WATCH: Stu has to put money in “that guy” jar

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The “That Guy” jar is filling up with money fast. This morning on radio, Stu had to pony up some money for say “That Guy”‘s name at the end of yesterday’s show. He was left with only $2 in his pocket, but at least he is doing better than Glenn, who continues to just change the amount he owes on an IOU. He’s promised to pay what’s due, but with all of his American Dream Lab plans he may be out of cash. Unfortunately, IOUs just aren’t the same as cash:

  • Sam Fisher

    Why does that dumb and dumber clip remind me of Obama’s promises of not rising taxes on the Middle class and lower?

  • Anonymous

    til I looked at the draft which had said $6616, I didn’t believe …that…my mother in law had been actualy earning money parttime online.. there neighbour has done this for under twenty months and just repaid the debts on their place and bought themselves a Land Rover Defender. I went here,

  • greywolfrs

    Pay up, Stu.

  • suz

    that guy in pee pee?

    the president in pee pee?

    …here is an example where it doesn’t have the same gravitas as o-i-p-p.

    it just doesn’t.

  • Anonymous

    just before I looked at the check which said $7493, I
    didn’t believe …that…my brothers friend had been actualey earning
    money in there spare time on their apple laptop.. there sisters
    neighbour started doing this less than 22 months and as of now cleared
    the dept on there home and purchased Maserati. go to,

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you Alex Jones!  Infowars simply the best there is bar none. This is a story?  Caution real men on Infowars.

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