The key to tonight’s TV show? Independence.

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“Tonight the king of all mockery,” Glenn explained on radio this morning.

Pat said, “I will tell you this, though: If any of these critics had one molecule of honesty, the least they would do ‑‑ I mean, forget whether or not they think you can do it. Go ahead and disparage you for saying, oh, that’s ‑‑ please, he can’t do this. But you have ‑‑ if you have one molecule of honesty, you’ve got to say, ‘But wow, obviously this guy is just not some radio dufus. Look at the vision here. Look at the scope of this thing.'”

“Wired magazine started to mock me and they were like, okay, we have to tell you some of the things that Glenn Beck has been talking about this week, and we all ‑‑ I know we all hate him, but what we’re ‑‑ what we want to mock him on, we have to remember that’s what Steve Jobs did and, wow and, okay, let’s mock him now.”

“I just got a note from Ray Kurzweil who’s apparently been watching all week, and this is a guy I think is the most ‑‑ he’s the smartest man and quite honestly I think the most dangerous man in America. He is now the head of artificial intelligence development for Google. He is the world’s leading futurist. And just got a note from his assistant who said he wants to do an interview with me, or they want to do an interview with me for his futurist newsletter. I mean, who gets the Ray Kurzweil newsletter? Because based on, they’ve been watching all this week and based on the things that I see coming with technology and that we’re going to do, they want to do an interview with me. It’s a ‑‑ it’s a ‑‑ I feel weird with all of this stuff because I know they can be done. And I know they will be done. And I know we can do them with integrity and honor.”

“This is so clear and been so clear for so long, and I just ‑‑ it’s like when we went to Jerusalem and I couldn’t ‑‑ I didn’t know what I was supposed to do and then I arrived at the place and I’m like, here, here, here and here. Know it. Knew it. It just downloaded to me. I know this. I know this. And I can take you ‑‑ anyway, watch tonight. It will be mocked and ridiculed, but -”

“It will,” Pat jumped in. “But it’s amazing. I mean, even if you don’t think that this can be pulled off, you’ve got to say, wow, that is something else. Because it ‑‑ I mean, it’s really, it’s an amazing vision for what can be.”

“Independence is what can be. Independence. Watch tonight at 5:00. And if you missed any of the last four shows, you can watch them on demand. But we’ve laid out the future. And you know me. You know what I believe is coming and you know what I believe, you know, the dark side of the future. Let me show you the light side of the future. Let me show you we ‑‑ it is up to us. It is up to us. It is not written in stone. You want a different future; then join me on a different future. I can’t warn people about the future anymore. I can’t do it. I can’t do it. It’s killing me. I don’t want to do it; I can’t do it anymore.”

“I will tell you this: I will continue to watch the news and I’ll continue to show you the road signs of, now approaching this exit. Next exit, 23 miles. Got enough gas in the tank to make it there? I’ll keep giving you the warning signs along the way and tell you where we are on the map, but I’m charting a new course and I’m looking ‑‑ I keep going back to Martin Luther’s statement that even if I knew the world was going to fly apart tomorrow, I would still plant my apple tree. You still have to plan for tomorrow. You still have to have a brighter future. And I still believe that it is up to us. We still can make a different choice. Join us tonight at 5:00.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Build and plan for tomorrow and Lord willing, we will make it unto the brighter dawn to come. 

    Our nation is still in danger from many different directions, internal and external, and we will have a difficult time on our hands during the term of Emperor Caligula-“That Man” and of his administration who are Hades-bent to destroy us once and for all.

    We have hit the point that our society and culture and very way of life have been pushed into a corner, and do we push back to stay free or submit and go into the night as a Republic?

    • Darlene Jeffrey

      You still have to plan for tomorrow. You still have to have a brighter future. And I still believe that it is up to us.

      • Anonymous


    • Vickie DHaene

       Perfectly Articulated snowleopard.  I think this is Brilliant.  Vote with your feet.  Come to Independence.

  • John Trello

    Kurzweil, has something to say, fundamentally he wants to talk about possibilities and their eventuality as a matter of fact.

    Ronald Reagan simply asked his team if “space defense” was “possible”. Knowing it was, he knew the USSR would also know this and would have no idea if the US had the technology.

    This was the breaking point for the Russians.

    • John Trello

       I would like to add.

      In 1990 I read a book on the recommendation of a client. This book changed my life and the way I looked at everything. The book was by a futurist, George Gilder, “Life after Television”.

      At this time I can honestly say that I was among less than 10% of the population that understood what was about to happen. The internet, “Being Digital” and extrapolating its effects on society. I made a boat load of money.

      Glenn is expressing the same thing and can’t keep it to himself. It is inevitable.

      Pay attention !!!!


    • Anonymous

      I tell you what Glen Beck is up to can’t be worst than what we are in right now
      We need someone to save us from this mess we are in.

  • Sam Fisher

    Well it could be a good thing I just hope he is fair. 

  • John Trello

    The shining city on the hill.

    A return to first principles.

    Lead by example.

  • Vickie DHaene

    I was just talking this afternoon and telling my friend we need to teach our children how to get excited for life again.  I am 55 years old and I can tell you I still cherish the memories of visiting a Real Old Fashioned Farm and how the experience in the 2nd grade will last forever.  We learned,  we came back to school and put the cream in a jar and shook it (every student had a turn) until it turned to butter.  These kids need to visit a real museum with “Touchable” exhibits and feel the history in your hands.  We can bring back our children.  May God grant us this wish.

  • John Trello

    I can’t help but to be impatient for showing the truth.

    The frustration lies in what we know vs. what we think others should also know.

    The fact is, you can’t tell people WHAT to think. They must become seekers of truth on their own terms. Short of a crisis, it is very rare that someone will examine their worldviews.

    There are other ways to get people to think or maybe, start to think.

    I’m watching live and …………

    Glenn is going to build a city powered by a Tesla coil.

    The critics will be lining up in short order.

    God bless


  • John Trello

    I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand ANY news shows anymore.

    Whether its GB or Fox or whatever.

    There are bigger issue at stake.

  • Anonymous

    Would anyone know why Glen and Mark Levin are no longer on our local Fox radio station?

  • Jerry Kountz

    WOW! Independence Park! Imagine if our Government done things like this with all the tax dollars it blows on Hawaiian vacations and the likes! The Trillions it blows on Garbage abroad alone! WOW Glenn, Amazing! What a dream I hope comes true! God Bless everyone involved! That is the kinds of things God wants to see from us! WOW! You Give me HOPE Mr. Beck, Thank YOU!

  • Anonymous

    I have hope for the future.I don’t need you to tell me about the warnings.I will still plant my
    tree today for tomorrow.Quit kiling yourself over it Glenn.Just do your part what you think you
    need to do.I’ll keep watching and will do my part.What will save America is not killing yourself
    over warning people who will not listen.What will save America is those with faith and endurance and trust in God in these times that try our souls.I’ve been reading BEING GEORGE
    WASHINGTON.December 25 1776 where some of his men decided to stay and fight with their
    leader,Washington was becoming more than just a leader.General Knox read words from Thomas Paine.Afterwards Washington gets up and said,”Its time to go.”Well its time to go too
    to fight for the things Washington fought for and many after him.Just do your part and the few
    will listen.NICE TO SEE YA ON THE O’REILLY FACTOR.Again hang in there you and the staff.
    God bless America.

  • suz

    tonight’s show was amazing.

    bring them to us.  if we can’t get our limbs out to the farthest corners of earth, let them come to us.  it’s brilliant.  

    about 10 minutes into the blue-print part of the show i got that thing that happens to me often–it’s a negative reality thing but i think this too will happen, and that is that government will copy everything glenn’s doing for their propaganda.  they’ve got land and will steal more land; they’ve got our money and stealing the rest of our money, 

    how do we get rid of them?

  • Anonymous

    like Rebecca replied I can’t believe that some one
    able to earn $7493 in four weeks on the internet. did you read this site

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, if you need a teacher for Independence, let me know.  I’m ready and willing.  You are the most courageous person I know.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you Alex Jones!  Infowars simply the best there is. Caution New World Order news on Infowars.  Caution real men on Infowars telling it like it is.

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