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Liberal New York Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered a fiery attack on against “assault” rifles during his State of the State address yesterday.

“I know, I know that the issue of gun control is hard.  I know it’s political.  I know it’s controversial, but we are proposing today common sense measures!  And I say to you forget the extremists.  It’s simple!  No one hunts with an assault rifle. No one needs…”

No one hunts with an assault rifle? Really, Gov. Cuomo? Someone clearly didn’t do their research before delivering this address — that, or he thinks the citizens of New York State are too stupid to know better.

“Everyone who is a hunter, I would like you to verify and send a letter to this pinhead, the governor of New York, who has no clue what an assault rifle even is,” Glenn said to his radio audience. “What is an assault rifle?  Let me tell you what an assault rifle is.  An assault rifle is something that if you spray paint it black, it looks spooky. If you spray paint it green and camouflage, it doesn’t look spooky. If you remove the plastic black stock and you put a wood stock in it, it’s a hunting rifle. It’s a hunting rifle. If you have an AR‑15, you’re damn right you go and shoot a deer with it. It’s a rifle! Assault rifle? Who was it that started calling them assault rifles, do you suppose? It was the left that needed a term to call them.”

Glenn continued to explain that if you go into a gun store you can get the exact same rifles in camo and in black. The camo rifle looks clearly like a hunting rifle, while the black one looks “scary”.

Cuomo’s version of an “assault” rifle.

Cuomo’s version of a “hunting” rifle.

All automatic rifles are being painted to look like mass murdering machine guns by politicians and the mainstream media.

“An AR‑15 is just a rifle unless it has a fully automatic switch on it and then it becomes a machine gun,” Glenn explained. “But you can’t buy that. You can’t buy the new ones.”

Stu also noted that the old ones (pre-1986) can only be purchased with a collectors license, or you have to be rich to get them. Their cost is insane due to their scarcity — nearly $20,000, maybe more.

“Make a promise to yourself that you will stop calling rifles assault weapons,” Glenn asked of listeners. “Stop calling them assault weapons.  They are rifles.  That’s all they are.  Rifles.”

Assault rifles, rifles, whatever they’re being called by the press, there is really no explanation why they’re being discussed so heavily outside of opportunism. This giant gun debate really ramped up after Sandy Hook. The shooter at Sandy Hood did not use an assault rifle.

The point is, the term “assault” weapon is not only irrelevant to this case, but it’s a game being used by progressives. If they change the language they can change the argument — they do it every time.

“It is a progressive game,” Glenn said. “So stop using ‘assault weapons’. I don’t care if the State calls it an ‘assault weapons’ ban. It’s not an assault weapons ban. It is an automatic weapons ban.”