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‘That guy’ made headlines earlier this week for breaking tradition and asking a female and non-faith leader to deliver the inaugural invocation. Today, TheBlaze is reporting ‘that guy’ is adding yet another twist to his inauguration by taking the oath of office with his hand on not one but two Bibles.

“Okay. This is really important. This is really important. That guy’s inauguration, they’ve changed a couple of things and this time. This time he’s going to break with tradition,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “This time this guy is going to use not one but two Bibles. This is like a double dog swear.”

For his first inauguration, ‘that guy’ used the Bible Abraham Lincoln used for his 1861 swearing in. This time around, he will be using that Bible in addition to one that belonged to Martin Luther King, Jr. There is obvious significance to the President’s choice to include the King Bible, given that Inauguration Day coincides with the federal holiday that honors the civil rights leader. That didn’t stop Glenn, Pat, and Stu from having a little fun at ‘that guy’s’ expense.

“If you use one Bible to be sworn in, that’s one thing. But if you use two Bibles, now he really super means it. It’s like a pinky swear,” Glenn joked. “He was sworn in the first time with one Bible. The second time, two Bibles. Next time, four Bibles. His fourth term, sixteen Bibles. That’s what’s going to happen.”

And since it has already been suggested that the 22nd amendment, which sets presidential term limits, be repealed, there could conceivably come a time when the president will be completely blocked by Bibles at the inauguration.

“This is why the point of singularity is so important,” Glenn reminded. “You will not be able – by his fifth term you will not be able to see the president of the United States behind the stack of Bibles.”

“Well, and once you get to the sixth term, you are at 65,536 Bibles,” Stu cracked. “This is how he creates jobs. Eventually we need Bible manufacturing.”

With this kind of arithmetic it becomes clear that it will soon take an exponential number of Bibles to inaugurate ‘that guy.’

“It’s a dog whistle number,” Pat concluded. “It’s a number so big, you can’t read it.”