Mercury Sable?
            FYI Fool, I can only edit my own posts not like them,but you stay stupid of how Disqus works.

  • Anonymous

    Cuomo is Govenor of New York —-that says it all!
    California,New York,Chicago,DC, have the most outlandish/prohibitive gun control laws in the country,yet thay have the highest rates of gun violence in the Nation. Why? Perhaps they don’t have enough welfare,food stamps or spend enough on education,unions? California is broke, Chicago is a waste land,New York has the highest taxes of a majority of cities and states and DC lives on corruprion,kickbacks,drugs and immorality, Chech out their mayors. Perhaps it isn’t gun control that needs to be addressed? The socialist answer to everything is to ban it. But you have to as they say not what they do,because they own the jets, the big houses, the big cars and eat at the most expensive restaurants. They own guns and have private body guards with guns and live in houses with the best security systems. But they want you do drive the little fuel efficent cars,live in houses with green power and solar power,eat vegies and soybeans and rely on them to protect you and your family at 2:00am in the morning.
    You can’t fix STUPID! Cuomo has a lot of friends and associates and apparently backers that fall into the same class as him and you can’t fix them either. Don’t try–it is a waste of time and effort.

  • Jason Griest

    They are called Assault Rifles because they think that is what AR stands for. They are clueless and are low information people who have power but not a lick of sense.
    AR = Armalite Rifle

    • Tony Viscardi

      But unfortunately the clueless have re-elected this criminal POTUS, and now we all suffer. When will we as law abiding citizens, unite and put a stop to this? We have numbers that cannot be ignored we just need to use them. Enough is enough, can’t we agree on that?

  • Anonymous

    A “fiery attack”?  He seems to be drunk or on drugs, or have brain damage affecting his speech.  Does anyone really think this guy is a public speaker of high caliber (pardon the pun)?

    • BentGhazi

      He’s a pathetic fool with a big soap box to perch on. 

  • Anonymous

    Listening to Glenn on the way to work this morning, I couldn’t help but notice Cuomo’s talk and Adolf Hitler. Very if not the same, rhetoric, chants, but only lacking  the exception of “sieg heil” it was eerily similar of days gone by. 

  • Butch Blosc

    Cuomo does as his Communist Party handlers order.

    • Anonymous

      He’s a disgrace; The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Don’t you just love that expression?

  • Anonymous

    Every time Obama wants something done because “its what he wants”, he writes another Executive Order.  What’s the tally now?  And by the way, he couldn’t pass his own security investigation (which wasn’t required for him to even run for president), why do I need one in order to practice my Constitutional Rights?

  • Kathy Skaggs

    You ever notice that the president, VP, or anyone else can not and will not tell us how the banning of guns is going to help prevent attacks or gun violence since criminals or the criminally insane don’t follow laws to start with. I have been asking for one of them to explain it but they can’t. All they know is that they want guns banned, mainly because you can’t take over a country that has armed citizens. Obama can’t become dictator while everyone has a gun. You also notice that liberals don’t have a clue either they just parrot what they are told to believe along with the hollywood crowd. I think that everytime someone opens their mouth to say that banning guns is the solution to the gun violence problem that they have to explain how it would help and how they are going to get the criminals and the insane to turn theirs in.

  • Anonymous

    As New Yorkers, you had the right to vote in for a second term the most liberal president of our time, But those of you that hold gun registrations should not take this laying down. Losing your brains twice would be insulting!

  • stuvr

    What a drooling moron. Hey, New Yawkers… in the HELL do you elect such idiots???? Good God Almighty…….

  • BentGhazi

    Cuomo is an absolute idiot. These people would deny everything to you if they could. They are the same people who brought Prohibition to the US, and that in turn spawned the era of the black market bootleggers and gangsters like Al Capone and Joseph Kennedy Sr. 

    They are all screaming for gun control, so they should lead by example and not possess any. Their guns go first, and if that works out, then the people can on an individual basis decide if that is for them or not. 

  • Anonymous

    If I lived in NY,  I’d be packing.  That place is absolutely scary.

  • Karen Rose

    Gov. Cuomo…needs a million point plan to save the CHILDREN (aborted babies) 50 million murdered and counting has not stopped…killed by the medical field with blunt insturments and NOT GUNS…WAKE UP PEOPLE….

    • sparducks

       And yet the people are not at all repulsed by this. The fact is that we have capitulated to tyranny for forty years now. With our apathy in allowing the murder of millions of our most vulnerable of citizens. this is psychotic. And the feigned outrage by the left and Obama over Sandyhook is vile. Obama could’nt find it within himself to give sanctuary to infants who survived bungled abortions. Lets stop with the political correctness and start calling things what they are. Abortion is murder.

      • Anonymous


  • BentGhazi

    I wonder what these fools think of the fact that a company makes a crossbow upper half for AR15 lower halfs? It isn’t a rifle – no barrel or magazine or cartridges – it shoots arrows, one at a time.

    That’s gotta send them recoiling in horror just thinking about it!

    • Todd Scheller

      Point of contention: Crossbows fire bolts, a bow fires arrows. Bolts are shorter and thicker, and arrows are longer and narrow.

      • BentGhazi

        I cede that to you. Most people are not hip to what a bolt is, so I chose arrow.

        • Guest

          You were right to choose that description so people would get the idea of what you are talking about. To get even more picky, they are also called quarrels.

          I found this interesting.
          A bullet crossbow is a type of handheld crossbow which rather than arrows or bolts shoots spherical projectiles made of stone, clay or lead. There are two variants, one has a double string with a pocket for the projectile; the other has a barrel with a slot for the string.
          Most modern crossbows are designed to shoot arrows instead of bolts.* Crossbow arrows are of similar construction as ordinary bow arrows,** just shorter in length because of reduced power stroke.

          * Bolts and Arrows: The Lighter Side of Hunting Projectile Name Calling. Retrieved on 24 June 2011.
          ** Crossbows / Arrows & Bolts / Descriptions / Weights / For Sale. Retrieved on 24 June 2011.


          • BentGhazi

            You learn something every day… Thanks!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Any tine some lib talks about “common sense measures”, you can be certain that the SOB wants to confiscate your guns. 

  • kyle h

    As long as it’s just in his State…. I don’t care.   But let LOCAL government controled by local people do what the local majority wants  (as long as it doesn’t violate Constitutional rights).

  • kyle h

    President Obama and the rest of our representatives in Washington DC are protected by armed security… why are the common people not allowed to protect ourselvs by being armed?

    The Obama Administration had no problem selling automatic weapons to Mexican gangs…  but they insist they must ban common Ameicans from being armed… how does this make sense?

  • Jason K

    It’s very sad to me that most politicians now don’t even understand what was banned in the original Assault Weapons Ban.  It was a ban on fully automatic weapons, or semi-automatic weapons with modifications, such as a flash suppressor, or barrel-mounted pistol grip.  The rifles shown above wouldn’t even be covered by the ban.  But if they change the language, then any gun owner owns “an assault weapon”.  How about we start teaching parents to take some responsibility, and if their child has mental health issues that could put others at risk, take measures to get them help.  But now the liberal thinking is, “it’s someone else’s fault my child did something horrific; bullies, video games, guns”.  Maybe your kid just needed some help, and you were too (ashamed, embarrassed, foolish, stupid) to help them.

  • Anonymous

    No Glenn you goofed near the end as it is a semi automatic weapons ban propose by Coumo  not an automatic weapons ban. I generally agree with Glenn but, he typoed or slipped there. 

  • Mike T

    Cuomo is a complete idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Long guns account for less than 2% of the killings in the U.S. Fully-automatic rifles have been illegal for purchase since the mid-thirties. Amount of bullets a magazine can hold in order to make it legal doesn’t make much sense. They all can be changed for reloading, quickly. Let’s
    honor and follow The U.S. Constitution. By the way, the Second Amendment to The Constitution does not include the words “for hunting” as its purpose. Me thinks some in our
    Government are complaining too loudly. Let’s keep it in perspective….they are elected by us
    and have all taken an oath to honor and defend our Constitution. 

  • Greg Littlefield

    Cuomo is an IDIOT! He doesn’t even know the hunting laws in his own state!!
    You can use an AR-15 for hunting in NY as long as it has a 5 round magazine. HAHA dumbass!!

  • Anonymous

    Of course the people that love this site have a hard time with FACTS but
    the assault rifle ban worked. The homicide rate shot down after it went
    into effect.  It started climbing again after it was repealed. BTW…
    the 2nd amendment has nothing to do with your right to own a gun – read
    the transcripts of the congress on the debate from the 2nd amendment –
    if you idiots here can read.

    Homicide rate











  • Snorri Sturluson

    Liberals don’t need details; they know everything tha’st best especially for others. Of course, when the intended consequences of liberal foolhardy legislation don’t occur, or gross abuses happen, or people are injured / die unnecessarily, why that’s because of others or social factors beyond the control of liberals. That’s what liberals reserve Jails, Gulags and Concentration camps for. A psychopathic murderer and a user of incandescent light blubs are equally guilty?

  • Larry Richardson

    And this is Feinsteins version of an assault weapon.
    Why? Because it is semi-automatic and has a thumbhole stock. It’s a .22, good for targets and squirrels.

  • Sher

    Who are these idiots that are clapping for this clown?  Do  they even know what they’re talking about?  Dangerous people!!

  • Kevin Kamerath

    Assault is an action that can be associated with any weapon.  The liberal mind is at it’s best when it needs to demonize something.  Rich people, rifles, money, cars, homes, just think of something the libs don’t like and “poof”, its bad.  Look at Michael Moore, look what the assault fork and spoon has done to him.  Lindsay Lohan was attacked by the assault party and look at her poor pathetic life.  These people are basically clueless when it comes to guns.  “high capacity clips”, yep, I have those in my desk drawer to hold a stack of paper together.  You just can’t fix stupid.

  • Loren Wright

    1) You mean SEMI-automatic weapon ban.  As you point out, you need to use the correct lingo.  2) People do need hi capacity magazines for self defense.  The police around the country have upgraded their weaponry because they often found themselves out gunned by the criminals. The people have the same right to adequately protect themselves from crime. 3) Some of the worst shootings have happened in states with very strict gun laws.  The strict gun laws didn’t help there and they won’t help if they are expanded nation wide. 4) If guns kill people then spoons made Rosanne Barr fat.5) When nations disarm their citizens it is just one of the necessary steps toward tyranny.  The framers of the Constitution knew that (they had just freed themselves from such a government) and they wanted the American people to be able to defend themselves from all threats, foreign and domestic.  (6 This government has been taking control away from the people a little step at a time for may years.  If we do not stand up against such tactics now when they want to take control of something that is dear enough to us to make us object, it will already be too late.

  • CD

    So I guess what Glenn is saying is that there is an ass-ault on rifles! 😉

  • Anonymous

    Guy sounds like a dictator, lol!  What in the world did he keep looking at the whole time he was speaking ???  A Teleprompter possibly?  You mean that he hasn’t given it enough thought about a subject that he has to read it from a screen?  He can’t mentally say what is on his mind without reading it off a screen?  Very revealing of what the real problem is.  And that would be Government involvement to begin with!!!  QUICK, There is is a crisis, let’s get our Govt. to solve it for us!  VERY PATHETIC!

  • William Hattenhauer

    And this man Cuomo is the represenative of the great state of New York… Sounds to me like recall time.

  • Anonymous

    Mr Cuomo is correct on stopping the madness but the madness is coming from the politicians. We need to vote these Communists out of office..

  • Anonymous

    The Madness needs to be stopped. It’s called the Government. It’s the reason for being able to vote & also the reason for the 2nd amendment. 

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you Alex Jones!  Infowars simply the best there is bar none.  Caution real men on Infowars!  I don’t see any coverage of the two men Killed, One John Noveske, two Keith Ratliff or any information about Mr. Ratliff’s last post on his facebook page before he was murdered.  48 mass murders, school shooter all on anti-depressents, Why?  Controlled Mr. Beck?

  • Anonymous

    In looking into these cases, the people conducting the mass killings have been under psychiatric drugs.  The kids especially with drugs for behavior disorders.  In their cases they stop taking their drugs where physicians are very aware that going cold turkey is very dangerous to the patience and that wild fits of violence and depression can occur.  We have 4 million kids in public schools today on these mind altering drugs where the side affect are known to be violence and depression.  The diagnosis on these drugs is based on class room behavior and the drugs provided to control the behaviors are class 2 drugs, rated up there with cocaine.  Mind you that absolutely no medical examination is conducted to be placed on these drugs to validate chemical imbalances.  How can we as parents trust that our kids have not been targeted to cause this kind of violence.  To me to place someone on these types of drugs without medical examination is reckless or deliberate.  Especially when we are talking 4 million kids who, despite what D.A.R.E teaches them, cannot say NO.  I don’t think guns are the real problem.

  • Anonymous

    We need to wake up.  The assault rifle thing is completely bogus.  Why anyone would go after guns when the kids are being abused with drugs in school by schools is beyond me.  It just goes to show you that politicians are exploiting this.

  • hateit

    An assault” weapon  is another term that they use trying to infer this scary automatic killing machine. An assault weapon really means anything that will inflict bodily harm, could mean pencil, glass, glass bottle,bare hands , knives, rocks, sock with sand in it, bat, board, What do people use for sexual assault?

  • John Fiorella

    Whats next on Cuomo’s list?

    Rubber band guns?

  • Mike Boulrice

    The NRA supported the National Firearms Act, they are no friend of gun owners.

  • John

    I find it hilarious that people still try and pretend it was anti-gunners who “made up” assault rifles.  It was in fact gun manufacturers and dealers who have been using terms like “assault rifle” and “assault style” in advertising of their weapons since the 1980s.

    Intratec, which made the infamous TEC assault pistols banned by name in the federal statute, advertised its line of semiautomatic pistols in magazines such as Soldier of Fortune, Combat Handguns, and S.W.A.T. this way in 1989: “At two-thirds the weight (and price) of an Uzi, the TEC-9 series clearly stands out among high capacity 9mm assault-type pistols.”

    H&K had this ad:

    “In a survival situation, you want the most un-compromising weapon that money can buy.  The HK 91 Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle from Heckler & Koch.”


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