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So the radio crew decided to just milk Alex Jones’s appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan for all it was worth, and today they decided to play one of Jones’s weirdest moments: When he broke down and cried because of the babies who have been kidnapped by corporations. Seriously. He believes that. But is he as good of a crier as Glenn?

Watch the below, and wonder if this seems to be at all genuine:

“Do that whole thing except take the cries out and it’s still just as insane,” Glenn said.

But what does Glenn think of the crying, especially since he used to be mocked for crying too much on his TV and radio shows? Glenn explained that it’s very different – and Jones’s behavior shows how insincere he is in the clip above.

Stu pointed out that when he cries on radio, he will often lean back away from the microphone to hide the fact he is getting emotional. Only people watching the video feed can tell.

“Now, what Alex Jones does in this video is he’s, away from the microphones, you can kind of hear me away from the microphone a little bit and as he’s yelling and he’s screaming. And as he starts crying, he leans all the way into the microphone, covers his eyes so you can’t see his face at all, and does those noises directly into the microphone,” Stu said.

Pat disagreed, saying that he does believe that Alex Jones is genuine. But Pat still has a problem with the radio host. “I don’t respect him even though he feels deeply about these things because to him, anyone who doesn’t think as he does is the enemy. And not only is the enemy but they are participating in what he’s fighting against. And not only that, but he enlists his minions who have ‑‑ who are mindless automatons to attack those who disagree with everything he says.”

Glenn admitted that he didn’t like to cry on air, and that Roger Ailes had at one point asked him not to cry on air.

“I do everything I can not to,” Glenn said. “I hate it more than anything else. I love the fact that I ‑‑ it’s a sign to me that I’m alive. It’s a sign to me that I ‑‑ that it connects deeply with me. You know what I mean? So I like that feeling that it exists in me, but I like that feeling that it exists in me, but I hate the fact that I can’t control it.”

Watch more from this segment below: